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It has been quite a while since I visited this topic, and looking back on my prior eight musings has given me the inspiration to rehabilitate the topic as it hasn’t really gone away. While we might appear to be out of the worst of the “Scamdemic”, the long term, systemic, repercussions for the world and society remains an ongoing threat to any sane, aware and observant individual. I therefore make no apology for pinning the tail on the donkey and serving a reheated dish, so to speak.

While we might have moved on from lockdowns, masks and “Partygate”, the damage to our national psyche and the underlying destruction of previously relatively stable economic ecosystems is beginning to paint a very ugly picture indeed. Far from returning to normal, many previously smooth running business sectors are facing tremendous logistical and supply chain problems, and the reason for this can be traced back to a prior and very sinister announcement by the former Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney. To paraphrase, this was a simple one to the business sector – “Go green or die”. To those that understand that the Green agenda is in effect a very close relative to the COVID panic – in effect a moral crusade wrapped up in the munitions of political force – much will begin to make sense once one realises that the iron fist inside the velvet glove is this new economic and ethical paradigm. The observant will not have missed the connection between Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), COVID, the Green and Woke agendas and such large hedge funds as BlackRock. If your business is traded on the stock market, you will have little choice but to toe the party line, otherwise your stock will be appropriately downgraded. The pendulum has swung from free-market capitalism to a twisted form of Fascism.

I can personally vouch that this move towards “Corporate responsibility” has been a long time coming. As part of a research team involved with identifying global corporate malfeasance in the 80’s, at the time I didn’t appreciate the full repercussions of this movement. It all seemed very good, holding big business to account, but it is not until the penny dropped that rather than demanding moral responsibility towards the citizen, the focus would eventually lead towards a responsibility towards the earth itself. To put this another way, rather than look towards God and the moral framework that such spirituality encompasses, the bad feeling generated by corporate greed and irresponsibility was harnessed and focussed towards Gaia. This, quite astutely, provided extensive political cover to the numerous trojan horses that have undermined the previous industrial age. It is very difficult to argue against an ethical system that purports to protect the following generations, and it is not until the true core of this agenda is exposed – Malthusianism – we can make sense of it. The earth is overpopulated, and measures must be taken to preserve our resources. Once you understand this, then the vice-like grip of the abortion industry starts to make sense. For this appalling business is approved and sanctioned by global commerce, yet you do not hear the “Ethical” Mark Carney condemning it.

This might seem totally irrelevant to the subject in hand, but please bear with me. The recent Roe v. Wade decision by the US Supreme Court has exposed a nest of vipers, and it will shock many GP readers to the following fact, as indeed it shocked me. Many US corporates are willing to pay their pregnant female staff to fly to abortion clinics in States that still allow abortion now this judgement has gone against almost 50 years of killing the innocent with impunity. Just think about this for a minute. The “Green” agenda has been transformed from an inconvenience to business necessity, even if means taking a life in the process. Naturally, this is disguised as “Economic efficiency”, as these organisations would rather go this route than have additional costs to employee health insurance or maternity leave. In reality it is just another filled tick-box in the corporate race to be the “Greenist”.

The problem with forcibly coupling morality to big business is that it will always end in tears. Take Volkswagen and Bosch for instance. Bombarded by the arrows of the environmentalists from the 70’s onwards, the automotive industry has always had an uphill battle fighting against the ever changing demands of the moral crusaders. First it was safety, then it was emissions and now it is energy conservation. No matter what level of innovation that has been built into the motor car, it has never been good enough for some. The automotive sector is one of the most forward thinking and ingenious businesses, yet even they have fallen foul of this agenda. Despite bringing blessings and pleasure to millions over the years, the sector was quite rightly condemned for using technology to falsify engine emissions to get around stringent government controls. I’m not sure if they weren’t given a “Nod and a wink” by shadow government considering the move towards electric vehicles, but the damage to reputation and the lack of internal combustion engine vehicles post COVID suggests that they were. It needed a heft kick to the tyres of the traditional mass-production model to move the market away from ICE to electric. What better way than to use public disgrace to close off a loophole fulfilling the letter of the law rather than the spirit? The lawyers will make a fortune off this, whilst we rapidly move to electric vehicles which will be uneconomic for the masses, something that will have a globalist such as Henry Ford rolling in his grave.

The payload from COVID had been multiple. Apart from the deaths and vaccine damage, the supply chain has been irreparably damaged and the long term prognosis is very bad indeed. Apart from the obvious ones, we are now looking at a shortage of diesel additives that are essential component of diesel fuel. This will have a major knock-on effect on the economy as both trains and HGV haulage depend on it. Naturally, this shortage will be placed at the foot of Russia, citing “Fuel shortages”. The more I look at the ongoing geopolitical situation, the more I come to the conclusion that President Putin has been set up, very much in the same vein as Hussain, Gaddafi et al. The only difficulty is that Russia isn’t going to roll over and die quite as easily. I can’t help but say this, but where are the Skripals?

The biggest “Tell” though is the collapse of the airline industry, and it is clear it is in a very destructive downward cycle. Recessions and plague are a major enemy of the tourism industry, and the necessity for business travel decreasing steadily over the years with the availability of the Internet has made this their main target customer. Two years of lockdowns have battered the industry, but there is a major sting in the tail. Remember the large numbers of airline pilots who died either through COVID or vaccination injury? Remember also that the military forced vaccination on all their staff? Now consider that many airline pilots are ex-military, and they must pass extremely rigorous health and psychological assessments even before you consider the innate skills it requires to fly a modern passenger jet. Forget all the bullshit about AI and automated systems, the Germans put this one to bed years ago when it was discovered that a foreign power was attempting to compromise their avionics systems so they could take control of their planes remotely, so Lufthansa spent millions removing all the kit. I was working in the airline industry when that closely guarded secret never made it to the mainstream news. Anyone wonder why I have suspicions about 9/11?

