Educayshun, educayshun, educayshun

nostalgic school corridor” by Nao Iizuka is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

It all sounded so wonderful. Loads more, up to 5 times more, graduates coming into the workplace, it couldn’t help but improve the country. We would be flooded with doctors and engineers. What a wonderful soundbite. How could anyone find this objectionable, however the aftermath has been lamentable.

When I were a lad the percentage of students going on to study at university was around the 10% mark. Because there weren’t so many of them they got grants and assistance while they studied. New Labour upped this to 50% and there are mutterings that it will rise even more. Still I suppose it keeps the youth unemployment figures down though that is not the major objective of all this. The cost is also through the roof hence the £9,000 a year being charged to the victims. That £9,000 was supposed to be charged only in exceptional circumstances, not all the time like it is now. No wonder these chancellors or whatever they call themselves are on half a million a year. I suppose it’s expensive being a lefty and that’s how they can afford it.

As well as the usual academic and science subjects you can now study for a degree in just about anything. Many of these new courses have zero use in the real world and students now come out owing tens of thousands at the end of it all, often with no real prospect of a decent job.

To accommodate all these new Bachelors of whatever, there are now a list of jobs for which you now need a degree when you didn’t twenty odd years ago. The ones that spring to mind are plod and nursing but why do you need a degree to patrol twitter or make tiki-tok videos.

Ever since the 1920s the universities have been churning out lefties and communists. It seems that not having a real job, the lecturers, professors and dons succumb to communist propaganda and spread it to as many of their students as possible.

The nurses have been politicised since the 80s when they were obsessed with Fatcha’s cutbacks. I had direct experience of their lack of any work ethic even in those days. Plod was then still mostly about nicking villains. The big question is how have they become a political police force in only one generation and the answer is that they only select those with degrees who have the correct attitudes for these days. Heaven help you if you want to fight crime, they are all thought police now and just as woke as a Grauniad columnist.

Hence we see plod worrying about the stinkies rather than those who work to pay their wages. They totally ignore the muzz grooming gangs. They are permanently on the lookout for people who are offended by someone else. They seem to spend all their time checking out social media. I could go on but your eyes would glaze over.

All this was instigated by New Labour and their imitators in the Tory Party, that is to say every leader since John Major. None have reeled it in and they have all helped it to continue.

As we sit here while being invaded and the powers that be allow it to happen while making our lives more and more unsafe we seem to be like the frogs in the cooking pot with the temperature getting uncomfortably hot. I never used to fear for the future but I do now. Not for me, I don’t have so many years left but I worry for my children and grandchildren. What kind of disaster is being created for them.

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