G3E3 – Origins of The Singers – Later Time

Includes: Matt Munroe, Tony Bennett, Betty Everett, Brenda Holloway and Etta James

This is based on stuff like what I like, there will be various bands and artists to try and cheer you up and kick-start your weekend.  Hopefully for many of you, to bring back some fond memories and get your foot tapping.

This week we are back to the singers.  Thank you to Wiki and Top of the Pops.

I have always enjoyed those singers who really do have an outstanding voice, and when combined with an easy listening tune, makes for a very pleasurable listening experience.  This week, some classics.  Very difficult to select the featured song, close run between Matt Munro and Tony Bennett.

Courtesy of Wiki:The Tunes:

The featured song is one quite often posted on the site, as I say a classic:

Matt Monro – On Days Like These (The Italian Job,1969).  Great singer, great tunes and a proper film, makes for a most memorable experience.

Matt Monro – The Impossible Dream.  There is very little of Matt Munro singing live, here he is though, but I have to say the sound is out of synch with the video.  Beautiful song though.

Matt Monro – From Russia With Love.  Better quality video this. 1974

As a bonus: New Years Party at The Wheel Tappers & Shunters Club.  A medley, including Born Free and

Matt Monro Live on Stage 1974 (Rare Performance).  How good to see Bernard Manning introduce the legend that is Matt Munro.  Funny interruption from Colin Crompton.  Proper comedian.

Matt passed in in 19985, aged just 55, but leaves a truly marvellous legacy of great music.

Onto another proper singer now, Tony Bennett,  Born in 1926, and is alive and aged 97, he only retired in 2021 when he announced he had the dreadful Alzheimer’s disease.

Here is the classic Tony Bennett – I Left My Heart in San Francisco (from MTV Unplugged).  This is from 2014.

Tony Bennett – The Very Thought of You (Duets: The Making Of An American Classic).  I like this one, this time duetting with Paul McCartney.

Let There Be Love (Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England – January 1971).  Awesome song and what a voice.

Now for a couple where it is quite possible that not many of you will know:

Betty Everett – You’re Falling In Love 1969.  I detect a bit of Northern soul in this.

This one you will know though:  Betty Everett The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in his kiss).  This by the way is the original.

Brenda Holloway – Just Look What You’ve Done.  Proper voice.

Brenda Holloway – Think It Over (Before You Break My Heart).  OK some more Northern soul, but a great singer.

I shall finish this off, with yet another superb female singer, some may remember, but it really is worth a listen:

Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind (Live)

Singalong, enjoy and be happy!

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