The Muslim Brotherhood, Part Nine

Organised Migrations used as Weapon of War

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Organised migrations.
Refugiats Sirians i Iraquians intenten desembarcar a l’illa de Lesbos.,
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The Anglo-American Alliance (AAA) led powers used an old tactic of population displacement throughout the wars in the Middle East. They were putting into practice Kelly Greenhill’s theories concerning “Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War”. Back in 1999, the Cocaine Importation Agency had organised the displacement of in excess of 290,000 Kosovars from Serbia to Macedonia in three days before the Western lamestream cameras. The info war point was to make the world believe that a policy of ethnic cleansing was being carried out by the government of Slobodan Milošević which was then used to justify the future war in Yugoslavia.

At the beginning of the Syrian war, Turkey proposed to pay Syrians who sought refuge there for however long it took to overthrow the “Alawite Dictatorship”. Tens of thousands fled the fighting, were first housed in IDP camps, then in towns. But Erdoğan’s generosity came with strings attached. He hoped to empty Northern Syria of its population to make room for the future new state of Kurdistan. Then he would expel the Turkish Kurds there. Finally, he hoped to then sort through the refugees, settle the Sunnis into areas that had been Kurdish, and send the rest back to what might happen to be left of Syria.

Lebanon is normally the home to hundreds of thousands of Syrian migrants, most of them working in construction. With this influx, Saad Hariri hoped to accomplish what his father had attempted with Palestinians – to take the greatest number possible of Sunni Muslims, in order to weaken the Shiite influence in Lebanon (aka modify Lebanon’s religious demographics in his own favour).

In 2012, Jordan tried exactly the same thing. Currently 80% of the Jordan population is of Palestinian origin, so the local Bedouins who exercise power are in the extreme minority. Jordan therefore differentiated between its Syrian arrivals, giving preference to Syrian Bedouins.

The above three states were therefore not alarmed by the influx of refugees, but in fact deliberately tried to provoke it (commonly known as Syrian refugees). The situation over a fairly short period of time changed, with Syria having controlled the Western-sponsored jihadist invasion, with refugees rallying to al-Assad, apart from those in Jordan. Those in Jordan are parked in a gigantic IDP camp where they are supervised by Muslim Brotherhood preachers. Their number continually increased until it became unmanageable. The camp also housed Shamima Begum until she was moved to a Kurdish camp in NE Syria.

Weapon of Massed Migration into Europe

It was in this context, that Ulrich Grillo, President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), came up with the idea of bringing 800,000 immigrant workers to Germany, in order to develop German factories, and at the same time, to sabotage the wage demands of German workers. He presented this plan at the annual Bilderberg Group meeting in Watford in 2013 of which Recall Me Dave played his own prominent role supporting the approach. Since European agreements forbid this, and since public opinion was hostile to the idea, he played his part in the staged “refugee crisis” in order to force the evolution of the law. He repeated the same approach again in December 2014 through the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German Press Agency). He presented it not as a profit-making opportunity but as an “expression” of European humanitarianism. The president of the German Federation of Industry (BDI) said that Germany should take in more refugees, as the country experiences a wave of anti-Islam protests.

He stated, “We have long been a country of immigration and we must remain so. As a prosperous country and also out of Christian love for one’s fellow man, our country should allow itself to welcome more refugees. I distance myself very clearly from neo-Nazis and racists who gather in Dresden and elsewhere. Because of our demographic evolution, we are consolidating our growth and prosperity through immigration.” The concluding sentence confirmed his close ties to political policy and proposed economic prosperity. His speech used the same arguments as those used by the French business leaders in the 1970s, based around the premise that European populations are relatively well-educated and qualified, while the great majority of migrants are not, and can easily assume and perform certain types of work. Progressively, the arrival of a non-qualified workforce who would accept conditions inferior to those of Europeans was causing tension in the job market.

As Puffins know inside out, the baseline of this model has now accelerated to a form of population replacement. Initially the argument was to replace an ageing workforce and reduced population. This argument was proposed in the UN replacement Migration Report of 2000 which over the next decade morphed into using migrants as a controlled population replacement for better corporate returns with politicians devolving nations (and EU) laws to fit the narrative and economic model.

As was noted back in both 2013 by the Austrian Secret Services, the first agreement (post-Bilderberg meeting in Watford) was concluded by the Obummer administration between German authorities, Turkey and the European Industrial Groups around Peter Sutherland , a Bilderberg administrator [Steering Committee]. His other numerous roles included Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission; the UN Special Representative for International Migration (as well as being a prominent pikey businessman, barrister, politician). The game was then kickstarted by NATO, making headline news for two days globally with the photograph of Aylan Kurdi.

“This child died as he and his family tried to cross the Mediterranean – we must stop this tragedy and welcome Syrian refugees into Europe1. The Head of Unilaterally No Help Coordinating Refugees (UNHCR) António Guterres called for requiring all EU states to help make room for a wave of migrants. His role promoting gimme-grants among utopians meant he landed the role of UN Sec Gen, poignant as his national career in Portugal as a Marxist was waning fast. At the time of his statement, Guterres had just cancelled UN humanitarian aid for Syrians living in Turkey, but not for anyone else. With no means of other support, they (Syrian refugees) migrated to Europe.

