Puffins March For Freedom!

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Puffins march for freedom.
Resist, a demonstrator with a message,
Alisdare Hickson
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During the pandemic, coronavirus legislation has been enacted giving sweeping powers to the authorities which infringe upon our human rights, despite their being passed with no proper parliamentary scrutiny.

Do we still live in a democracy?

Do we have a voice?

No one can deny that the lockdown measures have had a devastating negative impact on people’s lives.

We are under no obligation to accept these changes and will exercise our right to protest.

Puffins accompanied by Swiss Bob have gathered in London this afternoon to take part in an anti-lockdown ‘Unite For Freedom’ rally, standing side by side with like minded concerned citizens and patriots.

Various organisations will be represented including Save Our Rights, who campaign for a Medical Freedom Bill which will outlaw the issuing of vaccine passports and Covid-19 status certificates.

In a similar gathering last month, thousands of anti-lockdown protestors marched with dozens being arrested for ‘breaching Covid regulations’. Can you imagine this happening at a Black Lives Matter rally?

Always Worth Saying, Going Postal
I Think Therefore I Am Dangerous.
I Think Therefore I Am Dangerou,
John Eisenschenk
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The globalists and tech billionaires will do all they can to keep these marches from their platforms, but Going-Postal will prevail as good will triumph over evil.

Check out this thread’s featured comment for updates.

Going-Postal will remain at the vanguard of our people’s stand against tyranny.

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. – Frederick Douglas

God speed, marching Puffins.

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