The great delusion

Guido Reni’s Michael (in Santa Maria della Concezione church, Rome, 1636) tramples Satan. A mosaic of the same painting decorates St. Michael’s Altar in St. Peter’s Basilica.
Guido Reni, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It is abundantly clear, to those that have eyes to see at least, that the average man or woman has been shaken to their very core by the events that have occurred over the past twenty years. A global mass human sacrifice, September the 11th 2001 was an unmatched televised visceral horror which transcended every social class, from child to adult, irrespective of your faith, wealth, social standing or indeed intellectual capacity – provided you had some semblance of humanity and compassion running through your veins. For some, this was a major victory and a substantial strategic milestone, and I will leave it up to the reader to decide who exactly they think those culprits were. 20 years on, and I am resolute that there are more questions than answers surrounding this heinous act, the official narrative, like almost all official narratives, is both threadbare and doesn’t stand up well to critical or reasoned examination. Meanwhile, I am still waiting for a steel frame building to collapse in a similar fashion, or more importantly, for the American public stand up en mass and demand the unvarnished truth. Sadly, that will be a Herculean task, especially as most of the evidence was quickly disposed of. More forensic attention to detail was paid to Donald J Trump, than the world’s largest crime scene.

Some would say the rot truly started on the 22nd of November 1963, when JFK was murdered. While I would agree that this was a historic event, it didn’t quite carry the same global impact as 9/11. The world was a much more cohesive and civilized society at that point, globalism hadn’t eroded the fragile barriers of national sovereignty nor did we live in an age of instant 24/7 news. People were able to reflect, digest, consider, rather than jerk knees and spew sound bites at the narcissistic siren call of the news journalist. No sooner had JFK passed away, with his shattered corpse barely cold, Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in just over 90 minutes later, providing continuity of government. Whilst the American public came to terms with yet another assassinated president, behind the scenes, the cancerous growth of organised crime metastasized and permeated onwards and outwards throughout the establishment. There was still a debt to be repaid, and the hoods weren’t bothered that the principal, very probably despatched with their assistance to some degree, was no longer alive. For the beauty of securing electoral success for the Democrats meant they now had the opportunity, means and channels, through which they could legitimately embed themselves in the very fabric of the establishment. No credible political figure would now dare admit that the Kennedy election was rigged. Apart from destroying the Democratic party, a vitamin supplement of copper, lead and cordite would also be on the cards. Former President Trump was not the first, or indeed last, leader to have victory snatched by immoral means.

All of this is not particularly new information. I wanted to set the scene though, for what is truly going on now, where we are possibly heading, but more importantly, try and join the dots in an empirical and rational way. As a Christian, I firmly believe that our faith must be a rational, practical and level headed one, and anyone doubting that only needs to look to scripture. “Come, let us reason together”, says the Lord, and I can think of no more beautiful and loving passage where an omnipotent God seeks communion with His creation, man. It has not always been that way for me, and to my utter disgust, I realised at one point I was so “Heavenly minded, of no earthly good”. It was a humbling, life changing and sobering experience. I won’t go into the graphic details here, but lest to say, much of my Christian journey has  been amongst churches that have been infested with Gnosticism and New Age ideals, and it wasn’t until I personally experienced the fruit of such evil that I truly came to terms as to how dire a situation we are in. Even long before 9/11, the Anglican church was sliding into such a mire, and warnings that this was on the cards to a Christian friend of many years, was received with the phone being slammed down on me and my fellowship “Terminated”. In short, I have been chucked out of more churches than I care to list, all for a very simple, child like principle, that I believe. As the Body of Christ, we should be following the instructions in the Bible. I will leave the reader to work out some of the more obvious hypocrisies demonstrated by the church, but I can tell you without any rancour or bitterness, you will encounter no greater wrath if you ever attempt to address them in a church fellowship. It has left me with a deep sadness, for the Church is the only organisation I know of that is consistently determined to shoot its own wounded, and I have been accused of being everything from faithless and unrepentant to Satanic for my efforts. It is like water to the back of a duck for me, for they said the same of my Lord.

