Labour’s Tiger: The Betrayal of the Working Classes, Part Three

Jonathon Davies, Going Postal

The New Voters

Having thoroughly stabbed in the back the very people it claimed to represent, Labour needs a new core vote to have a chance of winning election. So, who were they to be? Labour under Corbyn were initially pro-Brexit after the referendum, but now seem to have swung around to being pro-single market, and voting against the Great Repeal bill. Mind you, who knows what the policy will be next week. This pleased many a metropolitan metrosexual middle class luvvie in London. Many of them are property millionaires and a far cry from those original supporters from the South Wales valleys. Why worry about the housing crisis when you can get a cheap Polish cleaner? Corbyn himself lives in a house worth over £600,000 and reportedly earns around £140,000. Strangely enough, just under the limit for their proposed cut throat tax rises.

Promising to scrapping tuition fees was aimed at the student vote. Never mind it being undeliverable. Never mind those students who had ‘free’ tuition would open their first wage packet to find most of it has gone to pay for ‘free’ tuition for others. Momentum worked hard, to be fair, to mobilise the student vote online. Further grandstanding and pithy platitudes at Glastonbury reinforced this.

Earlier I mentioned Rotherham. There was no greater sign of Labour’s betrayal of the white working classes than its failure to protect their children. And it was done to avoid offending Islam, the new core vote. Now, I am not suggesting every Muslim is a child abuser or a terrorist. But it was the fact that this is who they were covering for that was so telling. Evidence was passed on, but was ignored or buried for fear of being labelled ‘racist’ or bringing up problems that involve Islam. This is Labour’s darkest hour (and there have been a few). It showed who, and what, mattered more. They had clearly made their choice. Virtue signalling has overtaken child protection. What the victims and their families must make of no council staff facing prosecution, goodness only knows. I know what I think. Add to that Sarah Champion being sacked for airing her views on the matter, and trying to address the problem. You cannot criticise the new core vote. A dangerous precedent, and storing up trouble for the future.

Jonathon Davies, Going Postal
Many have complained that anti-Semitism in labour has risen under Corbyn

Labour have clearly been chasing the Muslim vote. They regularly have fliers in Arabic. They have been highly critical of Israel, a traditional Muslim and far-left standpoint that has dovetailed for them. This has unleashed very nasty elements of Labour, particularly in Momentum, which has boiled over in to open anti-Semitism. Comments from Ken Livingstone and Naz Shah have evidenced this. This points a darker, unholy alliance with the most extreme parts of Islam. Corbyn has previously called Hezbollah friends, and shared a platform with Hamas. The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, allowed the Al-Quds march. Hezbollah flags were carried openly. There were reports that marchers were shouting that Zionists were responsible for the Grenfell fire. To put this in context, Hamas regularly attack Israel, and fire off rockets at civilians in Israeli cities. Hezbollah has had a ground war with Israel. There is a flood of left wingers, after every terror attack, that rush to say, ‘nothing to do with Islam.’ Yet these same people scream about Nazis and white supremacists constantly.

What is really surprising is that the general teachings of Islam, and especially radical Islam, are against much of what Labour says it believes, and who it says it represents. As I mentioned earlier, Labour has built a bandwagon of identity politics followers, victims and causes. Islam is against gay marriage. Hezbollah, currently in a war in Syria, work for Iran. Iran executes gays. Regular surveys have shown that there is significant support among British Muslims for making homosexuality illegal. Labour has championed gay and trans issues. Islam is against abortion. There are thousands of FGM cases in the U.K. every year. Sharia law requires the veil and/or Burka. Women do not work. In Saudi Arabia women cannot leave the house without a man. We have seen the child sex gangs in the U.K. Yet Labour claims to strive for feminism and women’s rights. Islam requires halal slaughter, considered cruel by many. Labour led the charge against fox hunting, Corbyn is a vegan. Labour is at pains to appear, outwardly at least, a democratic party. Sharia disregards democracy, saying that only Islamic law should be followed. It is overtly political. But again, Labour will not risk upsetting the new core vote.

Jonathon Davies, Going Postal
Corbyn appears at a rally, with a Hezbollah flag clearly seen behind him

Labour is riding a tiger, in order to try and win power. It has an uneasy new coalition of voters, with very different aims. But all seem to take second place to Islam. It appears there can be no criticism. Labour still needs more voters to take power, so will pursue more open borders and immigration. If you haven’t got the voters you want, get new ones. There is an assumption that everyone in the U.K. and around the world shares our democratic values, views on rights and the treatment of women. This is not the case. Many new arrivals think very differently. There is a danger that Labour are encouraging the worst elements of Islam, inside and outside the party. Many British Muslims disagree with their views on minority groups. They, and extremist elements, are using Labour to advance their own agendas. Entryism, if you like. Labour is cheerleading their cause. For some involved, like Owen Jones, this is akin to turkeys voting for Christmas. Homophobic attacks in the U.K. have increased, as have anti- Semitic attacks. Many Jews have said these are linked with Labour. By pushing the Muslim agenda, they may hasten their own demise. They are in denial about the issues surrounding Islam. Slowly but surely the Islamification of Britain is taking place, with Labour acting as its shield. They are either blind or complicit. Labour may soon find that the tiger has turned, and is now ready to feast.


Many of the white working class now understand that they have been shafted by Labour. The Brexit vote showed that. Instead of traditional horizontal class voting, a vertical coalition formed across economic and social backgrounds. Much of the UKIP support came from these people. They had around 4 million votes in the 2015 election. They went back to Labour when Corbyn said he backed Brexit and would reduce immigration. Now he has gone back on that, they will be even more alienated. Fool me once, etc. In my opinion UKIP are a spent force, and a single-issue party. They gained 7 seats in the Welsh Assembly in 2016, but then immediately fell about arguing and splitting. Their vote collapsed in 2017, as Brexiteers returned to their traditional parties. I hold out no hope for the Tories, who are hopelessly cucked. The only potential way to redeem themselves would be a David Davis/Rees-Mogg ticket. A new party that is genuinely of the right is needed, that could hoover up these patriotic working- class votes, and at the same time pick up those of the middle-class right. It is possible, as politicians from across the different parties campaigned for leave. The new split in politics would seem to be Globalist v. nationalist, rather than the traditional Left v. Right. Battle lines are being redrawn. 17.4 million votes is around 37% of the registered electorate. There is much potential success for a party that can fill the political vacuum. At some point, there will be a reckoning with the people of Britain. Corbyn and others in Labour would do well to remember the lesson of Crawshay.

Jonathaon Davies, Going Postal

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