Roger Ackroyd’s Question Time Review

Question Time 23rd May 2019


Simon Jordan (Entrepreneur. Sports Journo and erstwhile owner of Crystal Palace FC)
Damien Green (Tory. Porno enthusiast and Remainer)
Tracy Brabin (Labour. Ex Coronation Street actress. Remainer)
Miatta Fahnbulleh (Socialist. Ed Milliband advisor. Green activist. Remainer)
Camilla Cavendish (FT journo. Advisor to David Cameron. Remainer).

Venue: Frome, Somerset

Having endured last week’s pile of shite from Scotland I had hoped that this week’s QT might be more conducive but one can never reckon for the BBC in doubling down and scraping the barrel. I have no idea if Jordan is a Remainer or Leaver but even so we have no less than four rabid Remainers here. One wonders just what is the point of QT these days with the quality of the panel becoming less and less representative of the general public each week. I mean, Miatta Fahnbulleh? Who has ever heard of her and what qualifications does she have to scope the £500 appearance fee from the licence/tax payers so that she can deliver some/same old bullshit that has been pedalled incessantly on QT, PL and Marr for months and months. Damien Green could bore for England, Tracy Brabin is just another Corbynite mouthpiece and Cavendish will come up with “catastrophic no deal Brexit”. Cavendish is more accurately named as Baroness Cavendish of Little Venice as she was ennobled by Cameron on his resignation. She pulls £300 a day on attendance at the HoL but that is probably peanuts compared to her husband who coins it bigly in the City.
My opinion of them was not high before the airing. By its end my piss was on a high heat.

The usual trolls on the QT Twitter feed repeat the same old garbage each week before the programme starts. It’s as if they sit at their screens all week waiting for the moment the QT panel notice comes on line and they immediately start frothing at their keyboards.
“Wot, no Farage? He’s on every week normally.”
“Gammon Central”
“All Leavers then” ( I kid you not)
“Leave plants in the audience”.
“I’d rather stick pins in my eyes” (on this one, I can somewhat agree!)

The first round of replies to the inevitable Brexit question – there were three of them in total and took up 3/4 of the programme – produced the predictable responses from the panel. Green burbled away like a baby gradually filling its nappy, Brabin and Fahnbulleh played tag-team with the socialist money tree shake and Baroness Cavendish tossed in the inevitable “catastrophe of no deal Brexit” (I won the Brexit Bingo prize very early). It was left to Jordan to counter argument. I have never heard of Jordan before but he has a pretty sharp eye on the pettifogging deals that emanate from Westminster. He is spot on with the opinion that there is no-one in the Tory or Labour Party that has any real quality whatsoever, certainly nothing that is vitally necessary in conducting serious trade negotiations.

Actually the whole programme is hardly worth a minute of anyone’s time but it was saved – just – by the audience who were not going to take any more shit from the Labour tag team on a “second referendum”. Fahnbulleh went off on a chippy racist rant worthy of Mammy Two Shoes from the Tom and Jerry cartoons which culminated in a demand for another “people’s vote”. Well, the good people of Frome were having none of it and she got plenty of stick and catcalling. The biggest cheer of the day came when a lady who said she had voted Remain in 2016 had just gone out and voted for the Brexit Party today. You could almost hear Green unloading another pile into his underwear while Brabin grinned inanely. These politicians still don’t get it and they will never understand what is going on until they are removed from office.
Of course there was the usual Farage bashing from the whole panel without exception although this was somewhat tempered by the knowledge that they were sitting facing an audience that had probably mostly gone out and put an X against the Brexit Party just a few hours ago. It mostly went along the lines of “we don’t agree with his ideals at all but recognise the slick presentation of his (dangerous) arguments”. Fahnbulleh just had to lob in an extra “racist and homophobic” comment because she, like Abbott, is a professional race baiter and is totally unable to read the audience. It elicited further catcalls.

The matter of the milkshake throwing came up and most strangely of all not one of the panel, while decrying the practice, cared to mention the most notorious of them all- the spraying of the ex-para, OAP standing outside a polling booth that very day. They must all have been aware of it as it had been all over the Twittersphere but Brabin felt the flouring of Tony Blair – how many years ago? – was infinitely more relevant. Cavendish could hardly contain her amusement at Farage being daubed and had to roll back quickly when the audience gave her some stick. Tommy Robinson (NHRN) got a mention from a fairly erudite lady in the audience and it was if Basil Fawlty had mentioned the war to the Germans. Brabin went off on one coming up with some nonsense about how TR had divided “her community”. Which community would that be luv? The one that has been ravaged by the industrial rape of thousands of underage white girls or the “community” that is only voting for you in passing before it organises its own party and candidate?

You know, good Puffins, I am heartily sick of these puffed up, preening, elitist, bags of wind that pass for our “betters”. Of all the panel only Jordan had entrepreneurial experience, the rest are just career blowhards that shuffle round the various think tanks and political stepping stones, pocketing unearned wads as they circle ever upwards through the hot air of media appearances such as QT. I have come to despise them all as they proffer their words of wisdom at the thick proles – as we are perceived.

Their downfall can’t come soon enough.

© Roger Ackroyd 2019

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