Airline pilots don’t grow on trees, nor do a plethora of skilled and experienced staff across multiple employment sectors. It is very interesting that COVID operation was aimed at the older generation, in a multiple prong attack. It is apparent to anyone with eyes to see that the middle-aged would be vulnerable from the physical perspective, either due to weight or pre-existing conditions. They also would be sufficiently conditioned to go along with the lockdowns, mainly as they didn’t want to rock the boat. Born via and being brought up on the NHS would give this sector credibility, so coupled with an incessant message from the establishment to get vaccinated and stay at home would hold immediate appeal, despite being the worse thing in reality they could do. The toll, I firmly believe, is part of this great “Staff shortage” we have. Either they are medically incapacitated or have just decided they have had enough of all the politically correct bullshit and taken early retirement. Having your boss make medical decisions for you would have been a step too far for many. While the actuarial statistics haven’t given sufficient cause across all business sectors to explain the deficit of staff, in the more specialised areas where it takes years to train somebody up to become proficient, the increased mortality or incapacitation in key sectors would have a major impact for the supply chain.

Staffing issues aside, putting commerce to sleep for two years has had a devastating effect. I recently watched a YouTube video of a local town I regularly visited a few years ago on business. The town centre is totally devastated with virtually 60-80% of the shops boarded up. The only sign of sentient life being the multi-coloured graffiti of LGBT flags spray painted on the infrastructure amongst the broken windows and litter blowing n the wind. This once bustling town, whilst no tourist trap, has fallen into a level of decay that would make the most ardent fans of Northern destruction blush. I can almost visibly see the votes lent to the the Conservatives in the last election returning to Labour. Alex Jones, many years ago predicted that travel and country towns would be the focus of the ongoing globalist agenda, and how right he was.

The most worrying aspect of all of this from a personal perspective is that there are friends who I have not had a decent conversation with post-COVID. Many immediately fell for the narrative, and I was either considered an outcast or decidedly dodgy for even suggesting that there may be a sinister motive to all of this. COVID definitely fractured a numbered of relationships I have had, and whereas many of those individuals seem to have forgotten, I have not. Whilst I personally refrained from name calling and played the ball rather than the man, I have been accused of being irresponsible, deluded, or just plain mental. I’m struggling about picking up the baton of friendship now the worst has blown over, but probably my biggest disappointment are those who should have known better who fell for the narrative hook, line and sinker. Apart from having to put me on my guard about “I told you so”, this leaves a permanent stench around our relationships like a stale fart in a elevator. If I bring up the subject it makes me look like a smartarse, if I don’t confront the elephant in the room, I don’t consider I am being honest. I truly hate what the globalists have done to so many relationships.

In the final analysis, we may have survived the nuclear bomb going off but we still have to cope with the fall out. The economic fall out is only a part of the problem we now face, supply chain and Just-In-Time issues are only starting to emerge and they are the biggest entrenched problems. Beware of the lies that will surround such issues when covered by the media, they will always be couched in terms that are short-term or not of any particular significance. It is worthy of note that the forthcoming food shortages have already been pre-empted with a “Eat more plants/bugs” message. The ongoing lies are infantile, if not purely comedic. A recent New York times article for instance has cited that farmers are destroying millions of pounds worth of food as restaurants, hotels and schools are closed. A simple question. Do restaurant, hotel visitors and schoolchildren eat 4 meals a day rather than the normal 3? If I were a farmer, I’d look to finding another market, or even giving the food away rather than destroying it. Such headlines just don’t pass the sniff test. As to PolitiFact, they looked at each of the 18 fires mentioned on a Facebook post and found no evidence that any of them were intentionally set. Hmm. I detect the perfume of a lady who protests too much. $382,997 of Bill and Melinda Gates money purchases more spin than my washing machine. Coincidence? You decide.

On a positive note, a lot of good has come out of all of this, albeit the silver lining of the cloud variety. I have cemented relationships with a lot of other friends, and am part of a small local network of like-minded individuals who have taken steps seeing the writing on the wall. When push comes to shove, I hope we would be in a better position than many. Sadly, our society is more divided than ever, and the ongoing economic tsunami of COVID and quantitative easing (and the upcoming quantitative tightening) will not be a blessing to those other than those at the top of the food chain.

It is no wonder then that the Conservatives were trounced at the latest Wakefield local elections. If my soundings are correct, the red wall that turned blue at the last election will dissipate quicker than a discarded COVID mask in a storm at the next election. The Conservatives have two years to pull a rabbit out of the hat, unless something major happens, like President Putin declaring war or an outbreak of “Disease X”. That said, political optimism is not my forte, and in all honesty I cannot see any other option than the UK and Europe continuing to prod the bear with larger and larger spears until something gives. Whether this is prompted by the US or not is a different discussion entirely, but it would be a mighty convenient coincidence if all of a sudden the Conservatives morph into a wartime government, thereby suspending the need to have a wipe-out at the polls in 2024. Any government that pulls the wool over the eyes of the electorate as they have done with COVID is capable of anything.

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