A View From The Farmhouse, Part Four

Unsurprisingly the Normandy countryside looks a lot like the southern English countryside
grassrootsgroundswell, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Work is ongoing to make more vegetables plots, obtain manure for the ones we have and keep the composting going. I will add another bin to the three recently built and establish a place for a leaf mould.

Clear more more of the many heavily overgrown areas and rehabilitate the hen house and rabbit hutches.  Intend to obtain chickens, rabbits and possibly sheep in the Spring.

There are many possibilities to think over and I am conducting research to assemble a list of douables, hopefully with low investment and adequate reward.

Of course there is a lot of hard work ahead but time will tell how many are feasible within the triple constraints of cost, time and availability of labour and other resources.

A possible list is :

  • A camping area on the farm
  • Offer storage; perhaps household items, cars, caravans or motor homes
  • Perhaps provide workshop space for local artisans or tradesmen
  • Lease land to adjoining farmers
  • Lease land for grazing of horses
  • Cash crops such as hemp or sunflowers. The local farmers have literally been making hay for the past few years at no great cost to them
  • Maybe devote some land to raising flowers
  • Do something with the pears and the apples. The trees are old and need proper management; recent wild weather has led to many windfalls. I may have a go at wine or cider

Those are my thoughts so far. It is not intended to offer holiday or rented accommodation but a mobile home will be lodged on site provided the local mayor gives the application the ok.

Should keep me out of mischief for a while!

Next time. .

Report on progress….

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