Kamala Harris Missing in Action

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Since the insanity of the destructive Biden Administration cheated its way into the White House, there have been noticeable, terrible ruinous changes in our beloved country.

There are so many changes from their destructive Middle East policies, their new attempt at the destruction of our military among which is their decision to allow transgenders into the military, their fiscal policy adding trillions to our national debt, their decision to totally ruin our voting system to make it easier for their cheating lying ways to win all future elections, a one party Socialist state being their aim.

One thing that stands out though is our southern border. President Trump, who truthfully won the 2020 election and is therefore my President, had secured our border so well and bought the problem down from a flood to a trickle. The wall was working but he ran out of time. However, the small parts left have the materials and the companies paid for, delivered on site and doing nothing. We are paying these companies over $1,000,000 a day to just sit around and look at the materials already produced, paid for, made and delivered to the sites. The Biden Administration halted all work on the Wall with terrible consequences.

In the first few hours that these traitors sat in the WH, they reversed most of the policies that President Trump put in place thereby creating absolute bedlam at the southern borders and immense danger to all our citizens whose residence is in the border states.

These illegals are pouring over the border in a seemingly unstoppable flood of miserable humanity. By March 11, the number of illegals coming into our country through the now porous borders, has surpassed the entire number from 2018.

It is estimated that at the current rate, by the end of 2021, we will have had to absorb more illegals than came into our poor country in 2018, 2019 and 2020 combined.

This Administration is now putting America last and not first. These illegals have totally overrun all our border security apparatus. The men and women working there on the border security agencies are not being supported, are not being equipped and are being bought to their knees. They are also being placed in intolerable danger.

Totally intentionally.

Unbelievable to think our own government would work so hard to bring around our destruction. But then it’s not really a legally elected government.

Sadly we see a huge increase in unaccompanied minors. In the first three weeks of March we had more than 11,000 placed in what Biden called ‘cages’ when President Trump was in charge, (Built by Testosterone challenged Barrack Hussein Obama ) but are now, along with 3 military camps and installations acceptable accommodations. Facilities originally designed to hold a maximum of 500 humans are now packed to the rafters with over 2000! They can barely move, they cannot shower daily sometimes waiting 5 days to shower, they are not tested for Covid although it is estimated that a minimum of 10% are Covid positive.

Talk about a Super Spreader Joe!

This humanitarian crisis was ignored by the MSM until it could not be ignored any longer. The Administration tried banning media or any concerned citizens from going to the border or into the camps but again, the pressure to give in became too powerful. The administration has been constantly, up to today, been saying that what we are seeing can only be blamed on President Trump and his policies!!!! All they are trying to do is humanly fix the problem!!! Seriously?? Who really in their hearts believes that blatant lie?

The administration never accepted it was a crisis until again, they couldn’t hide it any longer.

Biden’s solution! Wait for it! He placed ‘knee pads’ Kamala Harris in charge of fixing the problem. Seriously. Don’t laugh. I know you are tempted to but it is too pathetic to be funny. To choose Knee Pads Kamala, who has zero foreign policy experience or to be honest any real domestic experience apart from satisfying her bosses to get promotions, is insanity.

We all know Kamala finds the whole humanitarian crisis to be a hilarious joke but 12 days after the announcement that she was going to fix the problem, we have not seen her sorry personage anywhere near the border, nor have we heard from her in her normal condescending and annoying voice with any news on her progress. Mind you, one good thing about that is we don’t have to see that smile that makes her look more mentally challenged at times than her Boss, the Big Guy, Joe Biden.

Talk about a deer in the headlights.

To me putting her into that position was as stupid as putting AOC in charge of it! Both are dumb, racist, self important blow hard fools. Both are dangerous to our constitutional republic and worse of all, both hate America. Both are clear and present dangers.

Believe me, our national security is in deep danger through this flood of people. We know a certain percentage are from the Middle East and more than likely are not our friends.

The fact is that millions of illegals are now in our country, locations unknown, political ideology unknown, possibly disease ridden, certainly not Covid free but free to draw from our tax payer funded programs.

The WH has since tried backpedalling her appointment and claim Biden didn’t actually mean she would fix the border crisis, but was focused on fixing the root cause of the massive migration from Honduras, Mexico etc. and I imagine this means one thing!

Can you guess?

Yep!! Throw multiple millions more of our tax dollars to these countries and their leadership to fix those issues! Really?? That money will go into the pockets of the corrupt leadership and hierarchy of those countries and I am sure they are ecstatic. Some may even come back in to Joe’s and Kamala’s pocket!! It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Would it you?

Just yesterday Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has invited Kamala to visit his border state and see first hand the humanitarian crisis. He recently said this to her:- “Recently, you stated, ‘You have to see and smell and feel the circumstances of people to really understand them.’ With that in mind, I formally invite you to join me for a tour of the southwest border in Arizona later this month,”. He informed her how the drug cartels and gangs are benefiting by physically and financially abusing these poor folk. He tells her over 300 known dangerous criminals were apprehended but released into our country on a promise to come to court one day down the road. I am sure all 300 plus will do that!! Not!!

So far no answer from either crazy Joe or his Hoe!! Not holding my breath. There is no fix other than an immediate return to the Trump era policies and the completion of the wall. Now! They will not do the right thing here. They are totally incapable of doing the right thing for our country or the citizens they are paid to protect and serve.

Protect and serve?

Preserve and protect the constitution?

What a joke. A sad joke but we are where we are due to ignorance and stupidity of Biden voters. Both legal, dead and illegal.

Postscript. I am just editing this with an article link on the terrorists already apprehended at the border. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/terror-watch-list-suspects-arrested-crossing-border-democrats-downplayed

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