A Letter to my MP

Official portrait of Jason McCartney MP
Richard Townshend, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

‘ Dear Jason

It has been a while since I’ve written to you. Thankfully your authoritarian party leadership read the mood of seething anger in this nation and abandoned their series of 1984 inspired restrictions they implemented upon the populous, restrictions I remember you gleefully and unquestioningly supporting. I would like to ask if at any point you and your fellow ‘conservatives’ plan to start acting in a manner that actually reflects any semblance of conservatism. As it stands you are a socialist party, Steve Baker had too begrudgingly admit this not so long ago. A party of big government, a party of censorship and a party that throws billions abroad while people live on our streets, a party that sits by and concretes over our green spaces, a party of over-taxation, a party that wants to pay farmers to stop farming in the middle of a global food supply chain crisis. Genius manoeuvre by the way.

I wanted more than anything to see Labour lose locally, unfortunately there seems to be no one to vote for anymore (my ballot was left un-cast). The choice is between socialists who lie about being conservative, communists who lie about being centrists and illiberal anti-democrats who claim to be Liberal Democrat’s. Oh and a Green Party that seems to care more about gender and racial issues than the environment.

I see that Lawrence Fox is making some very interesting manoeuvres with his new party and luckily for me and the people (not yourself unfortunately) they are targeting Yorkshire.

I suppose my question is this. Are you be planning to continue alienating your Conservative minded base by constantly chasing the woke Labour mob to the left? Or will you actually attempt to honour those who voted Conservative, many for the first time ever in 2019? Because I see nothing but electoral doom for your party, which has clearly been infiltrated by socialists and bad faith individuals. Particularly with the growing mood of discontent among my peers and the entire population directed to the political system in this country as a whole. All of which is exacerbated even more so with Bumbling Boz at the helm directed by his oh so virtuous tree hugging lefty wife.

I know you are an intelligent man Jason, so I’m sure you’re aware that with every fall in electoral turnouts it’s your party that takes the hit. Lefty’s will forever be gullible and enthused to ‘fight the power’ or whatever nonsense they tell themselves. Whereas conservatives are just getting more and more peeved off at having to vote for a party which does not represent them, but is slightly less insane than the Anti-British, republican Labour Party. But as more and more give up with politics it is your party that drifts closer to the exit door in corridors of power. Lawrence fox has many young and highly enthused activists on his side. Where as I rarely see anyone under 40 campaigning for team blue anymore, that’s if I see any Conservative campaigners at all. Is there any plan to counter Mr Fox beyond name calling? Because I think words like ‘racist’, ‘xenophobe’ and whichever label you copy off Labour, have lost their power and meaning due to over usage.

Anyway, best of luck to you, I’d still much prefer you to whichever lunatic Labour proposes for our constituency. This is of course if the Colne Valley isn’t chosen to be a all women shortlist and you aren’t ousted from your seat by your own colleagues because you have a penis.

All the best.’

© Joshua Dalton 2022