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The Astrazeneca Vaccine for COVID19

I have had many difficult conversations during 2020. None more so than with my family regarding vaccines.

A particular conversation that I remember related to the coverage of the COVID19 China virus (SARS-COV-2) in the news media during April 2020. Vaccines and their development hadn’t gained traction in the media, but our conversation was about how by the end of the year, the focus of the media brainwashing program would not just be about vaccines, but about why they should be compulsory. For those who saw the China virus for what it was in early 2020, the roll-out of the ‘politics’ of COVID19 seems to have followed a predictable and pre-planned script – a script that never had anything to do with the true threat of this ‘novel’ SARS-COV-2 virus.

Some ten months later and the UK is in the middle of a nationwide vaccination program and the usual (authoritarian) suspects are salivating at the prospect of imposing their will on others, all in response to a pathogen that has statistically very low human life impact. “Their will” being to override your consent in respect of medical interventions. The left wing of the establishment authoritarian spectrum has turned on a sixpence as “My Body My Choice” has been replaced with “Your Body, The Government’s Choice”. If LibLabCon politicians didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any.

The concept of mandating vaccines is abhorrent. It is in violation of Article 6 of the Nuremburg Code draughted in the aftermath of the crimes against humanity committed by the National Socialists in Germany under Hitler. Informed Consent of the individual is unarguable as a moral standard. At least, I thought it was. It should be. Alas, no. It is horrific to witness and hear the normalisation of the conversation relating to destroying this sacred universal ethical metric: Informed consent of the individual is sacrosanct.

Another ethical question concerning vaccines relates to safety. Who has made the ‘vaccine’? What is it supposed to do? Has it been tested and are there any adverse effects? Who retains liability for errors? Where those who profit are not those who accept liability for error, there will never be a good outcome. Shielding parties from liability in matters for which they are responsible will lead to bad outcomes.

Bad outcomes are designed into our whole approach to COVID19.

Healthcare protocols and approaches in the UK have casually dispensed with hundreds of years of scientific advancement in the treatment of pathogens in the community. During 2019, we (the Government on our behalf) have  adopted an approach favoured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), destroying the UK economy in the process (do you hear the Chinese laughter yet). The CCP uses authoritarian rule by diktat. Western Governments see advantage for themselves in dispensing with inconveniences such as liberty, democracy, voting and freedom of speech in favour of human control, monitoring, propaganda, fear induction and the reframing of social norms.  Rather than “Hey doctors! What the hell have you found to be working with this new China virus? Have you found anything that’s making people better? Let’s work this out!”, Western Governments including ours in the UK  in 2020 have seen COVID19 as an opportunity to destroy our normality in order to build back better. They are not hiding this.

So we now have multiple experimental vaccines being rushed into the market (a multi-billion pound liability free market) while effective treatments discovered by front line doctors worldwide, cheap and safe, are being kept from the public through law imposed by political elites and by misinformation and misdirection by corporate and Government media. There is a lot of money to be made from ‘vaccines’ and there is less profit opportunity for Big Business and Big Pharma if under £1Billion worth of known commonly used pharmaceutical products will do a job.

Many people will refuse a vaccine on ethical grounds. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse blood transfusions. Many people with religious conviction will refuse products which have used animals in their manufacture. Many more will refuse products which have used parts of aborted infant humans in their manufacture.

The Astrazeneca experimental vaccine DOES use aborted human body parts (kidney cells) in its manufacture. For this reason alone I would not consider taking such a vaccine. There are many other reasons, including the most significant one:

The vaccines are experimental. The world is currently undergoing the largest medical experiment in the history of humankind, and I’m not sure that many of those participating are even aware that they are ‘volunteers’ in an experiment.

Irrespective of the real and evidenced pros and cons of any medical intervention, each individual’s right to be the ultimate judge in what happens to them, is a right that should be universally respected. It is one that I will never willingly cede. My body my choice.

In the following video you will find out that the BBC is being far from ‘informative’ and has little regard for consent, and you’ll find out what is in the Astrazeneca vaccines and whether chimpanzees also feature in production…

[EDIT – within hours of providing information relating to the AZ vaccine, the video was removed by Youtube. Their reason was ‘medical misinformation’. I’m amazed that Youtube could find an expert medic to review the video so rapidly. Perhaps it’s the huge number of subscribers (28)… We are drowning in misinformation, yet Youtube will do their utmost at double quick time to remove any information that will cast light on the UK Governments’ ongoing program of genocide – Yes, we see what you are doing Boris Johnson and team. To review the contents of the Astrazeneca vaccine, please see section 6 of:  ]

Update: The video is now available on Bitchute:

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