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There’s one thing for certain: the Mainstream Media has lost an awful lot of influence and control over the last few years due to the continued growth of social media, or peer-to-peer information as I call it. Yes, certain Establishment infiltrated social media corporates have censored and interfered with elements of free speech, but the world has moved on from the pyramidal, top-down, monopolistic control systems of the one-way flow of information from the Establishment to the People. That system is now becoming a historical relic from the 20th century and circulation numbers and advertising revenues don’t lie. For any new media businesses contemplating the old censorial behaviours of the 20th century will quickly find themselves truly flushed down the toilet of obscurity and irrelevance.

We’ve reached a stage whereby the Establishment radio stations and broadcast media frequently resort to juvenile, desperate tricks such as deliberately cutting the feed of a #woke guest masquerading as a “technical failure” after the guest has said “awkward things”, in order to protect the Establishment’s Narrative. It’s obvious enough now, even to some of the #unwoke.

On a national level, our so-called BBC is probably the worst offender of viciously promoting the Narrative, notwithstanding their political sinecures from the EU, a similar uber-control system we are finally, hopefully, leaving.

So here we are, armchair warriors wondering what we can do to make a stand and fight against the societal wrongs of the Establishment.

I’ll tell you one thing you can do that will make you and your family proud and do our country a great favour, and that is to cancel your direct debit to the BBC, or TV Licensing as it’s called under the BBC’s trademark.

Woooah, Geeks! Hold on, I’m a rebel and I’ll say stuff on the net but I won’t break the law. I have a family, financial commitments, I can’t get a criminal record, I’ve got a mortgage, school fees…

Yes. And that is exactly what I said to the person that told me how to save £145 a year. But he was right, you know, the chap that explained to me how the licence fee scam works. I felt like an audience member who had been to a Derren Brown show, The Illusionist and someone showed me how all his tricks worked. I had fallen for the “TV Detector Vans”, the “They Are Monitoring You”, “They Will Send The Police Around”, “You Will Get A Criminal Record”, “You MUST Have A Licence If You Have A TV”.

It’s all an illusion. A lie. A fabrication. Propaganda. You don’t get a criminal record by not having a TV licence. Fact.

I’m eight years in, £1,100 richer and he was right. And I’m depriving a mendacious, horrible institution that is propagandising anti-British rhetoric, its much-needed funds to survive. I’m killing it. And you can too.

The Three S’s

When you cancel your telly tax direct debit by phoning TV Licensing on 0300 790 6165, here’s what is going to happen:


You may get a monthly letter from Capita Business Services (under the BBC’s TV Licensing Trademark) threatening some sort of investigation, or legal action but it’s a computer generated letter, part of The Narrative of Fear to get the vulnerable to pay their protection money. You don’t need to do that, because there’s no legal reason to do. It’s legal obfuscation, meaningless. Faux. It’s like an old insurance company begging to get you to sign up again, by fantasising doomsday scenarios of things that would happen if you were not insured with them. It’s pure fantasy.

They may insist you sign up to TV Licensing website to say you don’t need a licence and fill in a form. You do not, and legally are not obliged in any way, to do that. Ignore them.

Your home may possibly be visited by a lady or gentleman from Capita Business Services, the contracted arm of the BBC, asking whether you need to buy licence. It’s unlikely, but like any door-to-door salesmen (which they are) just say no, you don’t wish to buy a licence. All you need to do is simply close the door. Simple. And they don’t come back.

Ah, but Geeks, what about those Search Warrants?

Well, in 2016 about 100 Search Warrants by the legal courts were granted to salesmen from Capita Business Services for the entire UK. That’s some inordinately small odds. And they were mostly granted for those taxpayers that opened the door to these salesmen and went off on one about Freeman of the Land wibble, were physically abusive or simply signed a piece of paper in ignorantia that the Capita salesman gave them, which admitted to confession, whether they were legally licence free or not.

So a simple rule:

  • Say nothing
  • Sign nothing
  • Shut the door

SSS. It’s as simple as raising your right hand twice.

