Brave New Normal

‘And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.’

Revelations 13:16-17, King James Bible

The newest revelation to be born unto the world is the brave idea of ‘Covid Passports’. Passengers at Heathrow airport, by the time of publication, will be trialling the new scheme to allow people to travel abroad. More fear, more coercion and more forced conformity implemented on a once free people. For what does wider society comply and bend the knee to the illegal rules decided by our leaders wearing their tunnel vision visors? Well, protection from a virus which kills people with an average age of 82.4, an age well above the average life expectancy of those who live in our most developed of nations.

Joshua Dalton, Going Postal

All the while Boris, his cabinet and our most glorious of achievement as a nation, the shining beacon and envy of the world, the unquestionable pillar of human civilisation, the jewel in our kingdoms crown, the highly ineffective and wholly dysfunctional National Health Service condemns to death those with cancer. Too sparse and spare are intensive care beds to heal the healable from cancer, that those who develop the disease are told ‘no, you don’t get treatment because of Covid’. And off to locked down solitude the condemned are expected to go, to sit at home watch the tv and w@*k themselves off, unable to copulate with non co habitating partners ‘because the government says so’. As they wait for the cancer to spread, their strength to wain, and fall asleep for the last time never to wake. Boris the beast has condemned to death ‘small and great, rich and poor, free and bond’ should they develop cancer.

Atop this most evil consequence of the life saving lockdown is the quiet growing pandemic of people developing bacterial mouth, throat and lung infections. People ailed unnecessarily from wearing face nappies for extended periods of time developing rashes on their faces and infections which untreated could prove fatal. But it’s ok because we’re safe from the ‘rona. The sooner people cease thinking along the ‘why would the government do bad things’ line, and realise that we are all but pawns to be sacrificed in a larger game. The quicker we can demonstrate to the powers that be that we will not comply, we will not conform and we will not sit idle by as the nation that has been gestating for over a millennia is to be aborted at the hands of our insidious masters.

Contrary to my appearance, accent and general behaviour, I am an educated man and a highly knowledgeable and capable historian. People have asked me, more times than I can honestly recall, a question that I never really knew how to answer, well now I do know the answer. ‘How did the Germans just stand by and conform with the Nazi regime?’ well, because people are weak willed. It’s all well and good spouting off against ‘the man’ in a free peaceable society, but when the government says ‘do’, those who preach the loudest about non conformity are the first to ‘do’. The National Socialist government of Germany in the 1930’s told the Germans to fear the Jew, so people feared the Jew. Irrespective of reality, reason or sense, the government said ‘do’ and they ‘did’. So in 2020 when Boris and the media men in their London ivory tower look down upon we plebeians and preach unto us ‘Fear the virus’, people ‘Fear the virus’. When they order us to play the mask on mask off game in pubs and restaurants people play the mask on mask off game. Irrespective of the reality that this virus only effects the presently infirm. Blind to the reasoning behind these orders. And numb to the sense that should tell anyone with half a brain cell that wearing a mask while meandering around the public house is nothing more than a virtue signal as they proceed to remove the mask when seated in the same enclosed environment.

The empty lie people tell themselves are ‘it’s just a mask’ ‘it’s just temporary’ ‘does it really matter’. Well yes, it does matter, these are the problems with tyrannical regimes, they don’t pop up overnight, they ferment, brew and one day people open their eyes and see that the freedoms they enjoyed were taken away long since. Taken as they idly kept quiet and ‘did’ when the government said ‘do’. Tyrants affect us all eventually, you may not think they’ll come for you, but they will in time. Once a tyrant has cemented his power anyone and everyone is a target, a potential dissenter, a threat or thought criminal.

‘I will wear the yellow star with pride
Knowing I was not one who complied
Never followed the sheepish regime
Always defied the fascist mainstream
I’ll face the firing squad with a smile
Cowards wait, and comply, all the while’

Featured image: “Prison cell” by decade_null is licensed under CC BY 2.0

© Joshua Dalton 2020

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