Book Review: “SJWs Always Lie” by Vox Day

Joanthon Davies, Going Postal

TL;DR You need this book in your life. The SJW survival guide.

I first read this book back in 2016. It’s a book I go back to again and again for reference. Written by the “controversial” Vox Day, real name Theodore Robert Beale. He has dabbled in music, developed video games, written science fiction and now runs the Castalia House publishers and his own excellent blog. He was in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, but left after unsuccessfully running to try and succeed John Scalzi as President. Vox had some choice words for the SFWA and those involved.

He was also involved in the Hugo awards Sad Puppies campaign, and ran the Rabid Puppies campaign. These were based on the issue that those with the “wrong” views or background were not being given awards, while lesser works from approved minority groups or favourites were. Those books with a social justice message were prioritised over those of others that favoured action. He is also well known for his (very amusing) feuds with John Scalzi, and has released parody books based on his works which have been better than Scalzi’s. Vox was also involved in Gamer Gate, and a history of it is given in the book from his point of view. Why does all this esoteric science fiction stuff matter? Because Vox is also a thinker, and what he saw in science fiction gave him an insight in to the modern day culture wars and enabled him to write SJWs Always Lie. He also helped coin the phrase Cuckservative.

We have all seen the SJWs at work. One glance at The Guardian or Owen Jones’ Twitter feed will reveal it. Left wing and obsessed with identity politics. For them the message of social justice comes before everything else. They will stoop to almost any level, and for them the end justifies the means. How do they operate? Vox has devised the three laws of the SJW. The best way to show this is through some real world example:

SJWs Always Lie

Now as Vox says this is rhetoric. They don’t literally always lie. Just most of the time. Especially when their view is challenged, or they need to be on message and perpetuate “The Narrative.” This is the continually shifting message and ideology stream that SJWs use to frame debate on what is acceptable, and why things happen, and why social justice is wonderful and necessary. Let’s look at recent Tweets from Lily Allen:

Lily claims that the girls in Rotherham would have been raped anyway. There is no evidence for this, so she provides none. Now that is not to say that child abuse doesn’t happen there, but there has been no findings on organised gang rapes apart from those by mainly “Asian” men of Pakistani heritage who specifically targeted young vulnerable white girls. The Jay report stated that it was by far but not exclusively, “Asian” men. It is a fabrication to further the narrative that white men are to blame for everything.

The delightful Lee Jasper then joins in, saying that the British men “groomed” Pakistani men in to child abuse, in other words passed on the habit. He says this was done by the white working classes. I don’t need to tell you he is Labour. His evidence is he “once lived in Rochdale.” Never mind the Jay report inquiry then? Needless to say I have had no response to my questions.

SJWs Always Double Down

The second rule according to Vox. Having made a statement the SJW will not acknowledge it is wrong. Instead they will “double down.” This means adding to or further explaining their original statement. No matter how fanciful it was, mental gymnastics will now be performed to “prove” it is true.

Lily doubles down by saying that apart from gangs all other child sex offenders are 100% white men. Her “evidence” is one partially related Channel 4 news story. I rest my case. This presumes no sex offending by black men, other Asian men, Middle Eastern men, or any by women. This is simply laughable. Yes there are white men sex offending, but not exclusively so. And still not a shred of evidence has been produced that large amounts of child abuse were happening in Rotherham outside the rape gangs, or that the Rotherham girls would have been raped by others. Even if type 2 paedophiles were 100% white as she claims, this does not mean the girls would have been raped anyway.

Good old Lee is back for more. I suppose there is no BAME child abuse in BAME countries? Lee doubles down and claims if migrants were not there rape counts would not drop. And that migrants in public services prevent rape. Evidence? An interesting section from Wikipedia on the prevalence of child sex offences and citing internationally recognised studies here.

SJWs Always Project

Vox’s third rule. SJWs always project. This means they tend to accuse others of what they, or their side, is actually doing. It was a tactic actually espoused by Goebbels. But then we know Nazis were socialists. The tactic is used so that people think “they can’t possibly be doing this, after all they are trying to expose it.” Many Hollywood luvvies queued up to bash Trump by calling him a sex offender and saying he was misogynist, sexist and treated women terribly. Meryl Streep gave an impassioned speech at the Oscars. Guess what?

                                                           Photo by Nick Stepowyj


SJW Attacks

How do SJWs get what they want? How do they implement cultural Marxism and drag everything to the left? Vox outlines the pattern for SJW attacks.

