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My previous articles on this site describing how I have stopped paying the Telly Tax for 10 years have been relatively benign and within a strict legal paradigm, much to the relief of Swiss Bob, no doubt.

However, I have shifted gears now, and what with their no holds bar and the throwing out of all pretence of unbiased reporting, the BBC have aggressively entered the Brexit theatre of combat and are Westinghouse APG-68 radar locked as the primary hostile target for elimination.

My mission is simple:  I want all of you reading this to cancel your £154.50 a year optional telly tax.

Right now.  Call 0300 790 6071 and cancel your telly tax.  Now.

I don’t want to hear the usual excuses of, “well, I would, but my wife watches EastEnders” or “my children watch CBBCs and it would be sacrilege to stop their enjoyment” etc

Think again, Winston.

Cancel it.  Cancel it right now.  Pick up your mobile phone and do it right now.  Ring 0300 790 6071 and cancel your telly tax.  Now.

I know most of you reading this blog are vexed at the way things are going in our country and I know deep down you want to do something.  Yes, this blog is great, the comments that nobody reads are funny and there’s a faint odour of revolution about the place.  Some wonderful folks here have even got off their sorry arses and have made a difference, but most of you have sat there and done nothing but wish they could.

I’m the same.  Yes, really.  I have a deep fear of crowds (from a traumatic experience in my childhood, even after years of therapy) so avoid the large numbers in protest marches.  However, I can research and understand the limits of state propaganda and stay within the law somewhat (especially as I run my own business).

I didn’t fill in the 2011 Census form for instance, despite the 24/7 MSM propaganda saying if you don’t fill it in, you are committing a criminal offence and could be jailed.

A quick bit of research from the last mandatory Census showed the only people that were fined were about a 120 of Freeman Of The Land (FMOTL) types wibbling aggressive nonsense to the door-to-door census folk and refusing to sign after contact had been made.

I never filled it in and ignored them.

Did you read the prying questions about your personal health, your education, your income, your job, your living conditions and other pages of unnecessary personal information that the state shouldn’t need (or at best, has already)?  And so many filled it in.  My mum, once she saw the depth of personal questions, went mental at my dad for filling it in after I showed her the form!

It all goes to marketing anyway and the council gets their cash.

And yes, apart from one knock at the door that was ignored, nothing happened.  Nothing.  And this segway’s nicely into the old State way of dealing with things such as the TV Licensing model: smother the populace with the continual propaganda of fear and they will submit eventually.

You do realise that there’s no such thing as a TV Detector Van?  Oh yes, they have a handful of empty white or beige Bedford vans masquerading as sophisticated TV detection devices, capable of knowing what channel you are watching.  It’s all a lie.  Perhaps in the old days of CRT tellies you could detect the feedback oscillation signal, but to be honest, if you had a TV in those days you were watching live broadcast, so it was all moot.  Nowadays, all TVs, mobile phones, LCDs and tablets are shielded and mostly receiving broadcast from the internet.  Detect that, you Capita bastards!

Ah, but what about iPlayer registration and the ability to track you down when you are illegally watching live TV?  All bullshit.  All propaganda thanks to the State’s arm: the bought and paid for MSM.

Yes, but a TV Licensing man might knock on my door.  So?  Treat this Capita salesman like any other salesman – Say nothing, Sign nothing and Shut the door.  Like you do with any other door-to-door irritant.  You are in control here and if you are worried your wife and kids might let them in, then you need to do some of that good old sit-down family shit right now, because you have dropped the biscuit big time.

Ms Geeks occasionally watches catchup and live broadcast with a fake email address and there’s absolutely nothing the BBC’s assigned bad cops, TV Licensing, aka Capita Business Services, can do about it.  Nothing.

Netflix, Sky GO, Amazon Prime, YouTube – the future is subscription and internet.  The BBC is an anachronism that you are needlessly pouring money into sustaining it when it should really be laid to rest in pieces.  It’s as anachronistic as Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is to the jousting scene in A Knight’s Tale.

Yeah, but Geeks, it’s hassle with the wife, the kids, my job ….

Just f***ing stop it will you?  There are but a handful of people on here actually doing real stuff in real life trying to make a difference to the way this country is falling.  The rest of you are not.  But I am giving you one easy way to make a difference.  One that can really make a difference.  One that can thrust a broadsword deep into the heart of the dark beast that is the mendacious BBC’s lifeline – the telly tax and its underfunded pension scheme.

It will also destroy many MPs pensions that are with the BBC’s totally underfunded, gold-plated, final-salaried pension scheme.  It will also stop the relentless propaganda that influences so many people, those that have been brainwashed into being who they are.

Call 0300 790 6071 and cancel your telly tax.


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