Requiem for a Puffin

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

I never knowingly crossed comments with Roger Ackroyd and Old Trout was just before my time, or others that have died in between for that matter; but Roger’s death has got my creative juices flowing. This isn’t dedicated to him in particular but to any puffin who has passed to that free world beyond where we can do what we like without stupid rules getting in the way – and just maybe for a few puffins when we make that journey in the future.

Looking down from the highest clifftop, ambrosial fish in my beak,
Watched on by our vigilant flock, a most fabulous clique.
Free thinking comrades – of often suspect appearance..,
who seek a life that is well lived, with less interference.

We log in each day, for us it’s a kind of addiction
To read eclectic articles on politics or food, or history, or fiction.
Or it could be a postcard, from a little know hidden gem
Then writing and replying to comments that nobody reads, (When Discus or Content Unavailable lets them).

Sometimes in the unread comments, stories unfold all on their own.
And in riposte, the word filth! is a regular groan
Often in discourse, the naughty words, enters the fray,
and on Fridays – we have a penchant to be Faggotarily Ghey

My fellow Puffins of that mad last world, how we all survived & thrived
But it could not last forever, my next stage has arrived
So time to fly to adventures new, in a realm that’s ethereally coastal
And rest assured, we will also thrive in this new realm, and do it by Going Postal.


Ralph Spurrier 1947-2022

Funeral Arrangements for Roger Ackroyd/Ralph Spurrier

2 pm Thursday 13th October 2022, Hassocks, SUSSEX, Then at the pub across the road from the church. (parking available at the pub for the whole occasion)

If you’d like to attend contact me for full details here GP email

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