That which we hold dear

“Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will”

So said Sun Tzu in his epic “The Art of War” believed to have been written in the 5th Century BC, yet as relevant today as  then. It has been studied and the tactics given have been used from then until now including Norman Schwartzcopf – Desert Storm.

Why am I writing about this? Because mentioning Sun Tzu last night sparked the connection with the above quote and its relevance to today. We, the West are at war, no matter that the MSM, Governments choose to not acknowledge it is so. The Roper aim is to conquer the whole world, every country and inhabitant and have it all as one Islamic Caliphate.

What is the connection between this domination and the above quote? What has been seized?

We could take a bus and not expect or fear it would be blown up by Roper bombers.
We could take a tube train and not expect/fear a real prospect of being killed and maimed by Roper bombers.
We could go to the airport and not have our luggage, clothing, person scanned because Ropers wanted to blow the plane out of the sky.
We could go on holiday abroad and not expect to be shot, stabbed, kidnapped, beheaded by Ropers who want to kill us because we are not moslems.
Our servicemen could wear their uniforms with pride instead of having to hide the fact they are our servicemen.
Our servicemen could walk along the street without the prospect of being attacked and beheaded.
We could expect a just and fair encounter with the police instead of being accused of being racist for anything someone else chooses to decide they do not like.

The above are all limits on our freedom, our quiet enjoyment of our country, our expectation of living in and among a population of people with very similar outlook and beliefs to ourselves. All that made the UK has been subsumed in a web of fear and of efforts to contain the terrorism which is being planned by others who have been allowed to enter this country and then seek to destroy us, not to mention the monetary drain on the resources of our country.

Yes, our freedoms have been taken from us and our way of life curtailed, we hold/held those things dear and rather than confront the enemies within this country I say that the government, police are
amenable to our enemies.

The recent UK Governments have been so amenable to their will have they not.


© Weather renewed 2016

The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, available free from Gutenberg