Boris, how dare you?

Angry woman
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Locking our people into subjugation,
Ruining businesses throughout the nation,
Stealing the future of a generation,
Boris, how dare you?

Carrie instructs him, he obeys with gladness,
Plunging us into zero carbon madness,
So we shall sit in cold and dark and sadness,
Boris, how dare you?

Hostile Chinese run our communications,
Battery cars but charging is on on rations,
Billions to save twenty minutes between stations,
Boris, how dare you?

Immigrant boats are drifting in aplenty,
Those who should halt them now assist their entry,
We who pay tax each having to feed twenty,
Boris will shear you.

Questioned, he blusters with well honed facility,
But he’s promoted far above his ability,
Since he was ill he’s showing signs of senility,
Boris won’t hear you.

How does he do it without real opposition?
Bankers and media back up his position,
Letting him play their game free from inhibition,
Boris won’t fear you.

Now he can treat us folk any way he chooses,
But he’ll pay dearly for his manifold abuses,
Soon there will come a time for no more excuses,
Boris, it’s near you!

Copyright © Tachybaptus 2020

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