I have always loved snowflakes.  On a chairlift, with your head down into a biting wind, one is allowed about twenty minutes to study them settling on your clothes. They have two classes of symmetry; one is rotational and the other is reflectional.

In Group Theory seemingly disparate things can be classified together by their symmetries.

Snowflakes belong to Dihedral Group \(D_6\), of order \(12\).  They have six rotational symmetries and six reflectional symmetries.

The Cayley Table

Fractals is another area of mathematics where snowflakes arise.

We have the Koch Snowflake. This is a finite area bounded by an infinitely long perimeter.

Conversely, we have the Gosper Curve, also known as the flowsnake, which is a plane-filling function.

Our young snowflakes must decide whether they want to settle on a firm base of older and wiser heads.

or whether they wish to create an avalanche which brings everything crashing down.

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We are saying goodbye to OldTrout (Caroline McNicholas) today.

13.00 Hrs: Porchester Crematorium, Upper Cornaway Lane, Portchester, PO16 8NE.


14.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs: The Churchillian, Portsdown Hill Road, Cosham, PO6 3LS.

No flowers, any donations to Macmillan Cancer Support (In Caroline’s name) please:

Macmillan cancer support

She was a good friend and I will miss her. She leaves a son who I know will make her proud. Godspeed Caroline.

Swiss Bob