Britain under lockdown

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Driving in England April 2020
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In the space of a few weeks, the Overton window has been moved so far to the left, it has shattered.

Whereas before teh virus, the left were only talking about refusing treatment to smokers and the obese, it has now become a reality, and not just for smokers; for anyone with a less than excellent chance of survival or who is economically inactive (i.e. has paid taxes all their life). The green agenda has been forced upon us by locking us up in our own homes (only applies to gammons and gamonesses, natch) and letting plod off the leash to fly their drones for the greater good. Social pressure is being exerted to worship the NHS and other Heroes of the Soviet Union every Thursday, and the call to prayer is being broadcast on local radio in the mornings.

Now I am something of a throwback in that my dad was born in 1910 and my mother 1918. Both served their country during WWII. Dad was a coder on Frigates and Mum was in ENSA entertaining the troops in the Middle East. I am extremely proud of both of them and hate the fact that all their efforts have been pissed down the drain by the traitorous reptiles in power.

I was brought up to believe that England was the best country in the world, that the British had invented practically everything and that the British Empire had saved the world from the Germans twice, with a little help from the USA. You didn’t wear your heart on your sleeve, you kept a stiff upper lip no matter what, you tried to treat everyone equally and you were made to understand that sticks and stones might break your bones, but words could never hurt you. Also, priests were fornicating bastards with prayer book in one hand and cock in the other, and Harold Wilson was a pipe-smoking git.

They were clearly racists, imperialists and probably war criminals by today’s standards, yet they had German friends, Italian friends, friends from Hong Kong, Belgian friends, Czech friends and Jewish friends, and sent me to the French Lycée in Cromwell Road as they loved Europe.

Over the span of my 60 years on this planet, everything I believe in has been turned completely on its head. Apparently I’m supposed to apologise for being white, and even worse, English. Well they can fuck off. I now have a visceral hatred of the left and their devious, underhand, Gramscian ways. It seems we are up against the UN, the EU, the WHO, the Green cunts, our ‘conservative’ govt, the media, the academics, the police and the fucking NHS, or Common Purpose as they are collectively known. Between them they have set men against women, young against old and Scots against English. They have sold our manufacturing and fishing industries down the river and now they are destroying the pubs and SMEs with their lockdown. Oh, and they’re using the virus to get rid of cash too. I have never felt so powerless or angry as I do now.

So what is the answer? Buggered if I know. Can’t go Bell Ringing because all the churches are shut, can’t do anything fun because it’s haram, and can’t get pissed because that avenue of pleasure had to be shut off decades ago, so I suppose it’s a case of the Serenity Prayer – “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference”, take things one day at a time, and do the rear brake lines on my car that failed its fucking MOT 3 days before they were all extended by 6 months.

My hope is that this situation will wake a few more people out of their soma-induced, happy-clappy, straight-jacketed slumber. I think a few more days of being cooped up while their businesses/jobs go down the swanny should just do it, then the fun can begin.

Sorry about all the swearing btw. It’s caffartic, innit.

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