Puffin’s Day Out

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
Trafalgar Square 24th April
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April 24th Lockdown Protest

Well done to everyone who made it last Saturday. It was a real pleasure to see you all and get out of the house for the day. Thank you to those of you who supported the event and those on the protest.

If you want to join your fellow puffins protesting at the next event there will be one on 15th May and one on the 29th May. Details are a little vague at the moment but the one on the 29th is currently meant to be the larger of the two. There is a post on the forum with details which I’ll keep updated.

“Unite for Freedom, 15th May 2021”

Sign up by emailing GP here: email Subject “Unite for Freedom 15th/29th May. Indicate which date(s) you would like to attend.

The meeting point in Trafalgar Square makes sense as the start point isn’t generally advertised until kick-off time. From Trafalgar Sq we found it easy to head down Piccadilly and cut north to Oxford St where we joined the head of the march, similarly it would have been easy to cut through Green Park if the march had taken a more southerly route.

Afterwards a few of us joined up in St James’s Park for a beer and something to eat. I chose a picnic as getting into a pub with so many out and about in London, track and trace etc put me off the idea of trying to organise something more formal. I’ll organise similar for the next event. It’s a chance to meet up and relax before going home especially if the weather is nice. For the stalwarts the protest march went passed the picnic spot about two to three hours after it started and wasn’t far from the end of the route in Hyde Park. One and a half hours was more than enough for me, next time I won’t pack my rucksack with loads of useless stuff I don’t need.

The Goodnight Vienna Spring 2021 (Ladies) Competition

After the outcry from our non specific gender brethren I have relented and GP will fund a prize for the ‘men’ amongst you. All new articles received since the beginning of the competition will be included. Terms & Conditions apply. My competition, my rules.

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
Fist prize for the men
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Thank you again to those of you who contribute to the site in one way or another. I would normally write to everyone, but I seemed to have upset someone by using their PayPal email address to send my thanks personally. Possibly they assumed it was an automated response, but there was mention of removing them from a mailing list. I don’t keep mailing lists except for very narrow purposes, like having to email fifty people at once for the bash or a list of email addresses in Notepad for the April 24th demo. I have to keep track of people coming to events one way or another. I certainly don’t email people asking for contributions.

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