Polling Predictions #14

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Well well well, looks like we won’t be seeing a GE before October according to the hindu dwarf. He really is doing a Mr Micawber the little scrote. On the other hand there is some excellent news from Nowcast. Their latest forecast is 102 seats for the Tories, 461 for Labour, 48 for the sexual deviants who gather under the LibDem banner and only 15 for the Scottish Nazis. I think that calls for a drink and I am sipping a G&T as I write. There was speculation earlier that the GE would be in November because this would scupper Farage. I don’t follow the logic there. I feel sure Nigel will be working with the Trump campaign in some shape or form and this means he is not likely to be over here helping Reform. Working for the Donald may well be more lucrative than shoring up that useless Tice.

When we look at the national polls there are a couple with a 27% lead for Keith and his merry band. The really odd one out is People Polling on the 16th May where they have the SNP on 0%. I am not sure what this means and there have been a couple of comments along the lines of WTF. If it really means that the Scots have deserted their Nazi Party then it can only be good news. Krankie must be ropeable. The dwarf’s claims that his Tories are not going to be wiped out seem ever more risible.

I had to laugh when the Moggster called for Farage and a few others to join the Tories and instigate a move to the right. CallMeDave’s cohorts (might only be one cohort in reality[a Roman cohort was 400 to 500 soldiers]) of treasonous LibDems masquerading as Conservatives will take more winkling out than that. Speaking of Spoonface there are loads of reports that he is going to sell us out on Gibraltar and the Falklands, this is alongside his sabre rattling in Ukraine and Russia. The man is bonkers and none of use will ever vote for him again. I hope his thirty pieces of silver assuage his conscience for all the treason he intends to commit. When Keith gets in he will probably do the same if the noble Lord hasn’t finished his treachery.

The diminutive brown chap swears blind that he will remain in situ if he loses the next election. I would say “if” is putting an extreme gloss on it. Who is he trying to kid; his wife, who has all the money, is telling anyone who will listen that she can’t wait to clear off to California. It is obvious who wears the trousers in that household. He is predicted to keep his seat in Richmond (bum boy Hague’s old seat which in turn was inherited from Leon Britton). I rather hope he does cling on to face the abuse he will receive from all sides on his Party’s demise. The left hate him just as they hate everyone but it will be amusing to see all his current supporters turn on him with the usual “well I never really wanted him as PM” messages. Just to rub a bit more salt in our wounds, the Sunak family are now £120 million better off than they were. All in it together you say. It’s a club and we’re not in it more like.

Another galling feature of this mock campaign that is already rumbling along is the way it has already descended into the “Labour will be worse” level already. We all know that but the Tories should be forced to defend their abysmal record rather than threatening dire consequences when Keith gets in. Jeremy Bonus Hole was at it saying that Labour will have to raise taxes. Again everyone knows that but who put them up to the highest level since WW2. Just about anything this government has done should be another nail in their coffin but yet again the MSM are letting them away with it. The Uniparty rules.

At the constituency level the Tottenham Turnip (occupying Bernie Grant’s old seat) is predicted to get just over 75% of the vote, a slight fall on 2019 when he got 76% but in 2017 he got 81.6%. In another 150 years he may well lose his seat but that will be far too late. The word decline has to be used carefully.

Those tough words from the Tories only a few days ago that they would not take back any of our illegals who had skipped across to Ireland fell apart with the news that we have taken back 25 or so. Now it seems the thousands lined up for the one-way trip to Rwanda are all having judicial reviews so it ain’t gonna happen. It is very easy to predict that by the time the election does get called nobody will have been deported. In the meantime the Donald wants to deport tens of millions and the Dutch are about to deport loads of illegals. Not sure where the Dutch will deport to but Sweden is making similar noises. The light at the end of our tunnel burns brightly red with news that we are likely to get piles of Palestinians arriving thereby helping Netanyahu to empty Gaza and us getting more violence on our streets.

With the date of next election receding daily we may be up to Polling Predictions #40 if I can bear the agony of writing much the same kind of balderdash every week.

Finally as convincing proof as anyone could need comes from Brighton. That nest of sodomy has now got a Bangladeshi Mayor, yup, the gays will be having flying lessons from the nearest multi storey car park in two shakes of a dog’s wotsit. We are much closer to Sharia rule than any of us realise.

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