They were joined by Iraqi and Afghan refugees, who had been prepared for this in advance and supervised by hundreds of humanitarian utopians (paid by the various associations within George Soros’ Open Society Foundation). The floodgates had been opened and they swarmed into Germany.

Initially supported by public opinion, this massive invasion almost immediately began posing problems for the German population. Several Bundesländer abolished the minimum wage in order to facilitate the integration of the refugees – a decision which was unacceptable to the workers’ unions. There was widespread anger, despite attempts of Berlin to dampen the mood of its population by promoting extravagant publication of news items deploring xenophobic violence.

There was one failing within those promoting their theories of Weapons of Mass Migration. The three main organisers of the migration crisis (Sutherland, Knaus and Dutchman DiedErik Samsom), and the European Union’s response, attest to their ties with the US administration and their prior desire to abolish the borders. For them, current migration is not a humanitarian problem, but an opportunity to put their theories into practice.

Kraut Crisis Management

The first semi-concrete proposal for dealing with the crisis was formulated by the Berlin think tank European Security Initiative (ESI) in Sept-Oct 2015. The idea was to forge an agreement between the EU and Turkey to stem the flow of gimme-grants, while at the same time organising a transfer of 500,000 more Syrian refugees over the following year. Turkey would agree to take back other migrants who continued to enter the EU “illegally” and in exchange, Turkish citizens would no longer require visas to travel to Europe.

By proposing to send migrants back to Turkey, the ESI ignored the fact that Turkey was not a safe place for refugees and that Turkey had refused to sign the 1951 Refugee Convention.

The ESI foghorn trumpeted “This is the recognition that the Syrian crisis is indeed unique, and is creating a humanitarian crisis on the scale unlike anything in Europe has known since WWII”. ESI declared that Germany should take the initiative as a response to Russian intervention in Syria on behalf of the Syrian Government.

The ESI plan also pointed out it intended to:

  • Prevent the development of the extreme right-wing in Austria (the Director of the ESI, Gerald Kanus Austrian
  • Prepare a similar operation for 1.1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, who were to be sent to North America and Australia

Turkey continued to facilitate safe passage to Europe until, on 17 & 18th March 2016, the European Council agreed to:

  • Pay Turkey 3 billion Euros annually to help it handle its “obligations”, but without any mechanism for verifying the use of the funds, which of course, both was spent continuing its own war with Syria and lining Erdogan’s pockets.
  • Speed up negotiations for Turkish membership of the EU.

The employers of German heavy industry got what they wanted, more than a million immigrants. The next (and still unresolved) problem: reuniting families given over 2/3 of the “refugees” were young men.

One Failed to Pass Muster

Diederik Samsom – A Dutch MP, Chairman of the Nuclear Trade Party, former Greenpeace Climate and Energy campaign director. Elected a Dutch MP member (for proportionality) since 2003, he became president of his parliamentary group, then president of his party. It fails, however, in the presidency of Parliament and in the function of Prime Minister. He refuses to participate in the coalition government he supports and remains chairman of his group in the assembly. Is no longer invited to Bilderberg meetings but does attend WEF meetings.

He has a 136 I.Q. and twice won a television intelligence test contest. He declares himself a militant atheist, a non-smoker and a strict vegetarian. He was invited along with PM Mark Rutte in June 2014 to the Watford Bilderberg Group meeting, where they were able to debate with and support Peter Sutherland, but not with Rory Stewart (Pte Pike), who had only been invited to the 2012 meeting.

According to Dutch political observers, he is now, aside now Rutte, the main victim of the referendum in support of the European agreement with Ukraine. He had personally committed himself to this issue and against Russia. Their defeat is reflected, according to the polls, in a retreat, from half to three-quarters, in the influence of their party.

Call Me Dave “the Diplomat”

Across the channel, Call Me Dave was buffing his diplomatic credentials as PM before cementing his new role of Foreigner Minister: calling the moving migrants a swarm, a year later in WEFMinster PMQs calling them a bunch of migrants. The GINO official policy was “good immigration not mass immigration”. He trumped it with his “immigration speech” before the Queen’s speech in 2015.

During the first few weeks of free transit, several European states played their own tune. For example, France, whose Imprimerie Nationale had, until 2010, been printing Syrian passports, had kept the printing plates. It therefore fabricated thousands of realistic passports which it distributed, on one hand to Lebanese citizens, on the other to problem gimme-grants. France sent these (the latter) on to Germany, where they could double the social security assistance payments above what they could get in France. Post-Brexit referendum, this approach changed with more assistance provided for movement of predominantly young males to Calais. Those who were aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood got (and get) preferential treatment.


1 There were already indications that most of the refugees were actually economic gimme-grants, “72% of the refugees and migrants arriving in Europe across the Mediterranean are men, with 13% women and 15% children” – The UK Independent, 16 Sept 2015

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