War in Ukraine: Part 2

Has putin sniffed out the globalist trap?

Pyrohiv, Ukraine” by jafsegal is marked with CC BY 2.0.

As mentioned in part one, the Ukraine situation is a trap set for Putin by the globalists. Bog down Russia and make them waste resources they cannot replace. The question is will he sniff out the trap and how will he respond if he does? We have seen that the Russian advance has not been as quick as they hoped. We keep seeing headlines of the Russians being “stalled.” How true this is remains to be seen. Have they been stymied, or are they deliberately slowing down?

Russia put out a message in the last week that they were no longer going for total conquest and regime change, but instead they were looking to secure the Donbass and other self-declared republics in the south and east of Ukraine. Now, everything Russia says needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. For weeks they were saying they wouldn’t invade Ukraine, only to keep building up troops and then do exactly that.

This could be yet another feint to try and catch the opposition off guard. Say one thing then do the opposite. As yet there does not seem to be any scaling back from the Russians. The Russians may be genuine. They may be struggling to resupply their forces, especially with sanctions biting at home and supply lines becoming extended and more vulnerable. This is the current view being touted by the globalists in the West. The other possible explanation is that Putin has sniffed out the trap set for him and has reconsidered his aims and objectives.

What we do know is that the Russians have taken Mariupol. This came after weeks of fighting and heavy bombardment. This is one example of where there has been genuinely strong Ukrainian resistance. It is with no little irony that this has come from the Azov brigade, a force made up of genuine and open Neo-Nazis. Well trained, well equipped, high morale and full of fervour, they fought the Russians until they and Mariupol were mostly destroyed.

This in itself begs wider questions of this war. Exactly what forces are at work here? Are we comfortable with supply weapons and training to genuine Nazis (not the ones the left pretend inhabit social media) to fight with? As with Syria and other wars where the West interfered, there are numerous factions on the ground that we don’t know much about. Nor can we foresee later consequences. For example, say that Ukraine wins this war in some shape or form. The fighters will no doubt we cheered as heroes. The stock of the likes of Azov will rise, so will their political clout. What power will they then wield across Ukraine? What agendas are they then likely to want to pursue?

In my opinion large groups of fanatics with weapons training and access to military hardware and combat experience is a bad combination. The rise of ISIS was an unforeseen consequence of Western interference in the Middle East. Could we see something similar across Europe with these groups?

If Ukraine lose, you have fervent fanatics with military training and experience who may flee to other European countries. Will they seek to carry out terror attacks in a similar way to Muslim fanatics? This is the dangerous game that is being played. Don’t think Azov are the only Nazis and fanatics in Ukraine. They are the biggest and best known. Political party Svoboda called the holocaust a “bright period” for humanity. There is also Right Sector, Karpatska Sich, Tradition and Order, C14 and the Freikorps. This again echoes Syria, with every flavour of lunatic involved and able to pick up a gun, with foreign recruits to travelling to join up. Something to keep a wary eye on.

Both sides are accusing each other of war crimes. It is often said that truth is the first casualty of war. Morality is the second. Morality breaks down very quickly in war as has been seen in many conflicts during the past. It would be no surprise to see both sides engaged in this to some extent. Whether it is spur of the moment by troops on the ground or planned by leadership is hard to know. Again, neither would be a surprise.

Before anyone takes the moral high ground, Allied troops were involved in such activities in Iraq like Abu Ghraib. It was also seen in the former Yugoslavia during the Balkans conflict. Europe is no stranger to this. Having fanatics on both sides will only add to the likelihood of this occurring. Numerous videos of people being abused have been posted on social media. I won’t produce them here, but they are available.

President Biden has once again been giving interesting performances during live speeches. He delivers a message only for minutes later to have the White House press team or the US Ambassador “clarify” his remarks. Lol. So far in the last week we have had America may “use nuclear weapons first,” followed by if Russia uses chemical weapons the US will “respond in kind” to wanting Putin out of power, or regime change as it’s known.

There have been worries expressed in some quarters about his mental state. This will do little to assuage those fears. This is important because, although Russia chooses to lie out of its rear end to others, it ironically takes what the West says at face value and very seriously. Biden could trigger a full-scale war by accident. It also presents a propaganda victory to Russia, as they can say “See, we told you they were a threat to Russia.” Globalists need to rein him in and fast. Will we see President Kamala soon?

Biden was on a mission to “reassure” European allies and help ease the burden felt by sanctions. To do this he announced more gas production by the US to be supplied to the EU. Much of this US gas is shale gas from fracking. The same fracking which eco-loons funded by Russia campaigned against. It is a reminder if needed that this war affects us all. We have already seen rises in petrol and diesel prices.

The EU for years used more and more Russian gas. Trump warned them to no avail. It now appears that the EU has been using even more Russian gas than previously, to the tune of €800 million a day to finance Putin’s war machine. Remainers love to bash Brexit Britain and claim it was fixed by Russia but have selective hearing and eyesight failure when it comes to the EU’s shortcomings. Food shortages are also a possibility that Biden mentioned. Ukraine is a large producer and exporter of grain, especially to north Africa and the Middle East. This is currently cut off or reduced. A new influx of refugees could be on the way from these areas as famine hits.

The Globalist v Axis confrontation spans the globe and is linked to Ukraine. In Saudi Arabia a missile is reported to have hit an oil facility. This quite literally overshadowed the F1 race weekend as smoke blew across the track and Verstappen reported a burning smell. This could pile even more pressure on oil supplies and prices in Europe. The missile was fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen, who are backed by Iran, who in turn are allied with Russia, especially in Syria. Saudi Arabia are long-time allies of the West and have forces engaged in Yemen fighting the Houthis, using weapons we have kindly sold them. Of course, this is an unfashionable war, so it doesn’t get on TV and no-one displays the Yemeni flag on the social media profile or claps the ambassador in Parliament.

I stated in my previous piece that the globalist strategy is a long, drawn out war that bogs down Russia and makes them pay the price militarily and economically. That Way Russia is depleted of resources and can’t interfere elsewhere, while globalists keep their forces out of harm’s way and can deploy them elsewhere such as Taiwan. It is interesting to note that the US stated that Ukraine has done better than expected, as they were preparing for a guerrilla war or insurgency during Russian occupation. It is being reported that Ukraine is counterattacking and regaining territory in some areas, notably around Kiev.

The Ukrainian army has not (yet) been encircled and continues to fight on. Peace talks are also being pursued. Given Russia’s stance that they are no longer looking to control the whole country, we could see a partition of Ukraine into those areas in the south and east held by Russia and the rest.

Add to this Zelensky continually asking for more weapons. Pay attention to the weapons he is asking for. He wants tanks and planes. These are offensive weapons that would allow for more counter attacks to try and kick the Russians out of Ukraine. Previous to this, defensive weapons have been supplied, namely anti-tank and ant-aircraft weapons. The globalists had no problem supplying these. Now that Zelensky wants offensive weapons it has gone awfully quiet. He’s gone off script, after all he wasn’t actually supposed to win, just lose gloriously while weakening the Russians. It would severely dent the globalist plans for Ukraine to be winning. He has also stated he will accept neutrality to end the war. Watch closely what now happens with Zelensky. Has he now (literally) outlived his usefulness?

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