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Tommy Robinson, Carl Benjamin, Catherine Blaiklock at launch of new populist Alliance of free speech activists on Friday 28th February

Alliance’s aim is to challenge the woke, ‘progressive’ and Anglophobic elite, and to open up closed-down debate about key social and cultural issues

For three years following the Brexit referendum the world has seen that the UK – renowned home of the Magna Carta, the Abolition of Slavery and the Mother of Parliaments – is now ruled by a cynical political class that, with honourable exceptions, is against the people and antagonistic to their democratically expressed wishes and opinions.

Although it lost the Brexit battle, this elite is winning the war to impose its own woke, ’progressive’ and Anglophobic worldview on all people and in all corners of national life.

When citizens speak out to express common sense views, increasingly they can lose their jobs, be pilloried by the mainstream media, have their social media and bank accounts cancelled, be visited by police and find themselves dragged through the courts.

At the end of last year Amy Dalla Mura (aka Based Amy) was jailed for verbally insulting a powerful and Remain-supporting politician. Extraordinarily, Amy was also barred by the courts from entering the constituency in which she was standing as a candidate during the December general election.

Following a single complaint about his tweets by a transgender activist, Harry Miller was visited at his workplace by Humberside police, and told that although he had not committed a crime they must ‘check his thinking’. At significant personal cost Harry had to appeal to the High Court to stop his name from being recorded by the police for an Orwellian victim-free ‘non crime hate incident’.

The lights of democracy and free speech are going out across the UK – extinguished by the new intolerance and state-imposed political and cultural orthodoxy.

The Alliance of free speech activists will be launched at 11.30am on Friday 28th February in Central London, where the full name, website and other details of the Alliance will be announced. The aim of the Alliance will be to encourage like-minded activists to work together to robustly challenge this growing anti-democratic intolerance.

Topics and speakers at the launch will include:

  • ‘You dirty dirty smear merchants’ 

Carl Benjamin, popular YouTuber (aka Sargon of Akkad), will forensically dissect the benefits of free speech, and the corrupting effects of the biased mainstream media and their fake news

  • Don’t mess with our kids’ 

Tommy Robinson, who recently received the Free Press Society’s prestigious 2019 Sappho Award in the Danish Parliament at Copenhagen, will speak as the father of a young family about his strong opposition to the state-endorsed gender confusion and LGBT ideology that is increasingly propagated among young children in primary schools

  • ‘Boris’ great immigration fraud’

Catherine Blaiklock, founder of The Brexit Party and former UKIP Economics spokesperson, will discuss mass immigration and the inadequacies of the government’s point-based system

  • The salt have lost his savour’ 

Pastor Wale Babatunde, Anglo-Nigerian church leader and author of ‘Great Britain Has Fallen’, will spotlight the insipid politically-correct Church of England and the debilitating loss of Britain’s Christian values, culture and heritage. A call will be made for the removal of all bishops from the House of Lords and for an Inquiry into the disestablishment of the CofE.

The launch will be an open but invitation-only event. Website: – Integrity

Ed. I will be in attendance if possible. If you would like to attend then please email your details here – email and include why you would like to attend.

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