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I noticed a twitter user called UK Polling Report and saw that it has predictions for many constituencies so having taken a look it only remained to document their predictions. I haven’t checked out how they do their polling or if someone else does it but it looks quite reasonable to me.

I produced two lists, firstly a small list of Tory MPs who are predicted to keep their seat and secondly Tory MPs who are going to lose their seat. To make it more difficult some of these Tories are either not going to stand at the next election or have the whip suspended. The most notable survivor is Kwazi Kwarteng who is predicted to keep his seat but has already said he is stepping down. When he sees the numbers he may change his mind, if not there will be an unseemly bun fight to take over in Spelthorne.

The present idea is that revolting Labour are going to score a good (? bad surely) 360 MPs, this includes a few SNP seats. The revolting Tories on the other hand are likely to be in the 180 area. Add in the fringe MPs and Keith Stormer is looking at a 60 seat majority at least. I also find this distasteful but it seems to be the price we pay to batter the Tories.

There are reports that the muzz are most unhappy with Labour because of their support for Israel. Unlikely to change with Keith being married to a Jew and his children being of the faith. Will the muzz hold their noses and vote for him. I am not so sure but they don’t have the numbers yet for their Sharia Party which would be illegal under UK electoral law but they have ridden roughshod over so many laws I suspect they will get away with it when the time comes.

Puffins will be cheered to read that Shapps, JRM, Ellwood and Mercer will probably lose their seats. They may not be quite so joyful at the prospect of the Prime Miniature and Gove retaining theirs. As usual let there be care in reading these numbers. Included in the data is the predicted majority percentage. Anything less than 5% could go either way and who can tell what will happen if the fat Turk joins the fray. He really should be in The Hague (no, not Billy boy, the court in The Hague) facing charges.That also applies to CallMeDave but seeing as he has a seat in the Lords there is nothing the electorate can do to punish him.

I so hope that we are about to see the last of this venal bunch of money grabbing spivs but we can assume nothing. Without Alkie Campbell to keep them in line Labour are more than capable of buggering it all up. Their slavish support of Israel is doing them no favours with one of their bunches of supporters. Now the fat Turk (aka TCJ where T = that and J = Johnson – I leave the reader to decide what C stands for) is raising his ugly head above the parapets we cannot just assume the Tories are toast. Despite having the blood of well over half a million Ukrainians on his hands it appears that many still hold him in fond regard. WTF do you have to do before the sheep realise you are an utter wrong ‘un and the MSM stop pretending your visit to Kiev is all lies.

I did not include Labour Hold, LibDem Hold or SNP loss to Labour in these stats because I am most interested in the destruction of the Tories. For those of an inquiring nature there are posts on UK Polling that are back in January and earlier, these are not on my list. There are also several constituencies with more than one post. I was heartened to note that the majority percentage increased in the latest version of the data. I also saw that the one Green MP, I won’t mention her name it irritates me, is predicted to keep her seat. The voters in Brighton must be completely gaga. I did note that some of the Labour seats in London look like a North Korean style triumph. The Tottenham Turnip, Keith himself and Stella Greasy have mega percentages voting for them. As has often been said, London is lost.

The illustrations are just screen shots from my spreadsheet. The date is the date of the tweet and the majority is the predicted percentage majority. I ignored their titles like Sir and Rt Hon , none of them are fit to clean our shoes. The countries with democratic in their official names were the least democratic ever. I guess using the title Honourable goes along the same lines.

Without further ado let’s see what the predictions are. Starting with the bad news we have the list of shell-shocked survivors followed by 4 lists of the fallen.


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