MSM compliance

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One of today’s conundrums, hinted at in my Elected Lords article is the supine compliance of the MSM with what appears to be all the woke nonsense. For the poor lefties who don’t know what woke means, let me elaborate just a little bit. It means the climate change scam, it means the transgender obsession, it means kneeling for a drug addled dead American criminal, it means screaming Nazi or Racist at anyone who has an opinion out of kilter with your own, it means totally ignoring 1,400 groomed and raped girls in Rotherham. It means many more things but hopefully you lefties will get the gist.

One of the few non-woke people appearing on our screen is the coast guy along with a few others on GBNews and TalkTV. The rest of the meejah seem to be joined at the hip with regard to the stories they report and their take on them. Just as serious, if not more so, is the omission of certain stories. The Yellow Vests in France were ignored. The present unrest in many countries such as the Netherlands and Brazil is completely ignored. To all appearances somebody somewhere hands out a crib sheet for the journalists to follow and they follow it faithfully. This was alleged during the Donald’s campaign in 2016 but anyone spouting it was given the tin foil hat label.

If you get the chance to air your views on a phone-in show and you dare to mention one of these issues or subscribe to the wrong line, you will be cut off immediately and the presenter will pretend you never mentioned it.

Woe betide anyone who wants to call out the press, they will holler about the sanctity of a free press except it isn’t free, it’s following orders from someone and this has to be true because they all have the same stories and lines.

The following is from an article by T Stokes about Kim Philby.

If the workers’ paradise ever arose these traitors would be in great positions of power and all protected by [Victor] Rothschild and his internal spy apparatus inside Britain.

However life on the other side didn’t quite match up to the promises.

Life in Moscow was not as the spies were promised, the large sums in the bank and a chest full of medals never materialized 

I can think of a few reasons why the journalists follow orders

  1. They are paid to
  2. They are threatened with dismissal or no work if they deviate
  3. They actually believe the bollocks they write and/or speak.
  4. Like the Cambridge 5 they have been promised a place at the top table when the nirvana of full blown communism arrives; these days that may be more like globalism but the end result is still the same.

Other puffins may have a few more ideas but the question that remains is why they are prepared to do this. It is treason pure and simple yet they have the nerve to lecture us about that. Goebbels would love these bastards. Do they not have children and families.

Many presenters and commentators are self-employed. They can never earn enough money to satisfy their insecurity and are therefore tempted by any largish sum dangled in front of them. My suspicion is that Piers Stefan O’Meara, who styles himself Morgan or Pughe-Morgan, is very approachable in this respect. Why else would he and his fellow scribblers be so vehemently pro vaccination and so violently against people who do not want the vaccination. He wanted us locked up, no doubt followed by showers and ovens. There had to be something in it for them. The fat f*** Ferrari was much the same though in his case he may have been worried about his health considering how bloated he is. Why couldn’t he just lose weight instead of demanding we should be banged up. I am overweight myself but I have no desire to force people to have jabs and wear masks under pain of being locked up.

Just as puzzling is the number of people who fall for this old nonsense. The only saving grace is that things do tend to wear a bit thin after a while. We don’t hear so much about Ukraine recently and the faux African race-baiter from Sistah Space, Ngonzi Fulani (real name Marlene Headley aged 61 and born in Willesden), has dropped from the headlines with unparalleled speed since the almost simultaneous unmasking of her fabricated stories and grifting. But the damage was done, Prince William’s Godmother was shamefully thrown under the bus and Sparkles can point to proof that the Palace is riddled with racism.

There is also the quickly changing narrative regarding Covid and increasing death rates. Shitty Whitty just said we should expect this because of the lockdown. I don’t disagree with that but there also seems to be a massive risk from being jabbed and boosted which is ignored presumably because we would be calling for the heads of those who pushed it.

The reptiles have a lot to answer for and need to be prosecuted along with all the others who have led us to dark future we are threatened with.

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