I Have a Dream

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This is my first comment though I was in the second wave of refugees from Fatso’s site and have been happily lurking here ever since.

I do not have a tv or listen to the radio.  I do not watch films and I do not read the papers but I consider myself very well informed. GP is one source of information but I read widely and do some research on various topics that puzzle or interest me.

For a short while I went out with a lady who, as soon as we got up, turned on the tv – may have been GMB but I tried to avoid watching at all. I hate this fixation with so called ‘Celebrities’ and probably wouldn’t recognise one if I fell over it.

GP to me is like a gathering of friends – maybe at the pub, maybe a BBQ where we can discuss matters of the day and, of course, have a bit of a gossip. It entertains me, educates me and occasionally makes me erupt with laughter. I tend to side with those who would rather not have a running commentary on the doings of the a for mentioned ‘Celebrities’ and the totally vacuous purveyors of ‘News.’ However, it is an open forum where freedom of speech is respected and that is how it should be. The occasional flashes of disquiet are part of life’s rich tapestry. I know it has helped keep people stable during the madness of the past few years.

For me the most dispiriting recent spectacle was the Indian Fakir’s Motorcade/Cavalcade with fat plod struggling to keep up. Who on earth authorised that? It made the country look a laughing stock.

If Wiltshire Plod are reading this I want you to know that I, and the majority of British People, have lost all faith in you. You have chosen your side.  Before the last few years, despite my advanced years, I might have waded in to help if you were in trouble – no chance now! We have policing by consent – I did not consent to you assaulting peaceful demonstrators – I did not consent to your use of drones to harass people during ’lockdowns’ – I did not consent to you poncing around in rainbow painted cars; to attending Pride Events – to getting ‘Down wiv the boys’ at Notting Hill – to acting beyond authority and many more transgressions against your sworn oath:

I, … … … of … … … do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve Our Sovereign Lady the Queen in the office of constable, without favour or affection, malice or ill will; and that I will to the best of my power cause the peace to be kept and preserved, and prevent all offences …

You are all pathetic.

I am unjabbed. A couple of years ago, after I sent some info to nbr 2 daughter warning against the ‘shots’ she virtually cut me off over that Christmas. Daughter 3 does a lot of travelling and a while back she was quite ill for a time – I was never informed what it was or what was the cause (happily she seems fine now). My ex (mother of Nbrs2 and 3) called me an idiot at a recent family do when I told her my status. No oh why? No discussion. She is an intelligent woman, speaks two foreign languages and was, for 13 years, employed at The European Commission in Brussels. Daugher nbr 1 and her husband are unjabbed.

I am disappointed in the other two; we put both through private school and the youngest went to university. What happened to critical thinking?

* * *

And now to the part that prompted this submission:

I recently emailed the now Independent Councillor of a South Coast Council whom I know from our time with UKIP saying millions are now disenfranchised – we have Ser Keef Stoma who says that women can have penises – Nik nak paddy wack who is a WEF stooge – Tice who is a nothingburger and possibly Nigel+ who has thrown away all the credibility he once had. What a sad situation.

I asked my friend if he had considered standing as an Independent MP – his reply:

‘Good to hear from you again. I have considered it, yes. My group is in a good position and we’ve proven, on a local level at least, that we are the only people who can beat Tories in xxname of cityxx. 

My sole issue is the cost of running in a GE to win. It’s a substantial amount of money, in comparison to a local election. 

If I could get enough people to commit to a donation then I would, without a doubt, give it a good crack’

My scant research on the subject comes up with an amount of £11,000.

It has been said that independents can have little or no effect in elections – but we have, I think, an unprecedented situation now – enough independents could tip the balance.

I will continue my research, checking the funding rules, how much is essential spend – and upon what. If any Puffins have a good knowledge of these aspect and how money can be raised I would be happy to hear it. You may say this is a non starter but, but you never know,  ‘I Have a Dream.’

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