The adventures of Little Q – Mr Plinsworth comes to town

It was the morning of the 25th of June and little Q was dreaming of singing and marching. Mother had packed all the bags with food, clothes and drink when suddenly there was a knock at the door. little Q raced downstairs and flung open the door only to be greeted by an incredible sight. A tiny Puffin holding a little suitcase

“Hello Little Q my name is Mr George Plinsworth, I hear you are in need of assistance?”

“Why yes” she said “how on Earth did you know?”

“I have been sent by a friend, a Mr and Mrs Biddickhallbootboy”

“Golly” said little Q and scooped up the tired looking puffin and carried him inside.

© Quantum, Going Postal 2021

“I have vital equipment” said George, and opened his little suitcase, inside was a tube of tennis balls with assorted messages written upon them and a packet of Jammy Dodgers, A shiver went up George’s spine as he looked down at the jam filled circular treats and he prayed he would never have to use them.

They talked long through the day exchanging combat tactics and that evening set off for London arriving at her great Aunts very late due to silly drivers on the M1, quickly to bed and early to rise, Little Q and George headed for the Tube and Marble arch.

After 50 minutes they had arrived at Marble Arch.

© Quantum, Going Postal 2021

Many Puffins had gathered but some had got lost in the crowds as a stream of people, maskless and smiling headed to Hyde Park, so the Beacon went up, the fires lit and a shining light in the darkness given, it was time to assemble.

© Quantum, Going Postal 2021

The Puffins now all gathered together and set off for Hyde Park to join the start of the march whilst another Battalion of Puffins prepared to Flank the enemy from the direction of Trafalgar square, Little Q and George marvelled at the crowds.

And the people started to march.

And march.

They marched past a strange metal hill, Little Q and George both agreed this must be evil magic.

“We must deploy our own magic” said George “something must be done” So little Q ordered the litter conscious sticker hit squad to attack!

And little Q took much mirth from covering a crossing button a tactic the lead sticker bearer had imparted on her earlier that day.

Then things took a turn for the worst, little Q and George looked on in fear as a bus stop narrowly avoided collision with 10’s of people.

Crisis averted they continued to push forward knowing the flanking movement from Trafalgar Square had broken through the enemy lines and headed for the rest of us.

Little Q noticed that George was starting to get restless ‘Oh George” she said “ stop being so naughty, time for you to take a rest” and she popped her puffin friend into mothers bag for a little rest and continued onward demanding freedom.

By this time Swiss Bob had arrived with the others, waving a strange flag from far away lands.

“Here” said Swiss bob to little Q “ I have brought you a weapon of great power, use it wisely”

The two groups embraced, shook hands and set off again.

Eventually Nelson’s column came into view and the brave flanking squad decided to secure the picnic spot, Battered and bruised from their foray through the enemy lines they needed rest and sustenance  so they headed off, whilst a small group of Puffins continued onward, Little Q was tired at this point and so wanted to go to the park, after 10 steps toward Nelson’s column she changed her mind, she still had her tennis balls and was determined to use them. So Quantum, Mrs Q and Little Q ran back to find the group that had forged ahead.

“Mother, where is George?” enquired little Q worriedly “He’s not in your back pack”

“I don’t know dear” said Mrs Q “don’t worry I am sure he will find his way to us”

They marched again, passing the London eye and Scotland yard heading straight for Big Ben and Parliament Square.

“Oh Look!” Said Little Q “A real policeman Daddy” Quantum smiled.

© Quantum, Going Postal 2021

The small group of puffins rounded the corner to such a glorious sight at the metal railings of Parliament, tennis balls flying left and right oh it did make little Q giggle, the time had come, she wound her arm and with all her might sent a message to our captors.

And on towards No.10 they went, on the way they bumped into a mystery French Lady and a Stout yeoman, they had located a source of lemonade and ice cream and assured little Q they knew the location of the toilets in St James park, little Q followed them.

* * *

Somewhere across the city in a darkened room, a man stood up from his chair having gotten free from his bonds and staggered to his feet, just in time to see the flash of black and white exit the open window.

Sweat rolling down his face and covered from head to toe in Jam and biscuit he lurched over to the table and grabbed his smartphone, ending his call to a Mr B.Johnson.

“I’ve lost my wife, my kids and now my Job” he whispered to himself.

And with this Matthew Hancock held his head in his Jam covered hands, slumped down into the corner of the room and began to cry.

* * *

Meanwhile the Kind stout yeoman had given little Q the biggest Ice cream she had ever seen!, “Thanks ever so much” she said, and the tiny tub of ice cream she just purchased having to take out a second mortgage on her dolls house to attain was put aside for George, now where’s George? She thought.

Just then as she sat down to start her ice cream George landed.

“Oh George” she said, where have you been?”

“Oh no. little Q I just had to find a toilet”, They giggled and laughed and tucked into their ice creams.

© Quantum, Going Postal 2021

The rest of the puffins exchanged laughs, smiles and tales of that days deeds, food and drink was had, ales, ice creams and lashings of Ginger beer.

Some moved off to public houses as something called ‘Wendyball’ was on.

Some dashed off to travel the great distances from the lands from whence they came, whilst other stayed chatted and stole whiskey.

After a 10 minute burst on the swings Little Q decided to head home, she headed to Victoria station with George, boarded the Tube and headed out of the centre of London whilst Father was collecting souvenirs.

© Quantum, Going Postal 2021

She and George sat looking out of the window.

“You know” she said “it’s been a funny old day hasn’t it George? Pass me a Jammy Dodger please”.

“Oh I am sorry little Q I ate them all whilst I was stuck in Mrs Q’s bag”.

“Oh never mind you silly puffin, I got really hungry too!, next time we shall bring enough for all”.

“Yes, we need to be ready for next time” Said George.

Little Q agreed and George turned and smiled, thinking no one will ever really know what happened that day, but George knew.

A small band of puffins, a girl called little Q and a packet of jammy dodgers had saved the day

Oh and of course a Puffin named George Plinsworth.

© Quantum, Going Postal 2021


© text, images & video Quantum 2021

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