G3E4 – The Singers – Bit of Willie and friends

Includes: Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, The Highwaymen and Ray Charles

This week we are back to the singers.  Thank you to Wiki and Top of the Pops.

I have always enjoyed those singers who really do have an outstanding voice, and when combined with an easy listening tune, makes for a very pleasurable listening experience.  This week, some classics.

This week I thought let’s try some of those singers, that in the past I have bought several albums of.  OK, it’s stuff like what I like, but I am sure there will be some gems in here that you like to.

Nice Country and Western theme here, so the usual suspects:

Courtesy of Wiki:The Tunes:

Now many of you will know that I do like a bit of Willy.

So here is my featured song for this week, one you may, or indeed for many, not know, but I would urge you to give it a listen:

Willie Nelson/Ray Charles – Seven Spanish Angels.  I just adore this record.

Some others of my favourites from Willie:

Willie Nelson – Always on My Mind (Live From Austin City Limits, 1990)

Willie Nelson – City of New Orleans (Greatest Hits Live, 1986)

There was a nasty rumour earlier this year that Will had dies.  He did not, still going strong at the age of 90.

Now onto another of my favourite singers, even named my first born after him:  Kris.

Kris Kristofferson – Sunday Morning Coming Down

Kris Kristofferson – Me And Bobby McGee (1979)

Kris Kristofferson – Why me Lord

Kris Kristofferson – To beat the devil (Breakthrough, 1989).  Beautiful, uplifting song.

Now of course, along with Willie and Kris, there was Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire (Live) – Just to have to singalong with this one.

Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line (Live in Denmark)

Johnny Cash – San Quentin (Live at San Quentin, 1969).  This is so special, live in San Quentin jail.

Along with Waylon Jennings, Willie, Kris and Johnny formed a super-group, The Highwaymen:

To finish off, here is a full playlist from a concert they did in 1990 in Nassau

The Highwaymen – Highwayman (American Outlaws: Live at Nassau Coliseum, 1990.  About two hours of classic, beautiful stuff, I highly recommend this.

Singalong, enjoy and be happy!

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