Eraser of Love, Going Postal
Francis Barraud [Public domain]
I just Clocked a sparsely bearded Expat Living in the South of France On BBC News 24 telling the BBC HMV Dog curled at his feet , that ‘UKIP’s Voter base is racist and Xenophobic’ . Of course This Arrogant and Grotesque Sweeping stereotype was met with lascivious approval , a look straight off the cover of the Joy of sex manual of the 70’s .

Its the same Ignorant petri dish formulae as myself assuming all Labour Voters Reside in re education camps in Islington High Dojo’s dining on tormented water melon on a bed of awakened Seaweed at White middle class dinner parties. Eulogising the wonderfully vibrant and urban local comprehensive schools which of course they Will never send their children to, as both little Thom and Anushka are sensitive but talented flowering buds that can only be nurtured by £18,000 Yearly school fees and being hermetically sealed away in perpetuity from the Playful Artful dodger Somalian , Bulgarian and Romanian Children that go to the local Comp expressing their cultural needs by pimping out the strawberry blond english girl pupils , once they have finished fucking them in an organic newtons cradle of sexual hymen rupturing. The Common purpose teachers screaming their joy looking on.

The Labour Voter enjoys a simple Madagascan panna cotta desert , accompanied by melodious plantation blue grass music from the cotton fields of the deep south played on their ironic 1210 turntables, and thus the middle class white Labour Voter feels empathy with their 1850’s nubian Slave brethren. I fact Our Labour Voting couple are so upset so upset about the inequalities of life and the iron fist of living in a £4 million Edwardian 4 bed semi under the Tory Junta , they must pop out to get another bottle of Red at waitrose and a gram of “95 % pure cocaine grown in the lush bolivian Mountains by the anti fascist Shining path Rebels”.

The cocaine of course is to be used as an educational tool to expand the gateways of the Left leaning mind and in fiscal support of the Rebels fighting decadent imperialistic oppression , and certainly not a lazy bourgeoisie method of getting off their tits and chucking their muck in prolonged orgasmic sexual utopia over the yucca plant ,watching Classic Gonzo Porn and Bendover fucking two splendid Negresses sporting toe rings from Plaistow, in his Lock up.

It goes without saying the Local black drug dealer who sells them their gear flogs them Bicarb of soda mixed with Glucose because he thinks their clearly cunts, but still slips the woman a length in front of the Husband on the Persuaders wicker chair , suspended from the ceiling , to sate his white guilt and his role in the slave trade 4oo years ago

Thats the attitude BBC News24 , that loses referendums and elections, especially when imparted from up on high sitting in pious judgement in a different county and time zone.

© The Iron Duke of North Chingford 2016