1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative.
2. Point and Shriek.
3. Isolate and Swarm.
4. Reject and Transform.
5. Press for Surrender.
6. Appeal to Amenable Authority.
7. Show Trial.
8. Victory Parade.

An example is the recently whipped up “scandal” over Toby Young. Let’s see what happens when the boot is on the other foot.

Toby Young sent some controversial Tweets in the past. They weren’t”politically correct.” He also happens to be a straight white male and on the right of politics. He was appointed to a quango looking at education and universities. He has helped set up several schools. Guess what happened? Narrative violation. Point and shriek. Isolate and swarm. Appeal to amenable authority e.g. The government. Show trial via Twitter. Toby caved in and resigned. Then the victory parade.

Never mind Corbyn supporting the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah. Never mind Dianne Abbott’s comments about white people. Never mind Jared O’Mara’s similar comments about women. Never mind Emma Dent Coad calling James Cleverly a token black. Never mind John McDonnell talking about killing Thatcher. It’s alright when they do it. But Narrative violation cannot be allowed. When the boot is on the other foot they go for the kill. Vox also cites Tim Hunt the world renowned breast cancer being sacked for sexism, which turned out be be a joke. In addition Germaine Greer for saying that trans women were not real women. Never mind this is a biological fact. Narrative.

vox tells us the message is clear for ourselves as individuals and for our politicians and public figures. Stop appeasing the Left and the SJWs. They don’t care and will come for you anyway. Virtue signalling about it undermines your allies and yourself. There is nothing you can do to placate the SJWs. Ignore them and use their own tactics against them. Many “conservatives” are desperate to be seen as good people by the left. Theresa May is one of these. She even told the Tories at conferences they were the “nasty party.” She dragged the party to the left. How did that last election go? It is pointless pandering to their agenda. We need to resist.

There is of course one example of a grandmaster of the art, President Donald J. Trump. In the UK Jacob Rees-Mogg has so far been resilient, espousing his views on marriage and abortion. That made him “Literally Hitler” for a week or so. Bu he didn’t back down. He stood firm. When pressed on abortion in case of rape he said “I’m afraid so” and carried on.

Vox gives an SJW survival guide. Worth reading if you ever find yourself in a similar position.

  1. RECOGNIZE it is happening. REMAIN calm. REALIZE no one cares.
  2. Don’t try to reason with them.
  3. Do not apologize.
  4. Accept your fate.
  5. Document their every word and action
  6. Do not resign!
  7. Make the rubble bounce.
  8. Start nothing, finish everything.

Rhetoric and Dialectic

This part of the book is really useful. It gives tips on how to argue. Vox says that argument can be dialectic i.e. just the facts, or rhetoric. Rhetoric doesn’t have to contain truth, but the more truth it contains the more effective the rhetoric will be. He also explains that some people cannot comprehend the dialectic, or as Aristotle put it “there are some people who cannot be taught.” Guess who? That’s correct, the lefties and SJWs. Facts about Socialism don’t sink in. Only “muh Capitalism bad.” The more I argue with people on Twitter, the more I find this to be true. For these, Vox says, only rhetoric will do. They only speak and think in emotions. Muh feelz. The book is worth buying/reading for this section alone.



Vox was also involved in GamerGate. He gives a good, understandable history of it. The important point is how he said GamerGate succeeded and the tactics they developed. GamerGaters were very resistant to, and highly effective against the SJWs. By not having defined leaders and acting individually it proved impossible to stop. No one person could be targeted effectively. Gamers contacted advertisers and others to shut down those they were fighting against. Organising online meant they could spread information and tactics worldwide.


“SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police” is well worth your time. It is an essential tool for online debate. It is a survival guide for the 21st Century. It allows you to identify the SJW attack patterns, and weed out their lies. “Know your enemy” is a key battle tactic, and this book enables you to do just that. It gives guidance on what to do during an attack, and how to hit back. Although some sections on science fiction writing and Gamer Gate may seem arcane to some, it helps frame the message that Vox delivers. It is generally easy reading and presented well. It is not bogged down with jargon terms and explanations are clear. Vox gets across some complex concepts in a way (almost) everyone can understand. As I have gone through the years since reading it I often see the news and think “yep, just like Vox said.” Highly recommended.

For further reading there is also a sequel: SJWs Always Double Down.

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