The Science of Deception

If history tells us anything, it is that things always have the potential to get worse, and it’s already looking as though 2020 has done just that by inflicting 2021 upon us, not as a New Year, but as a sinister, decrepit continuation of the old one. A year where people are even more firmly divided between those who believe we are facing the worst crisis in a century, and those who believe we have been subjected to the biggest hoax of the age – although we may disagree with that, because maintaining this hoax requires an extensive media blackout of opposing views and draconian policing, so it can hardly be called a convincing ruse.

There is also the argument that it would be impossible in any case, to enact such a deception upon the entire world, though I hope to prove that there is a much bigger deception in play and the debilitating effects of this deceit have been slowly eating away at our collective consciousness, so that the stupification of society in just one century is undeniable.

Just as the big debates of 2020 were about the importance of identity and how many genders there might be, so, in 1920 the Great Debate was about the scale of the Universe, and how many Galaxies there are; could anything encapsulate the fall of Western culture more clearly? And, given this recent obsession with such issues, it is difficult for our modern mindset to understand how those lofty questions could capture the public imagination over one hundred years ago. Our new found complacency with advances in gadgetry also blinds us to what real advancement in understanding actually looks like.

In the 25 years following Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis of 1905, we saw Slipher’s observations of cosmic Redshift, “Lemaitre’s thesis on the Expanding Universe which was confirmed by Hubble in 1929 (he would later coin the phrase Big Bang). A truly monumental period in human understanding to be sure, but, just as with today’s Covid controversy not everyone welcomed these discoveries, and those scientists who believed in preconceived theoretical models had loud voices and were in direct opposition to those who accepted the observable data, so it was not until the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background in 1964, that Big Bang Theory was finally accepted as something approaching settled science.

So, 35 years were wasted trying to disprove a simple theory, rather than verify it, because this was not due diligence or scientific rigour, it was organised obstruction to observations which did not suit the establishment, and although many scientists and even popular culture of the day, were open to the new paradigm, resistance continued. The reason was simple enough, because accepting Big Bang means also accepting that the Universe was created 13.8 billion years ago, and the implications of this are so enormous, that it is not be difficult to understand why so many could not open their mind to such a concept.

The root cause of this problem was the same then as it is now. Science is agnostic, but scientists are not, and they knew that Big Bang Theory would be seen by many as irrefutable evidence of a Creator, and this was unacceptable in a world where Science had itself become a pseudo religion founded on atheist dogma, and the aim of the atheists was achieved because by the time Big Bang was proven, we had all moved on, Big Bang had become the Great Silence, and the age of trivia was upon us, There were no searching questions about the significance of humanity’s most spectacular triumph of reason and logic, which it surely is. For, although we may not yet know Why and Who created the Universe, we can at least now say How and When the Universe was created, so the persistent and successful denial of this extraordinary advancement is surely the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on humanity.

We can only guess at the effect this manufactured ignorance has had on humanity in the subsequent years, but it is clear that we now live in a world where there are no longer any easy or natural answers, a world where painful ‘solutions’ must be socially engineered on a global scale by those with a common ideology and purpose. And there lies the problem, because that purpose is obsessively and increasingly atheist, not the atheism of history, where honest scepticism stood against superstition and religious dogma, but a new strain more malignant and toxic, a perverse construct which views optimism and hope as mystical attributes to be be obliterated at source.

The rise of this modernist blight is easily charted:-

1848 – Publication of the Communist Manifesto

Marx and Engels continued the long tradition of Intellectual Atheism, where the educated elites had for centuries seen religion as a sop to keep ignorant masses acquiescent whilst they suffered great hardship and injustice, the big difference was that Marx promised a political solution for the world’s ills, and free them from the tyranny of religion.

Communism did not need to be atheist, and could just as easily have been touted as a benign, share and share alike, love thy neighbour sort of socialism, but Marx knew that a system which relied upon people acting against their own best interests could only be sustained with totalitarian control. Thus, came the end of the noble atheist, that individual who saw that if searching for God made us a better person then that was a good thing even if He did not exist, but Marx viewed the spiritual person with suspicion and distrust, as a potential counter-revolutionary, anyone who would answer to a higher authority than the State was dangerous and should be swiftly removed.

The true legacy of Marx therefore, is not his failed economic model, but his normalization and popularization of atheism, with its ensuing division and cultural destruction, for, as Peter Hitchins observed recently on TalkRADIO, although not all atheists are revolutionaries, you will struggle to find a revolutionary who is not also an atheist.

1859 – On the Origin of Species published

The gold standard for Scientific Atheism found a receptive audience within the scientific community, many of whom were imbued with an almost religious calling to disprove the superstitious and damaging beliefs of ignorant people, and even now the irony of this position is lost to such zealots, as is the fact that in 1879 Charles Darwin declared himself as Agnostic.

But there were problems with the new religion of atheism, because the elitist view that Man was born in ignorance, and only the selected and educated few could achieve greatness of thought and deed was not supported by history, which is full of poor and humble men and women who shaped the world through their courage and beliefs, risking and often forfeiting their lives in the process, and these are not the actions of our sneering, self-satisfied intellectual ‘betters’, so another history had to be written, one which is rampant to this day, where Man is portrayed as a Simpsonesque oaf who somehow bumbled and fumbled his way through the pages of history until one day he stumbled out of bed and landed on the Moon. Thus historic Atheism stepped up to the plate.

1874 – A History of the conflict between Religion and Science published

One of several books promoting the Flat Earth Myth – an early example of Fake News which has since been debunked, but still persists, as anyone can testify if they were taught that sailors on Columbus voyage to America threatened mutiny, not because they were running out of provisions and starving, but because they believed that they would soon fall over the edge of the world. So we see that the current drive to re-write history is nothing new, and the emphasis has always been to degrade and demean humanity and support the claim that a small and elite selection of us are more knowledgeable and worthy than the rest.

