China’s Machiavellian Virus

A paranoid fantasy of conspiracy

The Great Wall of China
© 2022

While the precise mechanisms resulting in the release of Covid 19 worldwide may never be publicly known, its deliberated impact on the developed economies of the West evoke all sorts of conspiratorial theories that generally point towards enabling the hegemony of a Great Reset to the New World Order of globalism led by the West.  Certainly, many coincidences of special interests around the globe are precisely trying that.  Remembering the long age of Chinese civilization, and their cultural centerpiece of very long-range planning for distinct, not integrated, nationalism, perhaps a deeper more sinister plot is afoot.  Let us engage in some delicious fantasy of state conspiracy.

The two potential sources of release of Covid 19 may be one effort to disguise a larger purpose.  Was the virus released due to a lab accident, or did it originate in animal-human transmission in Wuhan’s wet market by happenstance?  The two are not mutually exclusive; perhaps the virus travelled intentionally by human or animal source to the market to allow wide dissemination in a camouflaged manner.  Many scientists have written as to the unique aspects of the virus’s genome and its resultant infectious features that seem to have been engineered specifically for human hosting and transmission.  We now know that gain of function experiments directed towards human infection and transmission were deliberately carried out in intentional violation of U.S. conditions of funding.  The resultant virus has features that make it an excellent bioweapon—the best weapons disable a substantial portion of a target population without necessarily killing that population.  An old rule of conventional warfare states that killing removes one soldier from the battlefield; wounding removes three (the wounded and two to carry him/her off the battlefield).  Ideally, such a virus would disable, temporarily, the productive members of a society, while eliminating only those economically unfit—the elderly, disabled, and those with long term expensive infirmities.  Such targeted action would markedly weaken an adversarial economy long enough to gain a long term irreducible economic advantage for the attacking economy.  And certain “debits” (those unproductive populations requiring economic support thus diminishing overall economic value) would be reduced or eliminated, making the subject economy more valuable to its conqueror in the long term.  What thoughts suggest such a diabolical non-Armageddon?

One need look for deeply hidden ruthless reasoning in apparent irrational superficial actions.  Why work so hard, so long, so secretly on gain of function for human infection and transmission on Covid 19 when two prior versions, SARS and MERS, were available for study?  These had constraints shown by the natural history of their limited pandemics that made them less effective for widespread rapid dissemination of serious but mostly nonfatal illness.  Covid 19’s individual features and actions seem perfectly designed as a bioweapon with the intended overall effects noted above.  A very limited and easily concealed action was needed to release it into the local Wuhan population with completely predictable delayed onset allowing substantial spread.  First cases appeared two to three months before the Wuhan market outbreak as possible trial balloons or actual accidents.  After the Wuhan market infections went public through the efforts not of the government but of private doctors who have since disappeared, China responded first by denying any epidemic while the virus became well entrenched, then virtue-signaled to their own population and the world by engaging in a totalitarian complete lockdown of the entire area, EXCEPT FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL.  Minimal common sense by even lay people dictates that if an illness is so dangerous and contagious that an entire community or region must be quarantined, this means no outside travel, domestically or internationally.  The Chinese government’s actions early on were scientifically irrational.  But perhaps conspiratorially ruthless.

Once the virus established itself worldwide, lockdowns of entire populations in China rather than those at most risk of serious illness and death, even after acquisition of vaccines, to obtain “zero Covid” is likewise irrational, since viral persistence worldwide and the ongoing or eventual acceptance of foreign travel means continued unavoidable exposure of the population to the virus.  But selective lockdowns in alternating fashion of various regions of China may cover carefully controlled selective temporary paralysis of portions of the Chinese economy that produce the most adverse impact on those Western economies who have outsourced their production and supply chains to China.  Meanwhile, in a centrally commanded economy such as China’s, critical economic functions can be preserved and protected, while others of lesser long-term value by state interest can be allowed to wither away with fault ascribed to the virus, not the government.

China’s vaccination program itself has been irrational; a very large percentage of the elderly population at risk for death has been left unprotected by the otherwise supremely well-organized Chinese public health authorities.  Given China’s long term demographic problem (not enough young workers with too many non-working elderly to support), allowing excess viral deaths in this group would be ruthlessly efficient.  This also helps reduce China’s housing problem.

Enabling this economic attack against Western and other developed economies requires a controlling influence on international bodies involved with and responsible for control of pandemics.  These organizations have or can acquire or extend powers over other countries’ sovereign governments and populations by rule, edict, or guideline.  The World Health Organization is run by a relatively autocratic bureaucrat who was essentially selected by China.  Prior numerous studies, white papers, and “war game” scenarios by multiple international bodies had all indicated that lockdowns would NOT be effective in controlling a pandemic.  Yet the WHO forcefully parroted China’s version of viral origin and immediately pushed nations to follow China’s lockdown strategy, NOT ON A REGIONAL BASIS BUT FOR WHOLE NATIONAL POPULATIONS.  The result has been a chaotic evisceration of Western economies and a possibly irretrievable developmental and educational deficit in the youth (the future) of those nations.  This is a masterful stroke following decades of removing production capacity from these countries by a deliberate state-sponsored “loss leader” approach to exporting industry to China, and of vacuuming up every bit of technology that might have provided economic advantage to the West.

The final process in collapsing and replacing Western hegemony will be replacement of the dollar as the international currency of exchange.  This is already underway, accelerated by our self-destructive sanctions against Russia.  Former ever vigilant but distrustful neighbors are now working closely together to develop a new currency based on a basket of commodities and possibly also gold, which both Russia and especially China have been voraciously acquiring for years.  They will first expand use of this new currency (and/or perhaps a digital version) through the Indo-Pacific and Asian regions, and then probably through Africa with its many countries that are now permanently indentured to China through their ”Belt and Road” initiatives.

Neither Sun Tzu nor Machiavelli could have planned or done better.  The world’s axis may well and permanently tilt East in the next century.

© Nik Bednarski, M.D. 2022