A View From The Farmhouse, Part Five

A frustrating few weeks with so much cold and wet weather. Two recent storms have stripped the fruit trees and blown part of the roof off the derelict cottage opposite the house. I have been concentrating on the ‘hen houses’ but working a lot of time inside the biggest one.

I have removed lots of years old manure from the concrete floor and thrown out a large amount of bedding hay which I shall burn; the manure I will distribute on the field – no knowing what nasties it may contain. I have also dismantled the roosting assembly (very old oak) and will add another nesting box to the two existing large ones. Poles for roosting will be added.

There are some leaks in the corrugated iron roof and gaps between some planks. The whole place will need disinfecting. Another adjoining structure has been used as a coop but it is partially collapsed. Will need to remove the roof and re-install it. It is smaller size and has no front side. I will also dismantle the roosting assembly from there.

It will take some time to clear the main area of wire fencing of bushes, brush and brambles and re-instate the part which has fallen down. There is probably enough gash wire fencing all over the farm to do the other three sides. Most of the inessential old fences are being removed as a means of opening up the land.

The photo slows the start of the run area. I will clear it back for another fifty feet or more to provide a decent sized plot. I do not know at this stage how many hens to start off in the Spring.

Then we need some security lights dotted around to deter predators and other precautions for security.

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