Stewed apple(s) – Cooking for numpties and the terminally depressed

or easy-peasy lemon-squeezy cuisine III

You need:

One apple, even one that’s sligtly bruised, or more than one apple if you’re flush.. Do not accept apples from passing strangers, especially if they’re old women with warts.

I cannae be held responsible if you steal an apple from an orchard, get caught by the owner and get a good spanking for your troubles.

Do not use “une pomme d’or” (Golden apple in French) or a “pomodoro” (same in Italian), as these are tomatoes.

Salted butter

A spoonful of sugar or mild honey

Some cinnamon powder (optional)

Peel the apple, quarter it and remove the pips

Cut it into small chunks

Melt the butter in the thick-bottomed saucepan (here a Le Creuset small pan I bought in London aeons ago, when they were still made in France and sported a wooden handle)

Once the butter has melted and is on the cusp of bubbling, add the apple chunks and turn down the heat close to its minimum. Leave it to stew away.

While it’s doing its stuff, do your own: listen to some Blanc-Mange, do some Tai-Chi, look at kookie pictures of cats on the interwebz, post another obscure and hardly ever used Word of the Day on GP.

Go and sneak a peek every once in a while. The apples are cooked when they are all tender and the smell is heavenly.

Have it still warm and if you love single cream, pour some on top.

So delicious you might become addicted…

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