What does stir me to compassion are Christians who have inadvertently fallen down a rather specific and nasty rabbit hole. Demonstrating the same error as I have previously, they are clearly heading for trouble. Causing offence in the name of the Gospel, they present beliefs that are clearly doctrinally and factually erroneous, but more importantly, they focus on these, rather than the bread and butter of the Christian walk, service to others, love and sacrifice. To use the Biblical vernacular, they strain at gnats whilst swallowing a camel. It is a spiritual flaw, and little can be done to attempt to reason with them. The spiritual “High” one gets at such levels of deception insulates you from reality, and rather than heading towards God, you are in fact, heading away. I genuinely say these words in love and hope that those afflicted will reconsider their position, but having walked that path, it is ultimately only the grace of God that will pull you through. You have now entered the unholiest of sanctuaries, where you are right and everyone else is wrong, despite sound wisdom. Is it any wonder that churches that foster such beliefs are the first to condemn the Christian for breaking fellowship? It is essential that the believer is corralled and controlled, and if they refuse to comply, you always have the option to derail their faith, accusing them of committing the unforgivable sin, sinning against the Holy Spirit.

This piece of writing though, will not focus on that delusion alone. A much more democratic and populist deception is spreading, affecting believer and non-believer alike. It is the poisonous doctrine of Dominianism, and it is born out of the dangerous hybrid of church, state and politics. It is not without good reason that the first murder ever committed was about how one worships God. Since then, religion, or more accurately, religion firmly ensconced in the unholy sanctuary of misguided belief, has caused more wars and bloodshed than humanly imaginable. It is no wonder that secret societies flourish, for if their true goals and beliefs were revealed, the common man would run them out of civilised society. If the truth be known, God hates religion, yet as history has shown, mankind is desperate to worship at any alter, irrespective of the consequences. For he doesn’t wish to take personal responsibility for his actions, rather placing the blame anywhere than at his own feet. While we are willing to admit there is a spiritual dimension, we refuse to accept that if we are honest, Christianity is the greatest conspiracy of all time. A man born of woman, performed countless miracles, including raising people from the dead, was crucified, yet Himself rose from the dead. Yet anyone suggesting this is truth, is immediately placed in the tinfoil hat category. My retort would be this – cannot God do as He pleases? I can see no rational, philosophical or logical conflict there.

So I will let you into a few secrets here, telling tales out of school as it were. The American Christian landscape is utterly perverted, and what passes for Christianity over there is frequently an abomination. You only need to look at the tragic end of David Koresh and his followers to see how this toxic mix of right-wing ideology, eschatology, dominionism, guns, spirituality and token Christendom has led to the US declaring open season on the Christian Right. This is a spiritual battle, and whilst the demons driving the lunatic Left-wing are clearly visible, it is not so easy to acquire a target on the Right. The keys to this understanding are threefold, certainly within church circles. First you have the contentious beliefs of what happens during the end times, the period surrounding the biblical apocalypse and the rise of the anti-christ (eschatology). Some say the church will be taken away beforehand (the rapture), some say the church will have to live through this time. All agree that the crux of the matter will be where the “Mark of the beast” is implemented, and no man can buy or sell without this mark. Hence all the panic surrounding mandatory vaccination, as this could easily be a pre-cursor to this or indeed be the mark itself, if it contained a chip or something like graphene that could assemble itself into a similar device. Naturally, the scientific establishment are not willing to be totally transparent with what exactly is in these products, as they wish to protect their intellectual property rights. So the rumour mill continues to churn, and facts or evidence, hard to find. Irrespective of that, from an ethical and spiritual perspective one must ask oneself – Is it right to have something grown from the cells of an aborted baby injected into yourself? I am a smoker, and yet I find that idea both repulsive and immoral. Add on top making a vaccine mandatory, and you have a resolute refusenik, regardless of any potential mechanism that may inhibit what I can buy or sell. Irrespective of that, forced vaccination is immoral. Technological rape, it is an abuse of power and must be resisted by all decent people, irrespective of their faith.

