The Muslim Brotherhood, Part Six

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President George W. Bush talks via telephone to New York Governor George Pataki,
Records of the White House Photo Office
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The Usual Suspects String Pullers Motivational Greed

When the USSR collapsed, the Septics’ “elite” believed an extended period of commerce and prosperity would follow the Cold War. However, a section of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) imposed rearmament in 1995, followed by their aggressive foreign policy from 2001. This faction, which identifies itself with the “Continuity of Government Group”, stands ready to take over “power” in case of the destruction of elected institutions (the forerunner of WEF). It prepared wars against Afghanistan and Iraq in advance, although not launched until after 11 September 2001. Faced with its military failure in Iraq and the impossibility of attacking Iran, the group changed its strategy. It adopted the British project of overthrowing secular regimes of the Greater Middle East and remodelling the region into small states administered by the Muslim Brotherhood. Progressively, it took control of NATO, the EU and the UN.

US Claiming Supremacy

When WWII ended, the Septics were the only victorious nation which had not experienced war on its own soil. Profiting from this advantage, Washington chose to succeed London in the control of its empire, and to enter into conflict with Moscow. The Cold War followed the hot war of WWII. When the USSR began to fall apart, George H Bush Sr. decided it was time to get back to business. He began to scale down his armies and ordered a revision of foreign policy and military doctrine.

Washington, they claimed, in its publication “National Security Strategy of the United States” (1991) that “the United States remains the only state with true global strength, reach and influence in every dimension – political, economic and military… There is no substitute for American leadership.1

This was the baseline for global reorganisation during Operation Desert Storm – first pressuring Kuwait to steal Iraqi oil, at the same time demanding arrears on the reimbursement of Iraq’s allegedly free military aid against Iran. Next, they encouraged their Iraqi ally to annex Kuwait (carved out by the British 30 years before). Finally, they invited every nation on the planet to support them – instead of the UN – in the reaffirmation of “international law”.

Since the two empires were propped up against each other, the disappearance of the USSR ought to logically have brought about the fall of the other superpower. In order to prevent its collapse, congress (and MIC) forced BJ Bill to rearm in 1995. The dream of Bush Sr. of a Septic-led unipolar world gave way to an insane chase to hold onto the imperial project.

Septic world domination had been imposed through four wars waged without UNSC approval – Yugoslavia (1995 & 1999), Afghanistan (2002), Iraq (2003) and Libya (2011). This period ended with six Chinese and seven Russian vetoes before the UNSC, explicitly forbidding any open conflict with Syria.

The Pentagon Plan

The Gulf War had hardly ended when Bush Sr. asked Paul Wolfowitz to write the Defence Policy Guidance (a classified document whose extracts were leaked). Wolfowitz, a militant Trotskyite, presented his theory concerning Septic supremacy:

Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defence strategy and requires that we endeavour to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the territory of the former Soviet Union, and Southwest Asia.

There are three additional aspects to this objective: First the U.S must show the leadership necessary to establish and protect a new order that holds the promise of convincing potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests. Second, in the non-defence areas, we must account sufficiently for the interests of the advanced industrial nations to discourage them from challenging our leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order. Finally, we must maintain the mechanisms for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role2.”

The “Wolfowitz Doctrine” was supposed to prevent a new Cold War and guarantee the Septics as the “World’s Policeman”. Bush Sr. had demobilised his armies as they were nothing more than a police force.

As usual, the opposite happened, the four wars above-mentioned, then the war against Syria, then against Russia in Ukraine and the offing of further involvement in the Near East.

  • In order to demonstrate / convince (themselves) the “necessary leadership” Washington decided, in 2001, to take control of all the hydrocarbon reserves in the “Greater Middle East” – a decision that launched the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq
  • In order to “dissuade [their “allies”] from challenging [their] leadership”, that it modified its plan in 2004 and decided to apply British suggestions (1) to annex non-recognised Russian states – starting with South Ossetia, and (2) to overthrow the secular Arab governments for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood – the “Arab Spring”.
  • Finally, in order to dissuade a rebuilding Russia from playing a “global role” it is currently using the jihadists and ex-jihadists in Syria and Ukraine.

Continuity of Government – COG

The Wolfowitz Doctrine required not only financial and human means but also, internally, a powerful political will. The group of political and military officials hoped to find their man through promoting the candidacy of Bush Sr.’s son W. The group asked the Kagan family to create a lobbying group within the American Enterprise Institutethe Project for a New American Century. They falsified the election in Florida with the help of Governor Jeb Bush, allowing W to clamber into the White House. Before that, the group was finalising its preparations of new wars of invasion, starting with Iraq.

However, W was not particularly obedient, which forced his backers to organise a shock for public opinion, which they compared to a “New Pearl Harbour” – 11 September 2001.

When the two planes smashed into the World Trade Centre, and explosions were heard at the Pentagon, the coordinator for counterterrorism, Richard Clarke, launched the procedure for “Continuity of Government” (COG).

Developed during the Cold War, in case of nuclear exchange and decapitation of the executive and legislative branches, the procedure was intended to save the country by assigning responsibility to a provisional authority which had been secretly nominated beforehand.

As is well known, none of the septic leaders died on 11 September 2001.

By 10 am (local time), W was no longer president. The executive power was transferred from the White House to site “R”, the Raven Rock Mountain bunker complex in Pennsylvania. Units of the Army and not so Secret Services moved around Washington collecting to “protect” members of Congress and their teams. Almost all of them were taken “for their safety”, to another mega bunker close to Washington – the Greenbrier bunker next to the Greenbrier Hotel.

