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I think this article will be a popular one. How do we deal with people wanting to come and live in arguably what was the best country in the world?

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We are already overpopulated

For whatever the reasons we do not have the housing and infrastructure to cope with the people we already have. We have a housing shortage, and as infrastructure is heavily regulated and so many services (health & education being good points) are effectively government monopolies, they cannot cope with a large influx of people into an area.

We see this most keenly trying to be humane in dealing with the numbers of people entering our country and claiming asylum. We cannot house them and we are destroying our hotel industry, along with countless cancelled weddings and loss of tourism by using hotels for them. As an aside, our growing homeless population, often ex-forces that have risked their lives for our country are left on the streets.

We simply cannot cope: We need to put a stop to all net immigration.

I propose we can only accept someone into our country when someone else leaves. People would have to join a queue and await their turn. Probably no preference to be given regardless as long as they meet certain financial criteria, from anywhere in the world. There is a case for separate EU, USA, & Commonwealth countries having their own individual swap systems but then we are complicating matters and creating more bureaucracy. Also of note: We have to say that if you leave this country, there is no guarantee of getting back in – moving abroad will take commitment.

Criminal guests

Deportation would be automatic on guilt of any crime that can carry a custodial sentence – whether or not that is actually handed out. Some harsh punishment would be allowed first so that others get the message not to be disrespectful. If they have any family in this country then they would have to leave too if they wished to stay together – again it is not the state’s responsibility, it is the criminals!

There is some necessary immigration

We can benefit from immigration, but the vast majority of benefits all come from a very small subset of people. To make the swap list they would need to fit the criteria below. Anyone allowed in will have guest status for a set period – say 20 years.

Returning UK citizens can then take their place on the list. The definition of a person who has emigrated would need to be carefully defined. They would have full status.

Special workers

The vast majority of jobs in this country could be filled by citizens of our own country. In fact, to rely on workers from outside our country is not sustainable. Too many companies are allowed to import workers, leaving the country to pick up the tab of extra costs that surround them. Our companies have to get used to the idea of training their own.

There are world-class specialists in many fields that no economy will naturally produce. These will be very few in number and would be limited even then to say a thousand a year making the list. This is also a good thing for developing countries, where we take all their best. Also, companies would then have to pay market rates to get the staff required – good for employees.


We make money out of students, and also long term it helps network good relations with other countries. It will be very difficult to stay after their course has finished, but maybe some allowance on top of the thousand special workers.

Only top universities would be allowed to have foreign students. Russell group+ or similar.

Wealthy investors

If someone has a lot of money to invest in our country, it can be a good thing, it can be a double-edged sword. These will be looked at sympathetically for putting on the list, but again the biggest benefit will come from a smaller number of the very wealthy.


With regards to the above, anyone who wishes to be on the list would need to prove they can support their immediate family (spouse & children only allowed). If the specialist workers are world-class, that should be a moot point. Otherwise foreign students are unlikely to have family and the wealthy will naturally pass this stipulation anyway.

Any UK citizen who marries a non-UK citizen will need to ensure they can be supported before being allowed onto the list. If not, then the course of true love will have to wend its merry way abroad. Spouses will be allowed to work but that will not be taken into account for immigration purposes.


When countries go to war, large numbers of civilians are displaced. They need looking after and support. The best place for this is in surrounding countries. This is what we did during Western European wars. Our laws were devised with this in mind and never envisaged dealing with refugees from all around the world. I have no problem with the UK doing its bit under the auspices of the UN.

Political refugees also cannot be welcomed with open arms. If we believe that a country has the right to deal with its own internal affairs then we should not be importing people that are going to cause trouble between us. Again our current laws were envisaged to deal with a potential existential threat from the Communist bloc in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

Dealing with illegal immigration

We need to stop any illegal immigrants from breaching our border controls. Unfortunately, it means being tough on importers, stopping all lorries and checking thoroughly. Anyone found returned on the same ferry. And we continue to do so until illegals get the message that they are not getting in. Ditto Eurostar/Le Shuttle.

Also we need to turn away the channel crossers. If someone tried to force their way into your house you would be expected to use force to prevent it – any injuries would not be one’s responsibility. This is how it has to be with the boat people, they should be turned around in the channel, met with force if necessary. We are not responsible for what happens to them. If the French allow, then the RNLI are free to save those in the water and drop them back off in France. If it means leaving EHCR, ECJ & UN conventions so be it. It really is that easy.

Whatever we do, it will be difficult for so many reasons to get rid of many who have escaped our border security and live among us. This is why it is so important (and the cheapest way) to do whatever it takes to stop people getting past our borders in the first place. The most bitter pill is that once we have a proper control, we would need to tackle those here and that could mean another amnesty, although with no benefits and reliant on charity (Lineker, actors & actresses, and Labour MPs would give generously no doubt!) many might choose to go elsewhere…

Policy ideas

  • Net Zero immigration.
  • Automatic deportation for most criminal offences for all non-citizens.
  • No automatic right to return if you emigrate.
  • Zero illegal immigration, whatever the initial cost.
  • We cannot take refugees unless there is war right on our doorstep, and only then if we have the infrastructure to cope – which we won’t have for a very long time.

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