Thus the new Age of Reason, of Science above Superstition, seemed to have finally triumphed, imagine, then, how those confident atheists felt when Big Bang was first mooted, and how difficult it was to accept the end of the World as they knew it, how their vision of Earth as a lump of rock floating aimlessly and timelessly through infinite space was no longer valid, and how they were left to mourn the loss, with nothing left to believe in and everything to disbelieve, which to me, sounds remarkably like a nihilistic cult.

And their bitter descendants are still running our institutions, our governments and media, the civil service et al, so, I ask you: Why should we be surprised that so much is going wrong today?

But it does not need to be like this for how many of the world’s issues are derived from this refusal to accept Creation as a fact? How much mental illness is actually caused by denying what people know inside them to be true, by the difference between what they perceive and what they are told they ‘should’ perceive? How many treasures of understanding are missed because they have been labelled as unscientific or mystical?

Viewed from an agnostic position, my biggest problem is understanding the imperative for these people to dismiss Creation despite all the evidence. What drives so many apparently sane and reasonable men and women to behave in this way, and why can’t they see that their obsession is preventing exploration of the most important questions humanity has ever asked?

If we accept that the Universe has a beginning, we need only ask, was it born of Creation or Chaos. We should also understand that if Creation is anything, then it is everything, for we cannot envisage a Universe where some parts have been created, and other bits have just magically turned up, and there is no such thing as empty space in a created Universe, hence the search for Dark Energy. Therefore, creation must include Space and Matter, the laws and principles of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Motion, Evolution and everything else, including Time. The only question we need ask is: Were all these created during Big Bang? Given that these are the very rules and principles that science used to extrapolate Big Bang, we can indeed say that they were in place when the Universe was created.


By definition, Time needs a beginning, so a static, forever Universe must be timeless – a philosopher might say that forever is necessarily the absence of Time – it follows that if Time is created during Big Bang then we cannot simply add more Space-time for the Universe to expand into: If we need more Time, then more Time must be created.

It’s important to distinguish between chronological time, and the phenomena of Time itself. To define Time by counting days, or even millennia, is like trying to measure or describe a beach by counting the grains of sand or pebbles it contains. The point here is that an expanding Universe is active, one might even say a living, conscious organism, and while a scientific agnostic should not enter the debate on whether God created such a Universe, if one were asked, then the logical advice to those searching for spiritual confirmation, would be to seek the Living God.

Another overlooked feature of the correlation between Time and Big Bang is our place in the Universe. As we begin to grasp the sheer scale and vastness of the night sky we may feel tiny and insignificant, nothing more than the merest twinkle in the eye of eternity, but the trillions of gazillions of years which we once imagined existed in an infinite universe have now been reduced to less than 14 billion, and Evolutionary Life has existed here on Earth for a full quarter of that time. Even more spectacularly, we can say that the cosmic dust had barely settled on the formation of our Solar system when life first appeared, so that for three quarters of its existence, our Solar system has supported life.

These numbers suggest that the Universe is indeed a vehicle for life, and, calculated as a function of Time, we must also conclude that the Universe is probably teeming with organic life, and if not, if we are truly alone, then we can certainly claim to be the Chosen Peoples.

Stardust, is this a picture of us 5 billion years ago? – Courtesy NASA images.

But why now, you ask. Why is all this so important here and now?

Well look around and you will see Western society literally brought to its knees by Marxist division, with cultural destruction and historic rewriting now accepted and promoted by our institutions, and the secular system which was one of the West’s greatest achievements, has been replaced by atheistic dogma. Just as the old religious institutions used the fear of Death to control their congregations, so the new religion seems to have augmented the fear of Death with the fear of Life, and gloats as its subjects cower in their homes, afraid of the very air they breathe, petrified that they will kill or be killed by friends and neighbours, or even by their own family members. The sick and aged are left to die, frightened and alone, contemplating some uncertain and terrifying nothingness – the black hole at the end of existence.

Look again at how a leading member of the British Communist Party Susan Mitchie, sits on the SAGE committee that forced our government to attempt a ban on Christmas, and is now agitating for even more restrictions on what’s left of our Market Economy, and wonder how many more there are, like her, but perhaps better hidden, who saw their opportunity to oust a President, and end the ‘evils’ of Capitalism by destroying the lives of those who depend on it?

And should we just stand and watch, as the mental health of our young deteriorates while they feel that their life has lost all meaning? Yet we know that meaning has not been lost, it has been taken from them. By design, this ‘culture’ of cancellation and Covid makes opposition appear futile and the future seem ever more dark. But there is hope, and the Great Barrington Declaration proved that there are scientists prepared to challenge even the most entrenched orthodoxy.

Science has traditionally progressed through the iterative cycle of HOPE – Hypothesis Observation Proof Explanation which generally results in a further hypothesis to be explored thus science experiments and progresses, but what we have today is data manufactured to suit theoretical models whilst political activists study behavioural and social conditioning and call it ‘science’ they appear to have gone rogue in seeking the destruction of our social and economic wellbeing.

Although it is easy to despair at the apparent success of these and many other Marxist infiltrators in their stated aims of removing the hard won freedoms that we have so recklessly abandoned, we do well to note that, for now, there are no bars on our windows and no lock on our door to which we do not have the key. It is only fear and ignorance that prevents us from stepping outside to breathe the air and meet friends and neighbours while getting on with the business of living, so, realising that we are imprisoned only by lies, we should find contentment knowing that the Truth can indeed set us free.

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