The alternative government, whose composition had not changed for at least nine years – as if by miraculous coincidence – had several personalities including, but not limited to: VP Dick Cheney, Sec of Defence Donald Rumsfeld, State Sec Colin Powell, NSA Condoleezza Rice, ex-Cocaine Importation Agency Director James Woolsey, all managed to appear at Raven Rock simultaneously.

During the afternoon, Head Front Wheeler Ariel Sharon interceded and addressed the nation, while no one knew the Continuity of Government plan was in effect and no news on W, Sharon declared the solidarity of his people, who’d “been suffering terrorism for years”. He spoke convinced the attacks were over, without indicating his sources, as if he represented the Septic state. Late afternoon/early evening, the “provisional government” handed back executive power to W, who then made a televised speech, and congress members were freed.

Thirty years earlier, and destined to become bedtime reading for RINOs during the 2000 election circus campaign: Coup d’état – A Practical Handbook by Edward Luttwak explained that a coup d’état is all the more effective when no one realises it’s happened, and therefore doesn’t oppose it. This is also eerily closer to the truth in UK where Niknak was shovelled into the top political slot. In order for the “legal government” to obey conspirators, it’s necessary not only to maintain the illusion that the same team is in “power”, but for the conspirators to be included in it (aka WEF).

The decision imposed by the provisional government (COG) on 11 September was approved by W during the days that followed. Domestically, the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments of the Constitution – were suspended by the USA Patriot Act for all affairs of terrorism. Concerning foreign policy, regime changes and wars, plans were accelerated, both to hinder the development of China and to take control of energy reserves in the Greater Middle East. In suspending the Bill of Rights, the USA Patriot Act has dragged the Constitution two centuries in reverse. Depriving citizens of their legal rights it’s disturbed the checks and balances by design. In essence, it submitted power to Puritan ideology and guaranteed only the rights of the “elites” of federal states, aka oligarchy.

W held Islamists responsible for the 11 September attacks and declared the “War on Terrorism” – another ludicrous expression. Terrorism isn’t a world power, but a method of action.

Within a few years, the terrorism Washington claimed to be fighting has increased 20-fold globally. In keeping with his missing brain, W declared this conflict “a task that never ends”.

Four days later, W presided over an improbable meeting at Camp David, during which it was decided on a long series of wars to destroy all the as-yet uncontrolled states in the Greater Middle East, along with political assassinations globally.

Cocaine Importation Agency Director George Tenet dubbed it the “Worldwide Attack Matrix”.

Moving forward, having presented itself to rule the post-Soviet world, Washington presented its plan for the “democratisation” of the Greater Middle East to its “partners” at the G8 summit at Sea Island in June 2004.

Charles Lynton Makes his Moves

Over this period, Charles Lynton popped up, repeatedly, systematically aligning himself with Septic positions. This started to cause more than a ripple of palpitations in the Former Colonial Office (FCO), concerning the initiatives of W and Ariel Sharon in Palestine and the behaviour of Septic forces in Iraq. This position was reaffirmed by David Owen that;

The US were incapable of occupying a country. We held the British Empire in India with mainly civilians, a few thousand men. Our American friends are overrun in Iraq despite their 200,000 soldiers and mercenaries”.

Fifty-two ex-UK ambassadors met Lynton and tried to advise him to “offer advice to the US rather than blindly following them”, in vain. Lynton was not listening when trumped by ego and greed.

At the Former Colonial Office, post a meeting with Charles Lynton, Sir James Craig, ex-ambassador to Syria deemed in civil serpent circles to be the finest Arabist of his time and an accomplished troubleshooter, presented a programme on the “engagement (of the UK) with the Muslim world”. Officially, the aim was to “sponsor” a variety of different opaque actions, but the reality was to establish a vast operation with the Brotherhood. FCO and Meddling Internationally 6 agent Angus McKee was tasked with convincing government members of the relevance of this policy. In essence, James Craig’s idea was to repeat Lawrence of Arabia’s Arab Revolt of 1915, only this time the longer strategy was the “Arab Spring” to be ultimately directed against Iran. Just as in 1915, London employed a group hated by everyone, so that the group would depend on London for support and unable to betray it. In 1915 the group was the Wahhabis; this time it was the Muslim Brotherhood.

At the end of 2004, Lynton proposed to W a plan to overthrow secular Arab governments, replacing them with the Brotherhood. Lynton’s speech exposed part of his project on 1st August 2006 at the World Affairs Council in Los Angeles. Without realising it, elements of Lynton’s speech point directly back at himself:

There is an arc of extremism now stretching across the Middle East and touching, with increasing definition, countries far outside that region. We made the mistake of believing that by fighting both religionists of AQ and the secularists of Saddam Hussein, we could bring democracy. We must therefore now support “moderates” [aka Muslim Brotherhood] against “extremists” [aka the Iranians, secular Syrians and Lebanese Hezbollah].


[1] The White House, Aug, 1991, National Security Strategy of The United States

[2] Excerpts From Pentagon’s Plan

[3] W first called it a ‘crusade, then a ‘War for Civilisation’, then ‘A Task that Never Ends’, then ‘A Global War on Terror’, then ‘A Titanic War on Terror’. The FBI itself estimated AQ strength at less than 200, while W claimed ‘we are at war with 60 countries’.

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