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My second wife said to her friend at the reception something like
“he is a perfectionist and I am not”
“OOh that will not last”
Well it didn’t but what does these days ?

What is a perfectionist then ?

I know I am so I might try to explain.

Nature is all of a jumble but really it is not, everything has a reason for being there, surviving there in its space that is a suitable place for the thing.
There it gets on with its activities, say a tree;
puts down roots,
makes leaves,
adapts its behavior to seasonal changes.
Really quite tidy.

It is amazing the landscape, left to its own devices gets tidy, there is an untidy phase of competing scrub and that but eventually you get a tidy forest.

Everything is a jumble with people. So many individuals trying to make an impression, trying to find a niche to survive.
What do you do with them all ?
Do you be selective in who you talk to ?
I know I do.
What criteria ?

Because of my thinking from when I was small I am able to put myself into somebody else’s shoes.
And there also is the conglomeration, taking all and everything together I have arrived at a personal consensus, a view of what is sensible and what is daft.
I balance all from that and choose.

Now what is the purpose of my selectivity ?
To decide that this person is deluded or this person hasn’t thought things through sufficiently ?

Is it because like a space becomes a forest that I think that there is some overlying natural order it is foolish to ignore ?
Should I accept everybody for what they are, defective humans and all ?


In all and everything there is what appears to be chaos. What is true ?
Can anything be important over another ?
Well I think yes some things are important over another thing.

There are ways of doing things that are efficient to get what needs doing done.
There are things that it is better not to do if you don’t want more work later.

Does this mean that there should be a rigorous protocol for everything that is done ?
That everything should be a ceremony of doing something.
Well no I don’t think so because that would not be in the creative spirit which I tend to believe is what has got us humans where we are.
Perhaps some people think that you should have rigid rules for everything, myself I think that that is silly.

How does that fit with my assertion that I am a perfectionist ?

As there is a natural law of things there is also natural behavior, You do something towards an end or from a starting assertion.

You can take a piece of paper and randomly take coloured crayons and make random marks on the paper
(that is really, really difficult by the way )
What did you make ?

I haven’t got very far with my explanation.

I will start again.
What is anybody’s purpose ?
probably there is no purpose
Then should we behave chaotically ?
Or should we think that underneath, hidden, there is some sort of obligation.
Sometimes I feel that there is an obligation to be tidy and efficient.
think tidily, act tidily.

When I see somebody acting untidily I think;
“It is really egotistical of you to act in an untidy manner”

Sometimes I observe people acting untidily but mostly thinking untidily is the thing that really irritates me.
I suppose irritates is too strong, it depends how much they are let into my life.

I suppose I am asking
“Is nature perfect ? ”

“Is there in each and everything a sensible way to proceed seeing all around and about ? ”
“Why would somebody, given the same set of circumstances not see the sensible way to proceed ?”

Making new is also a natural thing, you could say it is plucked from the air but also it can just be an honest progression of thoughts.
“honest progression” is an apt phrase in this context.
I suppose that would be the opposite to a dishonest progression of thought.
Oh well, so many convolutions and disorder to deal with and it would not be really correct to try to mould all to my will, rather ideally you want to let everything go but believing that everybody shares some sort of a similar view of the desire to let everybody go but but but with the understanding, the so very hard to articulate understanding that you can do what you like but but but.

If something is not perfect should you leave it be or should you try to make it perfect ?
Say for example a Country should you try to make it perfect ?

anyway my second wife was so good at her work that she was excused her untidiness about everything else.

so I don’t know.

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