Boris Johnson’s guarantee

UK Prime Minister, OGL 3, via Wikimedia Commons

Even an old cynic like me was taken aback when the fat Turk came out with his “I want to stay a few more weeks to continue implementing our manifesto.” Firstly can I introduce you all to TCJ. This stands for That C*** Johnson and will be used now and then in this article. Not having previously taken any notice of the Tory Manifesto of 2019 I had to go and check it out. None of you will be surprised to hear that very little of it has been implemented anyway. There now follow some of the main points and what I consider their current status. You are welcome to disagree with me but brave will be the puffin who thinks much of it has been implemented.

As often happens, politicians say things and then think they happen by magic. TCJ is not the only one who does this, in fact almost all of them do the same, it’s just that TCJ has turned it into an art form. Before getting overly concerned with all this we need to remember that the Caledonian Cyclops went to court to prove that the contents of a Manifesto are not promises, they are aspirations. As we all suspected, Manifestos are not worth the paper they printed on or the pixels used to display them.

With a leadership contest underway, there is even less chance of anything happening. It is worth pointing out that the Manifesto states that “Boris Johnson guarantees this will happen”. Not much a guarantee is it.

The main points of the Manifesto are

  1. Get Brexit done
  2. Extra funding for the NHS, with 50,000 more nurses and 50 million more GP surgery appointments a year.
  3. 20,000 more police and tougher sentencing for criminals.
  4. Supporting working families
  5. An Australian-style points-based system to control immigration.
  6. Reaching Net Zero by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution.

The only one of these where I consider they have done something is the Net Zero nonsense and we all know TCJ, who believes in little other than his pork sword, only does that because his conjugal rights will be curtailed if he doesn’t. Who remembers Dom Cummings labelling his then boss as lazy, his appearance kind of confirms it. Let us further consider what has actually happened.

Get Brexit done

With all the BS about oven-ready deals and claims it has been done the fact is that we are not out of the EU by a long chalk. The treacherous Treason May, she of the pendulous bosoms, had a deal that was designed to keep us in the EU and probably to break up the United Kingdom by handing over Norn Iron to the Republic. TCJ’s oven-ready deal was nothing other than May’s deal with two words changed. We are now reaping the benefits of this deal with a border down the Irish Sea. Of course they said this would never happen but you can’t trust them

We are still paying money to the EU, they still keep foisting new regulations on us and it is hard to see how we have escaped their clutches because we haven’t. When the leadership contest is over and we have a glorious new leader, expect to be drawn slowly back into the fold and get the Euro forced on us. Unless Putin turns off the gas and the EU goes down the crapper, we don’t have much to look forward to. Of the 650 MPs in the HoC only a handful are real Brexiteers. Our future is in the hands of the Russian President, forget JRM, he is only obsessed with his beloved Party.

Extra funding for the NHS, with 50,000 more nurses and 50 million more GP surgery appointments a year

The black hole known as the NHS always gets more money and so they have. I don’t know if there are 50,000 more nurses but there are still bugger all GP appointments seeing as they are all skiving. TCJ also promised 40 new hospitals and there is no sign of them either; I believe there is a court case about this. Other sub-promises are:

  • Making sure the NHS has the staff it needs
  • Investing in the people at the heart of our NHS
  • The NHS Visa

There is no sign of any of that

20,000 more police and tougher sentencing for criminals

The sub-promises are:

  • More police on the streets
  • Give the police the powers they need
  • Protecting the public

The police on the streets thing has been extremely well hidden, there is no sign of them. There has been movement on giving the police more powers. We have had draconian restrictions in the name of the scamdemic with plod joyfully arresting people for little more than breathing. There is also no sign that the public are being protected in any way at all. There seems to be more crime and fewer arrests.

Supporting working families

This is would be one of the more hilarious sections were it no so tragic. Sub-promises are:

  • Conservatives tax guarantee
  • Helping out parents
  • Protecting our pensioners

The tax guarantee is no increase in taxes, NI or VAT.  Since Richie Rich has hosed over £1 trillion on useless Covid stuff including bunging his fellow effniks untold billions that won’t be recovered ever let alone anytime soon. All of the present leadership candidates are promising tax cuts but how can they do that when we are so deep in debt.

I didn’t even bother read about helping out parents, it will just be bollocks.

Protecting our pensioners must refer to dropping the triple lock, it is difficult to see how that is helping pensioners in any way whatsoever.

An Australian-style points-based system to control immigration

This comes under the heading of fantasy. There is still no control on immigration, the dinghy people are still flooding in with the connivance of the Royal Navy, the Border Farce, the frogs and the Home Office. Big Pants has a new soundbite every few days but nothing ever changes. In fact the dinghy people are a distraction, family reunion is fuelling far larger numbers of immigrants. Allegedly they know who the people smugglers are, why don’t they send the Army to take them out. Far better than a couple of arrests like we saw last week followed by very expensive trials if it even gets that far followed by acquittals..

We also have the Rwanda fiasco with yet more countries lining up to get a £150 million bung in return for nothing. After weeks, not one person has been sent to Rwanda. Their President must be over the moon with his ill-gotten.

Big Pants has been a complete disgrace as Home Secretary and we still don’t know what she discussed with the Israelis during her unauthorised visit there a year or three ago because she refuses to elaborate. If you have nothing to hide …..

Reaching Net Zero by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution

Unsurprisingly there has been movement here but purely, as previously mentioned, because TCJ needs his oats. This is not to our advantage. Along with shutting down food production, the WEF wants us all to freeze in the winter. The CO2 scam is starting to unravel and as for the nitrogen scam the farmers are fighting, it is more pseudo science. When Putin turns off the gas supplies to Europe the EU is going straight down the pan. The Germans literally laughed at the Donald when he warned them not to get too cosy with the Russian energy supply, to quote the late great Bob Monkhouse, they are not laughing now.

The conclusion

Very little of this Manifesto has been implemented despite TCJ’s guarantee. How TCJ thinks he is going to do any of it in the next few weeks is a mystery. In two and a half years very little has been done. I think he is doing a Mr Micawber, desperately hanging on in the hope that something turns up.

I deliberately didn’t mention Ukraine because it wasn’t in the Manifesto but our government has found billions to help out Zelensky (TCJ doing his Winston Dunghill impression) while pleading poverty in all other cases. They have also sent most of our weapons out there. We are effectively defenceless now, Denmark could invade and finish us off. Putin must be laughing his socks off when our Foreign Secretary and Defence Minister threaten him with retribution.

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