OTF: Good Enough For Their Constituents …

... good enough for their MPs


I started thinking about this when it was announced Colin Pitchfork was going to be released again. He murdered two teenage girls and raped others. I’m sick of politicians being seen to do the right thing without having to worry about suffering the consequences. So here are a few rules I would bring in to ensure that MPs would be at the most jeopardy from any ill effects brought on from their own lawmaking.

I am sure that a bit of applied imagination could make this list many times better.


To ensure their minds are properly concentrated on outcomes, it is essential that they are not hidden away in ivory towers. And as an aside, their ivory towers are too cushy a money earner into the bargain.

In the middle of the most deprived social housing areas they would have a semi-detached five/six bedroom house – can’t complain about not enough room. The other semi would house people with antisocial convictions against them. There would only be standard fencing at the back and three feet high max at the front with an unlockable front gate, so that postmen etc can deliver to the front door. There would be no internal locks other than the bathrooms.

There would also be an apartment at Westminster. There would be no need to worry about expenses for either property. On losing their seat both would need to be vacated within a couple of days.

The MP’s family would be required to live at all times at the constituency house. No ifs, no buts. The MP would need to spend some time in his Westminster apartment, so that is allowed.


As part of their parole, murderers & rapists (armed robbers too?) would have to complete six months (or more) living and helping out in a constituency house as part of their reintegration into society. Child rapists would be placed with MPs where they have children similar to those assaulted, etcetera, etcetera. If they are safe to be freed to the world at large then they are safe with an MP’s family.

The MPs would no doubt be pleased to help these ex-convicts get on their feet again.

Illegal immigration

There would be a centre built on the other side of them to the antisocial neighbours. The MPs would be so lucky to enjoy the social enrichment they would bring, that it is hardly fair to the rest of us.

The illegals would be scrupulously selected by random process. You see we would need to ensure a fair quota of architects and surgeons for them to share a coffee, even a game of chess or two with.


Social education and health is almost impossible for most not to suffer, even though we pay more in taxes than it would cost to pay our own way privately.

If tax breaks are allowed so we don’t have to pay twice to go private, all well and good. Otherwise private education and health would be barred to MPs and their families. Even more so, they would have to set an example and use the poorest performing school in the constituency & their children would have to walk to and from school. Also the family would generously wait for their constituents to get health treatment before being added to any queue.

Again, the virtue signalling they could make from this as family members literally die waiting, while people coming into the country get to jump in front of them, would be almost unfair on the rest of us.

They would only get a pension based on what they have contributed to it – no public sector featherbedding. And if a parent needs to move to a care home, then it is the local authority one that would have to be used. Yes I know, not their direct responsibility, but I bet conditions would improve out of sight soon after ‘internment’.

Fifteen minute ghettos

If MPs wish to impose 15-minute cities then they must also go that extra mile to set an example. They would only be able to buy what is in their ghetto, no online buying allowed. They would have to stay within the area at all times to show how it is done. Not even funerals outside the area could be used as an excuse for leaving it.

Maybe two weeks holiday outside the zone in two, one week blocks (concurrently taken ok), assuming not restricted to the general population that is. I’m all heart.


It creates a moral hazard to enact rules that enrich oneself. No direct family member of an MP, parents & children etc, included would be allowed to claim any government subsidy for anything.

I am thinking of Jacob Rees-Mogg, whose mum benefits greatly from solar power on her land, and I’m sure the majority of MPs have their fingers in at least one similar pie. Hard to vote the right way when it impoverishes those you hold near and dear.

Anything they wish to force onto us

As soon as legislation is enacted enforcing changes in how we live, MPs must abide from those rules immediately. So as soon petrol & diesel engine bans were announced for 2030, MPs (and family) would have only been allowed to own electric vehicles.

All their property must meet brand new building regulations, regardless of listing and of course, cost.

If CBDC is enacted, at that point, that would be all they could use.

I’m sure this would be a fabulous headache for any MP to keep on top of.

Round up

Thomas Sowell says that politicians generally are all about solving their own problems. If these ideas were enacted, our problems would become their problems.

Under these (and hopefully many more) rules, It would be interesting to see if they enacted any legislation any differently: I have a sneaking suspicion that they would

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