Prepping (Or as it used to be called being able to look after oneself)

Don Davis (work commissioned by NASA), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

So let me start by saying I am not an expert, the science is not settled, lessons have not been learned but I have been ‘Prepping’ for a while so here is some meagre knowledge of what I have discovered.

Most sites, or youtubers will tell you that you should at least prep for at least 90 days in case ‘The Event’ happens I think I have got it to two years on a budget, unless you can buy a freeze drying machine 1.5k or afford 10k on 25 year dated tinned storage this is how I would do it.

The reason I say I am not an expert is because I already failed, The first rule of Prep club is you do not talk about Prep club, if you a hunkering down at home hoards of starving neighbours best not know you have a store of stuff.

Water – I have a survival filter pro currently about 83 quid (Was 65 when I purchased) Katadan filters are very good but expensive and Oxfam do some but they are also costly

TRIPLE ABSOLUTE FILTRATION TO 0.01 MICRONS: Replaceable Ultra Filters (Pre-Filter and Internal Filter) can be re-used up to 100,000 Litres before replacing. Replaceable Carbon Filter lasts up to 2,000 Litres. Outer Shell Made of Military Grade BPA Free ABS Material.

Yes if you can’t get carbon replacement filters the smell will be worse but it will strip bacteria and be clean still I also recommend boiling or you can add a couple of drops of bleach (just make sure you get the ratios correct)


The aim here is to hit two years on the use by dates on a budget

  • Honey – Never goes off if stored correctly can sweeten cereals, drinks anything really
  • Sugar – see above
  • Rolled oats – Large bag – source local fruit to add too breakfast, blackberries etc
  • Powdered Milk – Large bag – Did you know you can actually churn butter from powdered milk?
  • Powdered Egg
  • Instant mash – Large Bag
  • Large rice
  • Large beans/pulses
  • Spam – lots of little tins, lasts ages
  • Ghee (concentrated cheese, refrigeration not required sits on shelf)

Now the above will all last 1-2 years I think

But consider this

You can get certain Airfryers on the market at the moment sub 200 quid that will dehydrate foodstuffs(Dehydration will not be as good quality as freeze dried but will do at a push) this coupled with a vacuum sealer (Pretty cheap) you will have food that sits 10-30 years with no problem, for example instant mash vacuum sealed will last 10-15 years and when opened last 6-8 months before perishing

Now the above is going to get boring real quickly but this is about making it through right? so also consider

Spices – A general rub will do , big container you can add to foods

Salt – Duh

And any other long storing condiments that have long dates, and of course you are able to carry

I’m not a tea or coffee drinker so I will leave it to your own conscience to decide if you consider these a necessity although I would probably suffer from Diet coke withdrawal for a while but for me water will do.

A Red Cross “ready to go” preparedness kit.
Red Cross, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


I have a wind up radio with a tiny solar panel on the top, works well, when the plug is pulled on all modern tech radio should be operating normally still and you may be able to garner some local news.

Walkie talkies – I got a cheap set off Jeff at the rain forest they boast a 3-5 mile range (only if no objects in path in my experience) in built up areas me and Son tested and it was about 2 miles with new aerials but they really don’t cost much

I also purchased a cable that allowed me to plug them into my PC and alter the channels frequency only certain frequencies are legal in the UK, but I reprogrammed them so 8 on official 8 totally off the grid.


Vodka, Vodka, Vodka – Can be used to clean, treat wounds, drink, flammable, Trade

Medicine – Start with just basic Parecetemol/Ibuprofen it’s like 16p a packet in some places if you can somehow save antibiotics or get hold of them even better

Basic first aid kit

Knife – Never under estimate a sharp knife

Hand Axe

Hand Saw – You are not going to build Rome, something small, hand held

Flint and steel – I have a swiss one I think the special forces use it, good for 100k strikes

Vaseline – From chapped lips, cover cuts, and my favourite  get a cotton wool ball and swipe Vaseline on it then take a fire starter and light it, it will burn for ages

If you can’t get Vaseline or cotton wool in your situation look for dead birch wood, the bark will peel away easily and with a little work with the knife it’s like paper and we have so many in this country.

Paracord – Good for tying things up but did you know some brands if you open the entwined cords  have many uses , fishing line, conductor, tinder etc

Dutch oven – it’s a cast iron pot, the lid can be turned upside down to be a frying pan, it can be used as a basic pot and with the lid on is a very basic oven

2 x 20 litre metal Jerry cans – filled with your cars drink of choice, you need to be able to go anywhere at anytime.

Utility spade – one that has many items in the shaft, bout 60 quid from china

How to build a fallout shelter
National Archives at College Park, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


You should ideally aim to stay where you are and hunker down, but if you do have to leave and flee you only need a Tarp and the paracord for instant shelter, the hand axe and saw can do the rest eventually.

Use the spade to dig down at first.


When the apocalypse happens and you are having to fight off hordes of brain eating zombies

You have the knife and axe

Bats – you would be surprised when you hold that rounders bat and fond memories of your school years flow back

Crossbows – Recommend pistol version 70lb easy to cock


Shotguns (people already on this site know a lot more than me about these) I’m an old fashioned type of a guy who’s mum was Nottingham ladies archery champion one year.

Things I would like but are off budget in my current situation

Biolite stove, comes with a USB you can charge items by burning twigs

Some type of generator – the good solar ones need a mortgage and obviously petrol will be noisy and require fuel, probably better to fall back on that human invention called ‘Fire’ at a push.

The above in my opinion is a basic set up I know many of you will have other ideas and other items and I am sure I will have missed something vital.

I would also recommend that you start doing some fact finding about your neighbours NOW it cannot be done later, Maybe ask how do you feel about what’s happening? If you can establish a network that you know will be safe to talk /go to in a SHTF situation it would be much better than not knowing you are completely surrounded by narrative worshipping fanatics

Good luck out there.

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