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There is no escape!

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One look at any “Pride Parade” will tell you that the sexuality of only 5% of a population is shoved in your face with outrageous costumes and displays of a sexual nature. If you have a valid visceral negative reaction to two blokes kissing then two tattooed, bear, bikers in leather thongs and hats will run over to you and go full tongues. I thought we had laws about displays that might be considered indecent and isn’t that in the eyes of the beholder as to what offends you? When it comes to racial/religious offence the victim or target has some say.

You: “I’m offended!”

They: “But you have no right to be offended”

You: “No-one can dictate to me what offends me. Its my mind and my beliefs”

They: “Well, let me convince you that you are wrong”

You: “Eff Off! I’m just not that interested”

Somebody, somewhere has deemed that you should not be offended by behaviours and life-styles that you don’t engage in and are not interested in. Since when can someone tell you what you must or must not feel? It would be against one’s (eroding) human rights for your feelings to be regulated by Government or law.

I must point-out that I believe no-one here is really prejudiced against individual Gay people and I’d like to believe there isn’t wholesale prejudice and hatred of religions and people of different races and ethnicities. We are generally against what individuals from these groups do. We may project that onto the group of which they are a member because generalising can be convenient outlet for expressing your feelings.

I think it is acceptable to note patterns of behaviours in groups of identifiable characteristics.. For example, child rape and grooming, or mob protests against anything perceived to be a slight against Islam. If Islam, Black rights or Gay issues wants to poke itself into our daily lives then we are free to comment and push back.

Do whatever you want to do with the lifestyle you choose but don’t dangle it in our faces to garner the response that you will then use to say “Look, this is why we need to publicise who we are”. Acceptance is never automatic. It is acquired by your behaviour and our boundaries of behaviour that WE find acceptable to our beliefs.

Why does our media keep jumping on Woke causes and shoving them at us? I have already written about how Wendyball took up the cause of BLM based on an event where a career, violent criminal was killed by a cop. Sky made its presenters and studio pundits wear a BLM badge. A week or so later they determined it was a political organisation with their Marxist, defund the police and antisemitic policies and dropped the idea. Before loading the Woke neither the broadcasters or footballers did any research into BLM.  I submit that the support of BLM and kneeling actually opened up a fault line between White and Black.

How did this end up in “Black History Month”? It doesn’t interest me. Why should it. Only 3% of the population are Black! 7-10% of the UK are Muslim. When will they claim “Islamophobia” because they haven’t been given a month?

I don’t need Black History education to greet the Black, dreadlock haired, gas engineer who came to our home late at night to investigate a gas leak and think “He’s Black”. He was just a pleasant and competent bloke earning a living for his family who put our minds at rest.

I remember a few years ago that some companies were chasing “The Pink Pound”. Recently we had an advert for Amex where the male actor says that he wants to buy his boyfriend flowers and go on holiday with him. Your call Amex but your advert doesn’t appeal to the other 95% of the population. Your choice.

Every online streaming platform that I know of has a “Gay Section”. True that it leaves you with a choice but then Sky have a Gay Pride mini-advert between some programs so it is shoved at your eyes.

People are starting to comment openly in mainstream media about the percentage of Black people in adverts and multi-racial families appearing out of all comparison with their statistical occurrences in society. I am delighted that there is a new employment channel for Black and multi-ethnic people because they have been left out of advertising in the past.

No longer will we see Beattie and her grandson Malcolm, from the BT ad’s (the only Jewish character I can remember in a UK advert) no longer a J R Hartley, the Fairy mother who’s hands are as soft as her face, Shake n Vac could go calypso I suppose, but what are we to do about the Milky Bar Kid? When will we see Idris Elba and Alex Scott (she very lovely) in the new Campari advert? I guess SHE  will have to push his seat back and call him “sweetie” while the camp steward gives out a shriek.

I just watched an EE advert featuring women, starting with women’s football, showing an abused woman and then the strap line from proper footballers, led by Jordan Henderson, about “Sexist Hate”.  Physical/mental abuse of women is wrong. It has nothing to do with “Sexist Hate”. Women’s football is a load of slow-motion, error-prone, comedy crap to people who have followed top-line Premier and Champions League football. It doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of being played. But the viewer will decide. Oh, and I remember how ITV dropped “Man of The Match” for “Player of the Match” even though everyone on the pitch was a man.

“Sexist Hate”? Doesn’t that mean “hatred between people of different sexes”? Men suffer domestic abuse by women.

The latest Woke Phenomena, enforced by the Trans Woke Army, is if you DARE say that a woman is a person with womb and vagina. What is stopping a Supreme Court judge, a woman (allegedly) from defining what a woman is? What happens when they have to rule on a case involving Transgender.

We aren’t as bad as the USA (yet) who have appointed blokes in dresses to head Health and the Navy departments and appointed a feckless Black Lesbian to be Biden’s press secretary. Its Woke in your face and you dare not speak a word out of place.

There must be an shortage of men in the USA with a lesbian press secretary, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot is a lesbian and WNBA Britney Grinder, pled guilty to marijuana importation in Russia has a “wife” as does lesbian mouthy footballer Rapinoe. Did you know that Women footballers have “BAPS”? Boyfriends and Partners, according to the Sun. A list of players and their “BAP” reveals that 50% of them are lesbians.

“Lesbians sarge, fasands of ‘em”

Here I am, writing about them, but I don’t really care what they want to do. I just wonder why there is so much consciousness now about Gay life-styles. Is it something in the water? We should test the frogs in the pond. But, since media wants to force Gay lifestyles to our attention then I have taken their advice and decided to notice.

In the USA you have drag artists sexualising children and school sex-education material that you can be arrested for pornography if you publicised it. Kids are being taught “It’s OK to be Gay and even change sex” as well as “If you are White then you are a racist”. “Hey teacher, leave us kids alone”.

I heard yesterday that a USA education authority wants to ban “Mother” and “Father and replace with “birthing person” and “non-birthing person”.

Woke is all around. The walls are closing-in. I forgot to mention that its “Virtue Signalling” (or guilt-washing). There, I mentioned it.

© Lugosi (I still haven’t had that knock on the door) July 2022