The Muslim Brotherhood, Part Eight

The Green Revolution and the Role of Meddling Internationally 6

AW Kamau, Going Postal
The Colour Revolutions.
Tunisian Revolution collage,
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The Septics flounce around having overthrown Saddam Hussein under false pretences, then methodically pillaging the country by the Continuity of Government (COG) ensemble, and despite having circa 200,000 troops (and mercenaries on the ground) were bogged down in a civil war they had created which was turning back onto the US.

As usual, the fake money class in Washington was divided, according to whether they got a slice of the cake or had to pay for it. Similar to UK, to create a smokescreen, Congress created a “bipartisan commission” (Baker-Hamilton Commission aka the Iraq Study Group) to find a way out of the Iraqi adventure.

For nearly a year, they chewed the cud (in PC terms examined) not only Iraq but all US policies in the Middle East, in particular Lebanon, Iran and Syria. On 6th December 2006, it reached the conclusion (that the rest of the world had reached before they even invaded) that the project for successive wars against the states that resist Washington would have to be abandoned, and that, on the contrary, it would be wiser to negotiate a return to peace with Iran and Syria.

Robert Gates, the Secretary for Defence pleaded for a one-year truce between the two groups dividing the Pentagon, and from there, the suspension of septic interventions globally. The 11 September men put up with this, but didn’t give up. Since they could not use US armies, they turned to the British and the Israelis. The latter were eager and ready to take revenge on Hezbollah and Syria and also launch an attack on Iran (as they had done in 1981 with their raid on an Iraqi nuclear reactor (Operation Opera).


The ball started rolling, however, the Septic bombers didn’t have enough range. London (read Lynton) proposed to give them the use of its airfields in Georgia, which were closer to the target. President Saakashvili also agreed to “rent” two military bases to Israel. On top of that the British placed one of its “citizens – box 500 with a passport” in Saakashvili’s government while the Israelis placed one of theirs, David Kezerashvili, as Minister for Defence.

Persuaded his concessions to the West would protect him, Saakashvili took the initiative and attacked South Ossetia and Abkhazia – which had been joined with Georgia during the Soviet era – when the USSR was imploding politically, they declared their independence, but no one in the international community recognised them. As most Ossetians and Abkhazians had Russian nationality, President Medvedev authorised Russian troop intervention (Russio-Georgian war). PM Putin took operational command. To everyone’s surprise, he demolished the two bases rented by Israel and issued a no-fly zone over the British bases, then attacked and beat the Georgian army.

Since neither of Washinton’s “allies” had any interest in revealing what was going on, the Septics turned to Agent Sarkozy to “negotiate” peace. Agent Sarkozy zoomed off on air Sarko One to Moscow. Post landing, on his journey to the Kremlin he noticed numerous large billboards of him (poster campaign by Profile magazine). On arrival in the Kremlin he was received by Medvedev. The two sat down, when in came Putin. Agent Sarkozy then began to list his conditions (including but not limited to Georgia via the EU becoming a NATO member), Putin, without a word, placed a “French” copy of the magazine before him, turning the cover to “their guest”. The magazine story was about his family connections with the Cocaine Importation Agency (Agent Sarkozy’s father-in-law Frank Wisner being one of the founders of the Cocaine Importation Agency). Agent Sarkozy accepted Russia’s conditions. The bombing raids on Iran were scrapped.

Iran – The Green Revolution

The “idea” of a great war with Iran was abandoned, but NOT the target. It would now be war on the cheap, using intrigue, inciting divisions and fanaticism. Specifically, to overcome the Iranian adversaries of individuals, namely the person of the Revolutionary Guard, President Mahmud Ahmadinejad (Armoured Dinner Jacket) and the Guide Ali Khamenei, the Cocaine Importation Agency organised another Colour Revolution relying on the “personalities” selected by Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz in 2006-2008. Chosen were Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s second son, Mehdi, and Sayyed Mohammad Khatmani (former President 1997-2005).

The Cocaine Importation Agency asked their allies (aka UK) to set up Persian-language satellite channels to compete with national Iranian TV. Aware of the prudery of Iranian culture, the Brotherhood swamped the country with full versions of the most shocking films and Hollywood series, via MBC Persia 1.

In 2009, Rafsanjani refused to implicate himself directly in a new operation against Iran. Prudently hedging his bets, he chose his 2nd son Mehdi to act as a go-between. Ex-President Khatami said he would run against Armoured Dinner Jacket. Khatami, then spuriously claimed he was attacked in the streets of Tehran, deferred in favour of his ex-PM Mir-Hossein Mousavi. Khatami immediately flew to the US to meet with George Soros in order to organise the coup d’état.

As soon as Armoured Dinner Jacket’s victory (63.63%) was announced on 13th June 2009, as usual, the Cocaine Importation Agency’s regime change creation and favourite NGO NED claimed fraud and ballots manipulated. Despite support from Ayatollah Rafsanjani publicly to demonstrators, the power structure held firm, the result stood. The “Green Revolution” resembled a class conflict – the urban bourgeoisie against the rest of the country (not too dissimilar currently to the UK).