Secondly, you have the doctrinally poisonous belief system of dominionism. While this takes many forms, it has its roots in the out of control “Word of faith” movement, which is a gnostic infiltration of the church that spawns some of the worst excesses of American Christianity. This in turn has developed into a political movement, shrouded in token “Christendom”, that basically follows three beliefs. Firstly, Jesus cannot return until the church gets its act together, secondly God has appointed strong apostles and prophets to oversee this process, and woe betide any Christian who challenges their authority. Finally, as the church and her believers are especially anointed (forget the little fellowship down the road, they haven’t sufficient “Faith” for such a venture), they have the authority to kill the wicked and rule for 1000 years. Think of politicised Islam, but in the guise of Christianity.

Finally, you have the bridge between them, a shady prophet called “Q”, and a former president who was clearly robbed of the election. While I wouldn’t go as far as to implicate DJT directly in this mess, he has got the Achilles heel of all Republican presidents insofar as his very political survival depends on the Christian Right. This is the mess that is the amalgam of American politics and religion, and with these three pieces of information on board, it all starts to make more sense. The political support and money comes from the mega-churches, where both working mom and pop are expected to donate at least 10% of their income. Take the rest of the television donations, and you have a sizeable war chest to push and reinforce your strategy.

Where this all goes is not pretty. You have an ideologically driven group, believing that they have licence from God to root out the evil, corruption, injustice and wickedness in the system. By any means necessary, including extra-judicial execution. Like the post 9/11 mantra, anyone who is not for us is against us. That includes moderate Christians like myself, who believe in the rule of law, rather than violence. Fired up against every immorality from financial and political crime to child trafficking, the stakes are high. No wonder the Left are running scared.

The biggest challenge for us this side of the pond is how not to get dragged into a peculiarly American cultural distortion. The key to this, I believe, is sticking firmly within the constraints of legal, non-violent political action, culminating in civil disobedience only if desperately necessary. Once we cross the rubicon into violence, we have lost the argument, especially if we do not have the support of law. I have spent many nights  fretting as to what exactly I would do in difficult circumstances, such an enforced vaccinations, and I cannot come to any other conclusion. That is not to say that I would not make life as awkward as possible for them, but ultimately we must stoically accept that the state will always be better armed and equipped than we are. Where we have the advantage is stirring up public consciousness, and the widespread social media coverage of the excesses of power is proving to be a PR disaster. The only response from the state will be to double down, with the inevitable consequences. Anyone who thinks the next few years will return to any semblance of normality is clearly not all there.

In the final analysis, if these observations are correct, we will end up in the situation where anyone who is anti-vaccination will have to make a stark choice. Join the politicised and spiritually corrupt mob who are willing to do anything in furtherance of their flawed ideals, or stand alone? The gamble, and it is one, is whether or not these individuals are truly on the side of God. If one is honest in their interpretation of scripture, and indeed the way historically many believers behave, it is the religious, rather than the faithful, that are the spearhead of dissent that shows little respect for either accurate scriptural exegesis, or indeed human life. Don’t be surprised then if there is a sudden change of heart and an acceptance by these new apostles that some sort of error has emerged in the classical interpretation of the book of Revelation and the mark doesn’t apply to them. If you can qualify the fifth commandment to achieve your political and spiritual goals, it must, after all, be a miracle.

[I started writing this article some time ago during the worst excesses of the Pandemic as a continuation of “Without compassion for even our fiercest enemies, we are but like them”.  Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the online video where the leader was stirring up the congregation to take matters into their own hands concerning an anti-vaccination stance. While a lot of these excesses now seem to be on hold, I am convinced that the ground gained by those that wish to enslave humanity will not be willingly rescinded. Exactly what form the “Mark of the beast” will take is open to debate, what is not is the fact that with ever increasing technological advance, humanity, quite clearly, is becoming more, rather than less enslaved.]

Without compassion for even our fiercest enemies, we are but like them

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