© Going Postal 2021

If there was a time when there was no Life anywhere.
In the whole Universe.
Was there then a magic moment?
Let’s say there was, for Earth.

Earlier in time the very simplest things were invented.
Things that eat other things succeed.
Eating was invented.
Success was invented.
Conflict was invented.
Then as organisms became more complex and specialised other things came about.
Running away was invented.
Defence was invented.
Once one bit of Life had invented a thing a new thing had come into the Universe.
Before there was Life
Triumph, Community, Melancholy, Desire, Sex, Pride, Greed, Parasite, Objective …
None of those things existed.
Thinking didn’t exist.
Life invented those things.

Now then though the question is
“If all that we are aware of are those things that Life here invented is it possible that there are primitive things Life here has not invented?”
Well we wouldn’t know would we.

© Gotham must be destroyed 2021