In 2010, Armoured Dinner Jacket took revenge on behalf of the people for the attempted coup. He first organised the biggest, most popular demonstration in Iranian history in support of the Revolution, with polarised reporting by the Grauniad citing “green repression”.

Ramping it up, in 2011 at the podium of the United Nations General Assembly, Armoured Dinner Jacket denounced in his speech the “clash of civilisations” meme of Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington – two ex-members of the UNSC, “If there is a conflict which involves all humanity, it is not between religions, but between the materialism of capitalism and the consumer society on one hand, and on the other, the spiritual values of the Revolution, which are Justice and Heroism.” He then posed awkward questions on 11 September in the US, he avoided the question of religion claimed by OBL, but did “note” the personal business relations linking the OBL family to George W Bush. Having shown that the version of 11/9 cobbled together by the Bush Administration (COG) to justify wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, while withholding judgement on the issue, caused an earthquake in the Septic Administration by calling, in the name of the Iranian people, for the creation of an International Commission of Enquiry on the US.

The Septic National Security Council called an emergency meeting. The following morning, Obummer rushed to the House of Saville’s Persian Radio (not TV!) channel in an attempt to calm things down (and failing).

Obummer accused his Iranian counterpart of using hate speech (as a hate crime) at the UN podium. The end result was the Septics ceased all direct attacks (planned and remotely) in exchange for Iran’s silence.

Leading From Behind

The new form of leadership (not Barack’s personal preference), Obummer would not deploy US troops, but would influence his allies to do his dirty work for him. In order to succeed, the method would require the Septics to convey the impression of shocked surprise at each new “spontaneously” generated event, and then encourage his allies to react first. The colour revolutions being the preferred route.

Ivory Coast – The French were tested as to whether Colour Revolutions/regime change could be trusted to Europeans and were tasked with regime change in Ivory Coast. This they eventually did with Alassane Ouattara (a personal friend of agent Sarkozy) finally being shoved in over Gbagbo.

Phase I – Tunisia

As usual Washington and London feigned surprise over the uprising (Jasmin Revolution). The UK fulfilled its bargain of placing moderate Brotherhood member Rached Ghannouchi into power, with the bigger agenda of steering Tunisia away from the French sphere of influence/control.

Phase II – Egypt

Lotus Revolution. This time it was agent Sarkozy’s father-in-law Frank Wisner to inform Mubarak (in the presence of Gen. Sisi) that he was fired, primarily for refusing to transfer Palestinians from Gaza to the Sinai, and that he (Mubarak) didn’t figure in the UK’s wider plans). Lamestream info war kicked in, claiming to have exposed his hidden fortune, except it was all a lie. Regardless Meddling Internationally 6 organised the return of the Brotherhood anyway

Phase III – Libya

Despite agent Sarkozy jumping the gun, swiftly followed by now Recall Me Dave, regime change was proceeding according to plan. Then Obummer ordered the Allies to attack Tripoli, under the coordination/command of Africom, with ground support from AQ forces.

The plan was unacceptable for Gen. Carter Ham, Africom commander (and one of the highest-ranking officers in the US military). He outrightly refused to fight alongside men who had killed many troops under his command in Afghanistan and Iraq. Without pausing for breath, the White House had to put the whole system under the responsibility of someone else and chose the head of EUCom and Supreme Commander of NATO, Admiral James G. Stavridis. Having previously ensured lame stream would punt the message “no NATO involvement”, with the immediate name change another Western crusade in Muslim lands was being headed by NATO

The Role of Meddling Internationally 6

Throughout the whole of the “Arab Spring”, Meddling Internationally 6 specialised in war propaganda (an instrument being used internally in UK since 2016).

A sensible division of labour, since the use of modern psychology to hoodwink your own population and obtain their support was an original English invention. In 1914, London created the War Propaganda Bureau at Wellington House. One of its methods was to use artists, since images are direct, untrammelled by logic. They also recruited the great writers of the day – Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, Rudyard Kipling – to publish tales ascribing imaginary crimes by German forces. Then they recruited editors of the leading papers to publish imaginary tales served up by the writers. The latter aspect remains in force today, although the former has reduced significantly.

Late to the game as usual, the Septics finally figured out the British method in 1917, coming up with another barnstorming title the Committee on Public Information. They concentrated more on the mechanics of persuasion, with the help of the then star journalist Walter Lippman, and the inventor of “modern publicity”, Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud). Persuaded at the time by the power of science, they forgot aesthetics. In summary this is how propaganda passed from the artistic orientation to “storytelling” systematically fabricated according to scientific rules.

Use in Recent Era

In 2010 Meddling Internationally 6 did little more than simply invent stories which made it possible to give a continuous narration of events. It invented a biography for Mohammed Bouazizi (the young man who self-immolated having his wheelbarrow stolen but fabricated him as an unemployed student who was slapped by a female officer, sparking the demonstrations in Tunisia.

