Is there a new consigliere on the horizon?

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Keir Starmer, an empty vessel?
Keir Starmer, MP for Holborn and St Pancras,
Chatham House
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There is much fear concerning our next Government, it will be Labour whatever happens, but let’s look on the bright side a bit. The Sunak administration does not deserve to survive, it will be obliterated and with luck so will the Tory Party. If Keith can keep his minions under some kind of control and not say too many wild things he will win the GE by default.

The question is what comes next. What many forget about the 13 years of Terror administered by Blair and latterly the Caledonian Cyclops is that it was only possible because Alkie Campbell kept the troops in line. All previous Labour governments, especially the ones of Harold Wilson, were riven by factional infighting. Even Atlee had Bevan and Bevin at each other’s throats (who remembers the “he’s his own worst enemy” jibe followed by “not while I’m alive he’s not”). Alkie managed this because he told the troops, follow what I say to the letter and you will be in government. He also enforced this directive. Many claim the Tories are a broad church, well so is Labour but there are even more variations in points of view among the socialists and they absolutely hate each other.

The big thing about the left is that not only do their ideas differ but they are extremely nasty with it. That was Alkie’s genius, keeping all those ferrets in a sack on the same song sheet. When Keith takes over there is nobody to do the Alkie Campbell job, or at least none that have put their head over the parapets. As soon as the initial euphoria is over and the champagne bottles lingering in the corridors of the BBC have dried out, it will all kick off. They will have to go through the charade of appointing ministers and of course Crayons will be the deputy PM kept at arms length from any kind of power. She can then stand on the sidelines shouting Tory Scum as loudly as she likes, Keith may have to say “It’s just Angela being Angela”.

Once the appointments have been made it will start. Old scores will be settled, new ones will arise and they will all have their own ideas of where the party should head. We can expect multiple factions to arise, maybe even a tranny one. These factions will then declare war on all the others and Keith will spend his entire time fighting fires. There may well be attempts to oust him though I think Satan Blair changed the rules bigly so they couldn’t just dump him. Those rules apply to his successors.

The only lingerer in the woodpile about all this is when the muzz will make their move. As we have seen in London with Sad Dick, they vote en masse. The fateful day is approaching when they either split from or take over the Labour Party.

The Tories never really needed a consigliere, they tended to toe the line with the odd exception. Since the hindu dwarf took over there have been many rumblings but nothing too serious, so far. Wait for the wipeout in the locals and the dire news from Blackpool South and that may change. Most know they will be getting the bum’s rush but a good hundred still cling to the idea that they will keep their seat. The May 2nd results may just shake them up a bit.

The LibDems may well go back into “go back to your constituencies and prepare for government” mode but surely even the most optimistic of them knows that even if they get 50 seats, they will have much the same power as us puffins scribbling on this esteemed blog. No it will be Keith and his merry men, women and trannies.

This leaves Tice and his happy chaps in Reform. No poll gives them a chance of taking a seat and unless Farage decides to stand, that is likely to be how it unfolds. There is another lingerer in the woodpile here and that is Tice’s predilection for grifting. He can obviously be bought. Will the Tories think it is worth their while to entice him (geddit ? Entice Tice, No it is not that funny) into assisting their cause. On his own I think he could be tempted. Farage has already done the dirty for the fat Turk and survived with his reputation intact, Tice may be considering it because as sure as anything, the Tories have already made contact. It may just be a question of price, how much would the Tories offer to ensure their survival as a political entity. I trust Isobel reminds Tice that it is his destiny to apply the coup de grâce to the festering mass we know as the Tory Party.

The long unanswered question is when will the pint sized loser get off the pot and call the GE. It looks like he will leave it as long as possible. They think their recent “successes” will blind the voters to their past depravity. One notes the headlines that thousands of illegals have decamped to the Republic because of Rwanda. Nobody is giving out any figures and I think it is a ploy for us to swallow the line that the Rwanda plan is having a massive impact. It isn’t and will be dropped after the election anyway, even if the Tories got back in. Inflation is coming down they say. Who put it up in the first place. Prices are still going up for no apparent reason. The scamdemic is starting to unravel, all sides will want their part in it forgotten. There is a long list of transgressions the Tories will want brushed under the carpet. This is without mentioning the Net Zero bollocks.

So dear puffins, don’t be too downhearted that Keith will be our next PM. He is going to have his hands full with his own people squabbling amongst each other. George Galloway’s Gaza Party, it might call itself the Workers’ Party but it is effectively the Sharia Party, will pick a few seats. We will then get an indication how many of the muzz adhere to this ummah thing, Probably most of them.

If anyone has spotted the next Alkie Campbell lurking in the shadows lets us know in the comments, nobody will read them anyway.

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