For those that say: “I’d love to do this, but I can’t get my wife/child to do that”, I say “So you would let your wife/child answer the door to a complete stranger and converse with them?” Get a grip, get some cojones, this is down to you, your manliness and your conviction to overturn an insidious enemy.

So why don’t the Conservatives stop the BBC and the Licence Fee?

Well, the BBC are part of the Establishment. Useful for all parties whatever the colour. Just look at the BBC’s behaviour on Brexit, that should explain everything.

To really go down the rabbit hole, it’s really all about pensions. The BBC have a wonderful final salary pension plan for the Elite (no longer final salaried for any new employees), paid for by you.

That’s right. Paid for by you.

The BBC is a topping up station for The Chosen Ones – spend a year as a BBC Internal Communications Coordinator and voilà! Instant pension, and after a year of “service”, off you go back into the Establishment’s treadmill of wealth aggregation, all of this possible by our kind government stealing your hard-earned money to pay for this scam.

The problem is, with all this wanton Elite profligacy, the BBC have a large pension deficit – £2 billion to be precise. They have taken some action to solve this critical deficit by taking some of the licence fee monies to prop up their failing pension scheme for the next 10 years. This means their output in procuring a range of sub-average broadcasts will be diminished even further. You can help this along by cancelling your direct debit from today, hitting them straight where it hurts! In the MoneyBallSack.

So all the incredulity about the Conservative’s lack of action on the BBC is all to do with those in the House of Lords and others, having a BBC pension. Cancelling the licence fee would decimate that pension scheme, and that cannot be allowed, of course. It all makes sense after that.

The current problem with the anachronistic placement of the telly tax is exactly the same as the music industry had with cassette tapes back in the 80’s. With the arrival of the twin cassette deck, whereby people had the cheap, technical opportunity to backup their personal music collection, despite the Project of Fear by putting a skull and crossbones on cassette tapes saying “Copying Music Is Illegal”, the monopolistic protectionism of the technology had been broken and the music corporates were apoplectic at losing market share and of course, profit.

Same with the CD. Same with the carburettor engineers that crafted those lovely engineering car essentials that were unceremoniously, but evolutionary dumped by the fuel injection industry. Things move on, tech advances. Relics like the TV Tax deserve to pass away into the dustbin of history.

But does subscription await with the BBC?

Possibly, as a chunk of the commercial arm of the BBC – BBC Worldwide – exists profitably, so the demise of the BBC is unwarranted. But the licence fee is the predominant, State enforced funding mechanism and, as I stated before about the pensions, won’t be given up lightly by the Establishment.

Politically, they would take an EU model of adding the tax to the Council Tax as a separate billing, such as the Police, Fire Service etc Alternatively, they could hide it into general taxation, but there would be political outcomes for both actions. Although the subscription model is the best and most sensible fiscal outcome, it won’t be taken because there would not be enough contributions to the pension scheme from a probable 10% subscriber rate, even when you take into account of their commercial arm: BBC Worldwide.

So either way, cancelling your telly tax would be entertaining at least, watching the government squirm, watching the autocue monkeys go pop on live broadcast. Who would love to see John Humphrys rummaging amongst the black bins of Islington’s streets?

And seriously, do you want to have the government take your money and pay for this?
Donald Trump ‘shithole’ talk dey make people ginger

Remember, the three S’s will be with you. Always.

  • Say nothing
  • Sign nothing
  • Shut the door


Ms Geeks loves EastEnders. I know, I know, FFS. She acknowledges my Legally Licence Free (LLF) state and says: “So, I can’t watch EastEnders again, ever?” I said, “No, of course you can, here, click on this”. And so she watches it on a Smart TV. On an iPad. On a Mobile phone. And has watched it for 8 years without a problem. Without threat. Without a worry. Without interception.

And to throw the licence fee conundrum further, she has on occasion downloaded EastEnders and other live broadcast on her iPad while at a friend that has a licence, and then watched it at hers and back at our house. Totally legal. That’s how stupid and anachronistic the licence fee is.

Just like copying the music cassette tape back in the 80’s.

Further information here TV Licence Resistance.

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