They also coordinated the work of the Atlanticist TV channels in the Arabic language, as it was already coordinating those of the allied TVs in Persian. The method was simple – every station quotes the others. Repetition is the most basic principle of conditioning.

The spearhead of this propaganda machine is Qatari’s Al Jazeera. Created in 1996 by brothers David and Jean Frydman after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (with whom they were both close), the generic idea was to create a TV service in the Arabic language where Arabs and Jews would discuss issues with each other peacefully, in spite of the war between them. Lacking the necessary personnel the brothers turned to Meddling Internationally 6, who were, by coincidence, looking to set up a news service in Saudi Arabia. After a few false starts, Meddling Internationally 6 press-ganged 99% of the entire Arab Service of the House of Saville in order to create Al-Jazeera. The aura of Al Jazz was such that most of the Arab TV stations requested either Al Jazz, or the House of Saville to train their journalists. In a couple of years, Meddling Internationally 6 had a huge roster of “respectable” correspondents in almost all the editorial offices of the Arab audio-visual world including Libya and Syria.

At the beginning of the Arab Spring, Meddling Internationally 6 set up a coordination centre (cell) for the Atlantist and Western-oriented TV channels in Doha, Qatar providing information to Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazz, House of Saville, CNN, France 24 and Sly News. This coordination cell used a system which had already proved itself during the invasion of Iraq. At that time, the Cocaine Importation Agency, Meddling Internationally 6 and Israeli Shin Beth coordinated the publication of their false information about the alleged implication of Hussein in the 11 September attacks and the supposed capacity of WMD2. Meddling Internationally 6 had no hesitation assassinating Dr David Kelly, who was preparing to go public on the House of Saville about “Rockingham”, the UK’s data-twisting [DIS] unit for the WMD issue.

Sent to Coventry to Create a One-Stop Shop

Closer to home, established by Meddling Internationally 6 is the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The official spiel is it was set up by two al-Abdeh brothers (Barada TV) plus Osama Ali Suleiman (under the pseudonym of Rami Abdel Rahman), before the beginning of the Syria crisis. It is actually a one-man show in a one-stop shop3. Working part-time for SOHR, given he runs a clothing store, Rahman is coining it. He puts out daily reports [or did] of military operations and casualties in the Syrian conflict from his living room, which he allegedly composes from eyewitness accounts of his 230 correspondents on the ground. His bulletin, fed by Meddling Internationally 6, has/had been conveniently accepted as the unique source of war reporting from Western Lamestream press. With each battle, “Abdel Rahman’s Observatory” was able to tally the casualties on both sides, even before the Syrian Army had even undertaken their count. Taken as a given by Lamestream, this clairvoyant alleged “observatory” accounts as gospel by TV channels Meddling Internationally 6 is working with (read controlling), as well as by international news wire agencies AFP, AP and Reuters (also funded by Meddling Internationally 6).

White Helmets

Known as its greatest success in Syria, allegedly a humanitarian organisation with civil defence in jihadist-occupied areas, the reality is it’s a unit linked to AQ whose task is the production of propaganda. It pretended to carry out “rescue missions”, all staged, filmed and directed like a Hollywood movie. It sent its representatives to meet with politicians in the West and was even a front-runner for a Nobel Peace Prize4.

White Helmets was founded by James Le Mesurier OBE (no relation to Dad’s Army’s Sergeant Wilson) although the thought of Recall Me Dave in No.10 at the time repeatedly shouting:

Wilson, find something for the SOHR /White Helmets to do will you?

Yes, alright sir, just leave it to me. Rahman, would you mind please just going back to Coventry and issuing a report.”

Le Mesurier, a top mercenary officer and Meddling Internationally 6 agent was honoured by Queen Elizabeth with an Other Buggers Efforts (OBE) gong5. A short documentary about White Helmets won a Hollywood Oscar in 2017 When AQ cut off the water supply to more than five million people in Damascus for a period of 42 days, the communique from the jihadists claiming responsibility was signed by several organisations including the White Helmet “humanitarians”.

Le Mesurier received his “David Kelly” moment dying in Istanbul in 2019 allegedly having fallen from a balcony with fingers permanently pointed at the Cocaine Importation Agency to protect Obummer


1 Saudi-owned MBC Persia was founded in 1991 in London as the first free satellite TV service in the Middle East
2 The day before his death, Kelly told the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament about Operation Rockingham, a cell within UK Secret Services tasked with crafting misleading information that Iraq had WMDs
3 At first SOHR was incorrectly registered, so that the latter of the three Muslim Brothers took the name for himself. It became public that far from being neutral, the SOHR, like the White Helmets, is financed by the Former Colonial Office 
5 Mesurier ran intel for the NATO war crimes operation in Pristina, Kosovo, then, a unit that subsequently merged with Blackwater (now Academi)

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