Is this what is happening in Ukraine ?

Douglas Macgregor August 2020
BMG-2048, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of Tucker Carlson’s guests last night (1st March) was retired Colonel Doug MacGregor, a former military advisor to the Donald and a man who wants to see the finish of the never ending wars. He described what is happening in Ukraine without the usual “Putin bad” stuff. This was brought to my attention by a puffin, puffnblow, so my thanks for that.

Before this all took off, Putin cleared it with the Chinese who are now even closer allies with the Russians.

It appears that the Russians have completely obliterated the Ukrainian Air Force. Hence the screams from Zelenksy for a no fly zone. The Poles also offered some of their Russian kit to the Ukrainians but were stopped in their tracks by a personal visit from none other than Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO who is well aware what that would mean to the Russians. The logic of this is that NATO is not going to get militarily involved and certainly not in any no fly zone nonsense.

On the ground the situation is made much clearer by Doug’s analysis. The Russians do not want to destroy the infrastructure nor kill any Ukrainians. There has been limited fighting but the first five days have been a build up of armour and encirclement of the Ukrainian forces and big cities. They have been told to go home and they will be allowed to leave. Those that remain are now being destroyed. Doug said that half of them are in the south and have been completely surrounded. Reports of shelling and rockets will now be part of that destruction process.

The one thing that is not clear is Putin’s ideal solution. Will Lvov become the new capital like Bonn was in West Germany. Will Ukraine be left in one piece or dismembered into various parts. Will some mainly Russian areas be absorbed into Russia. I suppose it depends on the negotiations that will come and hopefully soon.

It seems it is only a matter of time before Zelensky has to go or discusses the country’s and his future. The only scenario is that Russia wins. It would not even surprise me if NATO started to collapse under its own contradictions. It was founded to oppose the Russians or Soviets as were and is now shown to be completely toothless and lacking in resolve.

As far as the images and videos that are appearing on Twitter and the like, treat them all with a large pinch of salt. They come from the same factory as that poor Syrian lad dead on the beach because his dad wanted a new set of teeth.

I am as disgusted as anyone that Europe has been reduced to this and think that Putin must be a bit unhinged to even think of doing it. I pray that it reaches a peaceful solution as soon as possible. As far as Creepy Joe goes, he is ‘kin useless. The Donald is right, had this been his watch then none of this would have happened because he would have negotiated a deal. He even went to North Korea and met the lunatic there whose major obsession seemed to be that he was as important as the US President. The solution there stopped him starting another war.

There are reports that the US has Wuhan style labs in Ukraine. This was first reported several years ago. I wonder what the Russians are doing about them, Mr Fauci will soon be as incontinent as Creepy Joe if Vlad reveals the details. Another of my fervent hopes from this disaster is that enough data is revealed to bring down the pandemic scam and all who sailed in her because the Pfizer test data is being ignored by the MSM.

What our lives could have been like had the west treated Russia as an ally after communism fell and allowed them to join NATO. For this state of affairs we can thank Slick Willie, Dubya and Obummer. The Donald was hamstrung by the fallacious Russian Collusion allegations throughout his 4 years. We in the UK can take no pleasure in the certain knowledge that our establishment was up to its neck in all of this. We will emerge with little credit.


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