Brexit Party or the Tories

Godfrey Bloom, Going Postal
March to Leave, March 2019
© Going Postal 2019

The choice is largely strategic. Europhiles are Masters of strategy, they have been playing the long game since the 1950s. The founding fathers of the European Union  knew renouncing one’s own country was an anathema to most ordinary people, regardless  of nationality. Most of us are family first, country second. The concept of belonging to a continent is simply  unnatural. So those founding fathers came up with their stealth  plan. Easy enough to research  their views, it is no longer a secret.

The goal is a centralised united states of Europe, an anthem, president, army, every day a European  bigwig lets the cat out of the bag. It has nothing to do with trade, a popular peculiarity of debate to the British who still see it as a common market, some elderly academics still use the term. Guy Verhofstadt made it abundantly clear at the LibDem conference just a few weeks ago, when he advocated a new empire, amazingly to a mute MSM. This political dream now runs deep in the global establishment. The long term game plan of europhiles is to corrupt national institutions, nowhere  more successful than in Britain. The judiciary, political class & civil service are committed to the project. It has been impossible to be promoted to one star rank in the civil service without total commitment to the dream, believe me, I have worked inside the belly of the beast. There is also no single employee or director of the public broadcasting service who voted leave.

Here lies the problem. A clean break is simply not possible with every lever of establishment power held by remainers. If it was we would have left by now.

The Boris deal is both rancid & unnecessary. It is not what we voted for & everyone  knows it. But the EU is a ship rudderless, leaking & out of fuel. It is heading remorselessly  towards the abyss, debt, youth unemployment,  uncontrolled  immigration & violence on the streets albeit unreported by MSM. We have a choice if I may use an analogy, we can get off the ship now as a matter of urgency & alight on an uninhabited rather bleak  but temperate island & plan the next step or plunge into the abyss with all hands. Captain Boris has offered such an island. Several passengers think they can wrest the ship from the crew which is hell bent on the abyss & then sail to a close by friendly & prosperous  port. Sadly the crew has the armoury & the engine room.

Labour & the LibDems are determined on remain. The Brexit Party  must therefore contest only where the conservative candidate has no chance, not even a dog’s chance. They must contest no where else. Or the Brexit Party will join the unfortunate Harold Day whose tombstone read ‘Here lies the body of Harold Day, who claimed he had the right of way’.

Egos must be swallowed, prejudice put aside. There is an important role for the Brexit Party until we get a real Brexit, but it requires strategic  thinking, not something  that Mr. Farage does well. Although an astute political tactician he is no strategist hence the demise of UKIP which should now have at least a dozen MPs. The party lost the plot from 2012 & onwards.

At Sandhurst I remember a definition of strategy v tactics which I used for my dissertation later at the Royal College of Defence Studies. It was  attributed to General Patton, I have never heard a better.

‘strategy is how you get the girl into the cinema back row, tactics is what you do next’.

We need to get Miss Leave into the back row. Then decide what to do next. At the moment she isn’t even in the cinema.

© Godfrey Bloom 2019 –


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