Some Stabbings Are More Equal Than Others

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The latest so-called “hate crime” has once again shown up just how worthless our press are. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they have gone with the narrative that it was a “stabbing”. The victim himself states he did not know what he had been hit with. It’s still a “stabbing”. There are absolutely no signs of blood. It’s still a “stabbing”. You can even watch the footage for yourself and your lying eyes and ears will reveal that he appears to have just a cut on the back of the neck.

Unfortunately I’ve witnessed several stabbings (and administered first aid to the victims in case where I wasn’t dealing directly with the assailant(s)) by both bottles and knives. It is a fully awful experience and if you have seen it happen once (or even just the immediate aftermath) you will never be in doubt in future as to what a “stabbing” actually looks like, especially to the neck.

Just to leave our worthless hacks in no doubt on this and in the hope one may even read this and stop spreading fear-mongering BS let me share my direct experience with you here:

If you are in any doubt when looking at someone whether they have been stabbed or not, it’s quite simple. It’s not a cut. Or a graze. It is a penetration of the flesh by a sharp instrument. In most parts of the body such an injury can kill or result in life changing injuries by just penetrating an inch. If they don’t have the knife or broken bottle still sticking out of them, they will be pissing blood everywhere. If it remains in their body, they will still be bleeding heavily but the weapon may stymie the flow significantly, but even so, their clothes will be slick with blood quickly.

If someone is not pissing blood everywhere and they tell you they have been stabbed, they probably have not been stabbed.

Why? Because the vast majority of people who are stabbed think they have been punched and do not realise something else may have happened until they notice the blood and sudden loss of control. Many will go into shock and certainly won’t be able to sit there calmly explaining to you what happened and who the assailiants were. And if someone has been stabbed in the neck you certainly do not leave them to apply pressure to their own neck. You just don’t. It’s an all hands on deck scenario (quite literally). If someone has been stabbed – and especially somewhere like the neck or inner thigh – there may only be seconds to save them from awful injury or even death by stemming the blood flow.

Also, the vast majority of such stabbings are carried out by complete cowards who will not give their victim any chance to attempt defending themselves (an incredibly difficult thing to do in any case when faced with a committed knife attacker but still a chance most yellow-bellied dindus will not take). The chances of a victim actually seeing the knife are minimal. These worthless scum tend to stab and run. Only the dumbest of the dumb wave their knife around beforehand if they actually intend to stab their victim at some point (and we’re not talking about the sharpest tools in the box at the best of times anyway…).

Yet of course, it does not matter to our stenographers of weapons’ grade BS does it? They’ll report an incident as a stabbing even if it isn’t and will not report a stabbing even when it is according to where the victims and perpetrators sit on the regressive left’s victim totem pole. I’m sure it has not passed any of you by how not a single black on black stabbing crime in the UK has received as much attention as this non-stabbing of an Imam has.

From one non-stabbing event to another

I witnessed stabbing incidents and/or their aftermath several times in my years on the doors. The real ones were bad enough to cause real anger when someone – anyone – lied about stabbings. Real incidents generate a cyclone of fear and with good reason. Fake news reporting stabbings also generate a cyclone of fear to no one’s benefit and with no good reason. In fact, such things only occur for the very worst of reasons and I’d invite any useless hack who does this to witness a real, live stabbing and see if they are still willing to be so irresponsibly blasé.

And whilst I blame the media heavily (especially given their predilection to no longer investigate anything and just take someone’s word for it, or in the case of the Imam above, insert a claim that not even the victim made), the police have much to answer for too.

We had a generally awful relationship with the police at the main venue I worked at, despite it being (and still is) one of the safest night-time venues in the country. One night a kid who had been inside the club already came out and told us he had been mugged at knife-point up the road and after meeting his friends outside the club, they had paid for him to go in. He had just seen his mugger inside the club. A few of us ghosted behind him as he went back in and covertly identified the dindu responsible. We collared him, took him to the box office and searched him in front of witnesses. Sure enough we found the kid’s wallet and a modest sized knife. We had the dindu bang to rights, or so we thought.

One of the lads phoned the local police line only to be told that if we held the dindu they would charge the club with false imprisonment. We could not believe it. And explaining to the kid that we had to let the little scrote go was heartbreaking, even if he was happy to have his belongings back. He and his friends decided to call the police themselves over the matter and – I swear to god – he waited outside until the nightclub kicked out at about 3 am with no show by the coppers and despite phoning them again. I really felt for him as he had just had his first experience of being hung out to dry by the useless tossers now (allegedly) tasked with protecting us.

Another incident occurred a few months later and this time, for a change, one police officer decided to do us a solid. I think the handful of better officers were starting to tire of the ever worsening reputation of the force, especially with regard to how our venue was treated (that’s another story by the way…..).

On this other occasion, a young lad – a regular at the club- came stumbling out. I looked directly at his eyes as he left. He was in a complete state on something and it definitely was not alcohol. We thought nothing of it until we saw the club’s name on the front page of the local paper the next day with a headline screeching about a young man who had been STABBED and MUGGED just a few hundred metres away from our venue. We could not believe it. We generally kept a good eye on what happened within quite a wide vicinity and all the regulars knew if they ran into any trouble they could come back to us and we’d do whatever we could to help them.

The lad had – apparently – not only been stabbed in the arm and head, but his assailants had also stolen his clothes. The bastards!

We noticed the effect the next night we were open, and then for weeks afterwards. That story alone scared off any average of 50 people on our main nights. Whilst that was not crushing for a club regularly pulling in towards a 1000 people on the main nights it was still bad for everyone’s morale and could have potentially cost a couple of bar staff their jobs if it had gone on for much longer. And monetary considerations aside, it also impinged upon people’s general sense of safety, wellbeing and fun – including the staff’s.

But the whole thing was bullshit.

A couple of weeks later, a copper showed up with CCTV footage from up the road he had burned on a disc for us to watch. We went up to the room where we kept all our own recording equipment and watched the footage. The “victim” sure enough was obviously in quite a state, walking very oddly up the road. He inexplicably stopped at one point, took off his expensive designer jeans and trainers and left them in the road, then stumbled a bit further up. He then fell over a bollard, straight onto his head, apparently knocking himself unconscious. This is where he got his cuts to face and arm. He came round very quickly, moved a little but decided to sleep it off in the street in nothing but his t-shirt, underpants and socks, with his arse up in the air. About 10 minutes later, a couple of blokes wandered by and took his jeans and trainers left scattered in the road.

We laughed a lot about the incident a few months later, but at the time no one was in the mood for laughing because the damage the utterly false reporting had done. Ultimately it boggles my mind to think about the long term consequences of this – of non-incidents that fit certain narratives taking the spotlight and real incidents that don’t relegated to (at best) the bulk crime statistics.

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