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I recently watched an original Star Trek episode called “A taste of Armageddon”. In the story, our heroes are sent to open diplomatic relations with another planet however the residents of the planet appear reluctant to communicate to others.

The Enterprise was warned off approaching the planet however Kirk was overruled by the chief diplomat – bureaucracy always wins in the end – and so beamed down to begin the diplomatic process.

On arrival, he was told that the planet was at war with a neighbouring planet just as a new attack was made. Casualties were a few hundred thousand however no sound or radiation could be detected by Spock. It appears that the war has been raging for 500 years and the attacks are mathematical. Computers on each planet calculate casualties and citizens are chosen at random to walk in to disintegration chambers in order to make the calculated casualties real.

War, it seems, was seen as too destructive to property, way of life and culture to actually be waged and that this was the cleanest and neatest option. This approach means that as the full horror of war is never completely realised then it could never end….. until Kirk fixes it.

I then thought about our current plight and made a short list of things that are underway at present that are either new or have been washing around the mind of politicians and pressure groups for some time.

Here is an abridged list:

  • Climate change
  • Smart meters
  • Ultra Low Emission Zones
  • Electric cars
  • Net zero
  • Covid passports
  • Totally compliant media
  • No political opposition
  • Rewards from the Government for doing the ‘right thing’
  • Government written ping app.
  • Online harms bill – very few realise the full implications of this
  • 14 years imprisonment for embarrassing the Government
  • Run down of the military – morale and equipment
  • Wokedom / diversity / box ticking
  • Politicisation of Police and the Military
  • Covid and its variants
  • A vaccine that doesn’t make you immune
  • Compulsion of the vaccine to attend student lectures

There are dozens more but what draws all this together?

I used to smile sweetly at some of the conspiracy theories that I heard however as time progresses, I can think of no sensible reason for the things I see and hear.

My take is now that we are following the CCP in all things. We are limiting energy – energy is what enables a society to grow and prosper. We are limiting freedoms, we are reducing our ability to defend ourselves (2 aircraft carriers with a handful of aircraft that have lost virtual dogfights with 30 year old aircraft is no more than a flag waving exercise IMO). We are deliberately being led to a future where the public’s freedoms are rapidly being removed and a social credit system is being introduced. We are being led, no, cajoled in to an authoritarian society where absolute obedience is expected and anything to the contrary will see you removed from society – have a look at another Star Trek episode “The return of the Archons”.
Now the hard bit that still sounds like abject nonsense but I put this forward as a possible solution based solely on what I see.

We have a range of vaccines that appear to have side effects. A Government that is coercing as much of the population to get them regardless of the actual risk of the virus or possible dangers of these vaccines. There is talk of how much damage to the immune system these things will be doing in the future as I understand that they are still experimental and there is much discussion as to what the long term effects could be. It is a range of vaccines that are using new techniques and do not actually stop you from getting the condition it is designed to which sounds very odd to me.

“Queuing at Staines” by adamprocter is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

What has this got to do with the Star Trek episode? Well, and this is where I don’t believe what I’m typing but can see no other logical outcome:
The planets did not resort to actual war given the horrors, the cost and effect on civilisation. Perhaps we are waging or have even already lost a theoretical war and these are the consequences?


Of course. The very idea is that of science fiction and a mind that probably needs more sleep but who would have thought that we would be where we are today. We were asked to sacrifice ‘2 weeks to flatten the curve’ and yet we are beyond 500 days. We were asked to keep each other safe and now many are being asked to show their papers.

I have no idea what is going on, this is just me trying to make sense of a situation that is completely illogical and verging on insanity so I think it needs some insane thinking to reach a reasonable conclusion.

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