Brave New World

Aldous Huxley in 1954
Aldous Huxley, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

We live in the age of the globalists, you can call them globohomos or anything else it doesn’t make a difference – they want to rule the world on their terms.

The following are the most fearsome words ever uttered in the English language

A tweet from the Tony Blair Institute dated May 9th 2020

Our teams are now embedded in governments around the world, helping them to keep their people safe during this pandemic – not just in respect of Covid-19 itself but also the political and economic collateral damage.

And already on the 5th April 2020

We have over 100 staff embedded in African governments, who were already in place before the outbreak, working with leaders on #Covid19.

Who is this Tony Blair creature that he thinks his people, though he used the word our, should be embedded in any government anywhere. I can only think he means WEF and Common Purpose people. I expect that the lower level people are indoctrinated by Common Purpose and the higher level ones are taught their Ps and Qs by the WEF with their Young Leader training. And these sods pay homage to democracy while embedding is the very opposite of democratic.

Anyway, look at the countries that have been severely impacted by all this woke and lockdown bollocks. Australia and New Zealand have gone down the people suppression route and look to be going even further. Canada has gone full fascist and the USA is wobbling. The UK was on its way until the fat Turkish spunker in No 10 announced he was ending all lockdowns and restrictions very shortly. It will be very surprising if they don’t go all out to remove him now, he is not following the script.

Other countries have also gone bonkers with apparent totalitarian laws and vaccinations, notably Italy and surprisingly Israel. Forgetting those two for the moment it is striking that the countries leading the charge are effectively the Anglosphere. If you accept that the dark forces behind all this want to rule the world, why are they apparently targeting the Anglo-Saxon inspired cultures. What makes them so afraid of us and why are they using immigration to remove us from the scene.

The greatest Empire ever assembled on this planet was the British Empire. Good or bad, at its height it had 23% of the world’s population and 24% of its land surface. Quite an achievement for a tin pot island with shit weather and in those days probably less than 40 million people living on it. Forget the legacy we left of the language and systems of government. The fact that we did it was little short of amazing. How come we managed it and others fell by the wayside. The closest competition we had was the French but Napoleon killed off so many of his best men with his wars, those that were left were not good enough. Sure we had battles while building the Empire but we never suffered wholesale slaughter like the idiot Corsican did. As an aside, the Spartans died out as did the original Romans (especially during their civil war won by Augustus) so examples of martial inspired dying out litter the pages of history.

There was something in the Anglo-Saxon psyche that made this possible, When the sun began to set on the British Empire, often at the instigation of the USA, the USA itself rose to be the next Empire though they used economic means as much as military. Argue as you like but the USA’s basis is much the same as the UK’s. It is not identical and hasn’t been for a while but was originally Anglo-Saxon as well. We may be separated by a common language but we have, or had, similar ideals and values.

The obsession of governments to get their entire populations vaccinated and boosted when we all know it does nothing to stop Covid has to be for a reason. The vaccine is not good for us though it seems the AZ one was not bad enough for us and so has fallen into disuse. The only obvious explanation is that it is going to kill most of the vaccinated off, they are already pushing the HIV tests, what further horrors do they have in store. Either the people behind this are insane or they know something the rest of us don’t, my money is on insane though perhaps they do also know a bit more than we do. On the other hand, maybe they know the Borg are on their way and we are going to be assimilated.

For reasons best known to themselves the Irish have succumbed bigly. They have imported a million Africans to replace themselves and have jabbed and boosted their people like mad. I did think they were going to use the CTA to swamp us with those million Africans but it now looks like the Irish may well die off from the vaccines or the next pandemic leaving a nation of Africans who will then move here anyway as their infrastructure breaks down, see South Africa for details.

It seems to me that the powers of darkness, ably assisted by their oh so many useful idiots, are out to destroy the UK and the USA along with Canada, Australia and NZ just in case. The WEF, and whoever controls it, wants to rule the world and they don’t want any chance of a nation stopping them. This why we must not be allowed to survive. The only question is how the tiddlies fit in. Are they actually pulling the WEF strings or are they for the eventual chop as well. If Bill Gates really wants only 500 million on the planet then he will need to kill off a good 800 million tiddlies even if only the yellow man survives. We really do live in evil times and the bastards keep getting away with it.

Having written this a few youtube videos have popped up about CANZUK. This a group of countries consisting of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The premise is that they are going to create a group which will have 136 million people, a large GDP, free trade, free movement of people and a common foreign policy. While the USA is busy destroying itself, in the shape of creepy Joe, these one world people will not want a new kid on the block and this could easily explain why the rest of the Anglosphere is being targeted for destruction.

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